The Foreign Minister of Iraq discusses with the Ambassador of Washington regional and international issues

In conjunction with the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister with Hossein Amir Abdullahian to Baghdad on Wednesday


The Foreign Minister of Iraq discusses with the Ambassador of Washington regional and international issues

The Foreign Minister of Iraq discusses with the Ambassador of Washington regional and international issues


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Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed with US Ambassador to Baghdad Alina Romanowski joint regional and international issues, most notably the Iranian nuclear file.

This came during a visit by Romanowski to the Iraqi minister, on Wednesday evening, according to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in a statement Thursday.

According to the statement, the two sides discussed the results of Hussein’s visit to Washington, DC, and ways to follow up on the outputs emanating from its results.

The two sides stressed “the need to create a joint mechanism to follow up the desired results of the visit,” according to the same source.

On February 8, a high-level Iraqi delegation headed by Hussein visited Washington for six days, to discuss a number of sensitive files, foremost of which is military and security cooperation, and the crisis of devaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

The delegation also discussed at the time the imposition of new US measures on the Central Bank of Iraq, to ensure the prevention of what Washington calls “the smuggling of dollars to Iran and the Syrian regime,” according to US reports.

According to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, “Fouad and the ambassador touched on the issue of stopping Iranian-American talks, especially after the visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian to Baghdad on Wednesday.”

Abdullahian arrived at Baghdad airport on Tuesday evening at the head of a high-level delegation, with the aim of holding political talks with Iraqi officials.

Abdullahian’s visit to Baghdad also comes about two weeks after Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan visited Baghdad and held several meetings with Iraqi officials.الدول-العربية/وزير-خارجية-العراق-يبحث-مع-سفيرة-واشنطن-قضايا-إقليمية-ودولية/2829626#


Do you succeed? Maliki’s ‘full desire’ for peace with Sadr through mediation by a “third party”

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Twilight News / The talk of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about his relationship with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, raised questions about the possibility of reconciliation between them, and while Maliki expressed a “full desire” for understanding, through mediation conducted by a “third party”, silence is still the master of the situation in tenderness, amid speculation that the difficulty of reconciliation due to the many points of disagreement between them.

Maliki, who headed the Iraqi government for eight years (2006-2014), discussed during his conversation with French Radio “Monte Carlo” on Tuesday, his relationship with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, saying that “the dispute with him will end soon.”

Previous attempts at peace

Maliki had extended a hand of peace, negotiation and dialogue with the Sadrist movement on multiple occasions and meetings, according to Arif Al-Hamami, MP for the State of Law Coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki, stressing that “reconcilience between them is important for the stability of the country, especially in light of the current political situation, which does

Al-Hamami pointed out, in an interview with Shafaq News, that “the initiative began, and it is expected that the dialogues will begin,” expressing his hope that “the end of such differences and a break, as it is not in the interest of any party, nor for the interest of the country in general.”

Mysterious situation

A “third party” had presented Maliki with the idea of reconciliation with Sadr, and the first welcomed it and expressed “full desire”, but Sadr has not yet shown any signs of this mediation, according to a political source, indicating that “the issue of reconciliation with Maliki is not easy, and needs time, and the floor is not prepared, and the coordination framework did not

The source, who spoke to Shafaq News, on condition of anonymity, explained that “one of the main points of contention is that the framework wants to amend the electoral law and the Independent Electoral Commission, and if it continues to proceed with the amendment, then the current will have a rejectionist position, as well as October and independents refuse to return to the same const

He pointed out that “Sadr froze all joints of the current, and there is currently no one who can speak on his behalf, and no one knows what is on his mind, especially since Sadr is silent about political issues,” he attributed his silence to “in order to give the Sudanese an opportunity for at least the first six months to carry out his duties.”

Causes of hostility

For his part, researcher on political affairs, Sheikh Safaa Al-Baghdadi, confirms that “Sadr blocked its door in the face of frame politicians, even when the Sadrist bloc existed and wanted to form a government, they were negotiating with a section of the framework in isolation from Maliki,” explaining that “Sadr does not have personal hostility with politicians because they are politicians, but quar disputes those who did not provide service to Iraq.”

