Biden confirms Washington’s commitment to strategic framework agreement with Iraq

Al-Hurra – Washington

03 Feb 2023

Biden renews commitment to support Iraq

US President Joe Biden confirmed Washington’s commitment to the strategic framework agreement with Iraq during a phone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, in which King Abdullah II of Jordan participated during his time in the White House.

Biden reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to Iraq and consultation with it on regional developments and praised the prime minister’s efforts to strengthen Iraq’s sovereignty and independence, a White House statement said in a statement.

Biden and Sudan discussed the prime minister’s economic agenda and his plans to ensure the Iraqi economy serves the Iraqi people, plans the United States says it is ready to fully support, the statement said.

Biden welcomed the upcoming visit by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, at the helm of a delegation next week to Washington to continue discussing these programs.

Biden and the Sudanese renewed their commitment to ensuring that ISIS does not threaten the Iraqi people or regional and international security again, the statement said.

The White House said Biden took advantage of Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s visit to Washington to invite him to join the call with Al-Sudani, and the Jordanian monarch renewed his country’s support for Iraq.بايدن-يؤكد-التزام-واشنطن-باتفاق-الإطار-الاستراتيجي-مع-العراق


Revealing the results of the meeting between the Iraqi delegation and the US federal on the dollar

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Mustafa Jabbar Sanad revealed, on Friday, the details of the meeting between the Iraqi delegation and the US Federal Bank held in Turkey.
“A meeting was held in Turkey between the Iraqi delegation and a delegation representing the US Federal Reserve to discuss the situation of the dollar,” Sanad said in a post on his Telegram channel.
He added, “The meeting is over and a number of things have been agreed upon and the meeting will be renewed tomorrow in Turkey as well and then the expanded meeting in Washington on 8.2-2023.” Finished29/h

Al-Sudani: The current stage is a gateway to economic reform, despite its forestry

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Al-Sudani: The current stage is a gateway to economic reform, despite its forestry


{Economic: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani chaired on Thursday the second meeting of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Association of Iraqi Banks, as well as bodies; Taxes, customs, border crossings and the Central Bank.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said that “the meeting witnessed the discussion of the economic situation at the national level in light of exchange rate fluctuations, and their effects on the Iraqi market, and the implementation of Cabinet decisions related to taxes, customs, border crossings and the work of banks was followed up, and government measures on confronting exchange rate fluctuations, as well as follow-up

The Prime Minister stressed “during the meeting the need to develop an assessment of the work of banks, support real banks that have implemented the requirements of the Central Bank, and applied the financial standards corresponding to the state’s fiscal policies.”

Al-Sudani pointed out that “some banks and banking offices do not achieve the desired contribution to consolidating a regular and real national fiscal policy.”

He directed “simplification of the procedures for dealings of traders in the concerned state departments, stressing that this stage, despite its embarrassment, is a gateway to economic reform.”

The prime minister also stressed “the need to spread the banking culture, which was supposed to be in place years ago, so that traders and businessmen are ready to deal with the new context of the central bank, and the international standards of the banking system.”

The meeting witnessed the confirmation of the effectiveness of the new conversion system for commercial transactions, and its positive impact in reducing transactions with forged invoices that facilitated currency smuggling over the previous years.السوداني-%C2%A0المرحلة-الحالية-بوابة-للإصلاح-الاقتصادي%C2%A0رغم%C2%A0حراجتها

UrgentWith a huge deficit. Revealing the details of the 2023 budget and the price of oil and the dollar

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With a huge deficit. Revealing the details of the 2023 budget and the price of oil and the dollar


Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Moeen Al-Kazemi:
The 2023 budget between the Ministries of Finance and Planning, both operational and investment, was supposed to be completed, and after it was transferred to the Council of Ministers in paper form, it was studied and discussed in multiple submissions, and there were recommendations to reduce and pressure on some expenses.
The budget reached 149 trillion dinars, while the budget is planned is 200 trillion dinars.
The number of Iraqi employees will reach 4 million due to the increase in appointments in the budget of 2023
The budget is supposed to reach the House of Representatives this week and is ready to receive it after the formation of the Parliamentary Finance Committee.
We hope to complete the study of the budget and the first and second reading and approve it during the month of February and that the government will start implementing it next March.
The price of the oilprimel was calculated at the budget of 2023 at $ 65, which is a reassuring figure that can be implemented during this year, taking into account the conditions of the global market.
What is issued by Iraq is 3.5 million barrels per day and the dollar rate was fixed at 1450 dinars. On this basis, the receipt is calculated at about 129 trillion dinars, in addition to taxes and collection to 149 trillion dinars, but the difference between the plan and the prepared by the government is large, which reaches 50 trillion dinars, and this deficit must be filled with clear loans.بعجز-ضخم-كشف-تفاصيل-موازنة-2023-وسعر-النفط-والدولار

Dollar closes below 172,000 dinars on the Baghdad Stock Exchange

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Dollar closes below 172,000 dinars on the Baghdad Stock Exchange


{Economic: Al-Furat News} The Baghdad Stock Exchange closed, on Thursday evening, on a rise in dollar exchange rates against the Iraqi dinar.