Al-Baghdadi continued that “in the Maliki government, a third of Iraq fell, resulting in groups of orphans and the same widows, as well as demolished infrastructure, and the spread of weapons after the collapse of the army and other forces in Nineveh, Salah al-Din and the rest of the provinces leaving their camps, and therefore Maliki did

He added, “In addition to the leaks and threats attributed to Maliki, which appeared to the media, including the attack on Najaf, the killing of scientists and the like.”

Al-Baghdadi concluded by saying that “Sadr is on the line of reference, which closed its doors in the face of politicians, so he blocked his door with their face as well,” noting that “Maliki wants to show himself now as a caller of peace and he is not, and we remember how he dealt with the Ramadi demonstrators and described them as aسیاسة/هل-تنجح-رغبة-تامة-من-المالكي-للصلح-مع-الصدر-عبر-وساطة-طرف-ثالث




SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Spokesperson Jotiar Adil said the KRG seeks a real partnership with Iraq and wants to come to an agreement on the issues of the budget, oil and gas with Baghdad.

Adil said in a press conference on Thursday (February 23) the constitution is the only way to resolve the issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

He said a KRG delegation has been sent to Baghdad and will meet with Iraq’s Oil Ministry. 

Adil explained some points have been agreed on but points of disagreement remain. 

He said the KRG has always been ready to reach an agreement with the federal government. 

Meetings have been held between KRG delegations and the federal government in order to come to an agreement on the budget, oil and gas ever since the formation of the new Iraqi government. 

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SULAIMANI — The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Masrour Barzani, said the KRG will make all preparations for the elections, stating “there is no excuse” for postponing the polls.

Barzani said on Thursday (February 23) the Kurdistan Region’s elections will be held this year and that no excuse can delay the elections. 

The statement comes after Barzani met with a US delegation over the issue.

According to information obtained by NRT, the American delegation gave clear warning to KRG officials that the elections cannot be further delayed. 

The Kurdistan parliamentary election was to be held in October, 2022 but due to lack of preparation, the elections have been delayed to an unknown time.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) cannot agree on the laws of the election and both parties claim the other is responsible for delaying the polls. 

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Kurdish optimism to resolve controversial files between Erbil and Baghdad within days

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Safaa Al-Kubaisi

February 23, 2023

The two parties were able to make significant progress on the budget file (Getty)

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Deputies from the Kurdistan region of Iraq expressed optimism to resolve the outstanding files between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil and reach understandings that contribute to this, stressing the aim to resolve some of those files in the coming days.

The files of the financial budget allocated to the Kurdistan region, and the draft oil and gas law proposed for years within parliament, are the most prominent of these files, in addition to the issues of Kirkuk and the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil.

The Kurdish forces have recently raised fears that Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa AlSudani will renege on his pledges he made to them to resolve outstanding files, in exchange for their support for granting confidence to his government, prompting those forces to warn against the consequences of this.

However, the recent dialogues between the two sides pushed towards resolving matters, as two delegations from the region concerned with the draft budget and oil and gas laws are scheduled to arrive on Thursday to Baghdad to move forward with the talks in order to complete the last steps towards determining the region’s share of the federal budget, as well as discussing preparations related to the draft federal oil and gas law.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, confirmed on Wednesday, his government’s readiness to “any coordination and cooperation with Baghdad to resolve the outstanding problems between the two sides, because not solving them harms the public interest,” stressing that “the region will never give up its constitutional rights and entitlements.”

For her part, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, in the Iraqi parliament, MP Vian Sabri, said that “several delegations from the region visited Baghdad, and several talks were held on the budget, oil and border crossings, during which an important strad in many files were made,” noting in a statement to the official Sabah newspaper, on Thursday, that “

The agreement is in its final stages

For his part, MP for the party, Jay Timur, confirmed that the delegations of the region from different levels visited Baghdad in various rounds of talks in order to find solutions to the intractable problems between the two sides, and try to whisten them, indicating to the official newspaper, that “these intentions exist among the leaders of the region who are trying to zero the

He pointed out that “the agreement on the budget is in its final stages, and we are optimistic to reach an agreement that can be applied,” stressing that “the agreement was made to reach the percentage of the region to its peak and it is hoped that a percentage will be agreed between 14% and 15%, provided that this percentage will remain dependent on the quantities of oil demanded by the federal government in the region and handed over to SUMO company.”

The Kurds hope to solve the outstanding problems with Baghdad, especially after they put several conditions on the “coordinating framework” alliance, in exchange for accepting a vote on the government of Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, and the “framework” promised to solve those problems.

The outstanding files between Baghdad and Erbil are one of the most prominent problems faced by successive Iraqi governments, the most important of which need dialogue and common understandings are the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, security coordination in the disputed areas, agreement on the mechanism for exporting oil from the fields of the region, and others.تفاؤل-كردي-بحلّ-الملفات-الخلافية-بين-أربيل-وبغداد-خلال-أيام

Al-Sudani affirms Iraq’s commitment to a balanced policy towards global and regional crises

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Twilight News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed, on Thursday, Iraq’s commitment to a balanced policy towards global and regional crises.

This came during his meeting today with the ambassadors of a number of European countries accredited to Iraq separately to discuss ways of joint cooperation, strengthening bilateral relations and developing common interests.

A statement issued by the Sudanese Information Office said that the latter received the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Martin Yeager, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Pedro Martínez, and received the Ambassador of the Vatican City Meta Lescovar.

According to the statement, the meetings witnessed the Prime Minister’s confirmation of the Iraqi government’s keenness to develop the existing relations and develop them towards everything that serves the interests of the Iraqi people and friendly peoples.

Al-Sudani pointed out that Iraq is open to constructive and development partnerships, which take into account cooperation in facing global and regional challenges, and with regard to reviving the economy and confronting climate change and their effects.

During the meetings, the Prime Minister also affirmed Iraq’s commitment to a balanced policy towards global and regional crises, and to play its effective role in consolidating peace and stability, and enhancing the capabilities of brotherly and friendly peoples to face various economic and social challenges.سیاسة/السوداني-ي-كد-التزام-العراق-بسياسة-متوازنة-زا-ال-زمات-العالمية-وال-قليمية

Iraq’s holdings of US bonds rise to $40.8 billion

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Follow-up – Mawazine News
The US Treasury Department announced on Thursday that Iraq’s possession of US bonds rose to 40.8 billion dollars.

According to the latest schedule of the ministry, “Iraq’s possession of these bonds amounted to 40.8 billion dollars for the month of December 2022, up 2.77 percent from November 2022, and up 7.37 percent from October 2022.”

She added that “Iraq rose one rank to reach 31st among the largest countries holding US treasuries, the 38 countries included in the schedule for countries with more than 32 billion dollars,” noting that “Iraq came the fourth largest Arab country after Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.” Finished 29/n33

Baghdad and Erbil talks. Kurdish Deputy: The agreement on the budget is in its final stages

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
KDP lawmaker Jay Timur said on Thursday that KRG leaders were trying to “whis up problems and find solid and solid ground” for relations with the federal government.

Timur said in an interview with the official newspaper and followed by Mawazine News that “the delegations of the region of different levels visited Baghdad in various rounds of talks with the aim of finding solutions to the intractable problems between the federal government and the region.”

He added, “The leaders of the region are trying to clear the problems and find a solid and solid ground for relations, and the positive atmosphere and the current consensus between the two parties must be invested,” continuing that “the agreement on the budget is in its final stages and we are optimistic to reach an agreement that can be applied.”

According to Timur, “the agreement was made to reach the peak of the region’s percentage, and it is hoped that a percentage of 14% to 15% will be agreed, provided that this percentage will remain subject to the quantities of oil demanded by the federal government from the region and handed over to SOMO.” Finished 29/n33