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The two main Al-Kifah and Harithiya stock exchanges in Baghdad recorded the selling prices of the dollar, 171,250 dinars; per 100 dollars, while the prices were recorded in the morning of 170,000 Iraqi dinars per 100 dollars.

The prices of buying and selling in banking shops in the local markets in Baghdad increased, where the selling price amounted to 172500 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase prices amounted to 170,000 dinars per 100 dollars.الدولار-يغلق-دون-172-الف-دينار-في-بورصة-بغداد

Plasschaert flirts with the Sudanese government: Our person is remarkable progress in the fight against corruption

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Plasschaert flirts with the Sudanese government: Our person is remarkable progress in the fight against corruption


{International: Euphrates News} The UN Representative in Iraq, Jenin Blaschaert, presented on Thursday, a briefing to the UN Security Council at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the situation in Iraq.

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“The government of Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani is implementing a policy of openness, and any government needs political support to achieve the aspirations of the people,” Plasschaert said of the current Iraqi government’s policy.

“The government has taken many steps in the fight against corruption, and is making more efforts to recover smuggled funds, and we have also recognized remarkable progress for the current government’s work in the fight against corruption,” she added.

“Real change requires economic and political reforms in Iraq, and we look forward to accelerating the adoption of the 2023 budget, and Iraq should give priority to diversifying the economy,” Plasschaert continued.

On the crisis of the center and the region, Plaschaert said, “The Iraqi government has confirmed its commitment to settling creations with Erbil, and Baghdad and Erbil are continuing their dialogues in order to reach a sustainable agreement; but the division between the political parties in the Kurdistan region continues and concessions should be made.”

She stressed that “the Iraqi government continues its policy of openness and respect for the principles of sovereignty,” noting that “Iraq is one of the most polluted countries with explosive ordnance and demining efforts are continuing,” but that “bombing operations in Iraq increase tensions.”

Plaschaert concluded by “congratulating the Iraqi national team on winning the Gulf Cup (Gulf 25) in Basra.”بلاسخارت-تغازل-حكومة-السوداني-شخصنا-تقدما-ملحوظا-في-مجال-مكافحة-الفساد

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad soon

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Twilight News / KRG spokesman Gutiar Adel announced on Thursday that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will soon visit the capital Baghdad to continue dialogues with the aim of resolving differences and outstanding issues with the federal government and resolving the issue of employees’ salaries and the region’s share in the financial budget for the year 2023.

Adel said in a press conference held in Erbil that the Council of Ministers held a meeting yesterday evening and among the important topics he discussed was the issue of relations with Baghdad, adding that in the near future a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad to continue the dialogues in the interest of citizens in the region, and ensure their financial dues and monthly salaries for employees and workers in the public sector, and this is all related to the country’s general budget.

He added that the territorial government and the federal government have reached to some extent several understandings with regard to legal texts, and there are several other files, including Article 140 of the Constitution, and legislation that we believe are important, and must be resolved according to the time limit specified for them according to the political agreement that resulted from the formation of the federal government, and as stipulated in the Constitution.

The spokesman for the territorial government stressed the need to legislate a new law for the Federal Supreme Court because this court was formed by a decision of the US Civil Governor Paul Bremer with a law that violates the country’s permanent constitution, expressing regret that this court issued decisions to pressure the region.

Adel went on to say that what the Federal Court is doing is “unacceptable because it must be independent, and free from political conflicts.”

He stressed that the Kurdistan Regional Government is serious about the need to reach an agreement to resolve the differences between it and the federal government, considering that there is no longer any justification for the continuation of those differences and we want in any way to reach an agreement.

On the crisis of the rise of the dollar, the spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government said that they depend on Baghdad to limit the rise in exchange rates, although the Prime Minister of the region, Masrour Barzani, directed to follow up the situation in the market.

Adel pointed out that the Ministry of Oil continues to put pressure on oil companies operating in the region, and these pressures aim to undermine the administration of the Kurdistan Regional Government, stressing the need to legislate an oil and gas law in the country to avoid such matters.كوردســتانيات/وفد-من-حكومة-قليم-كوردستان-يزور-بغداد-قريبا

Saudi Foreign Minister: Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region

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Twilight News / Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Thursday that Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region through dialogue and understanding, referring to the Baghdad-led medium between Riyadh and Tehran to restore relations between the latter two countries.

“I emphasize the depth of the relationship and the importance of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the two countries,” Prince Farhan said during the press conference he held today with his Iraqi counterpart Fouad Hussein in the capital Baghdad.

He added that relations are witnessing a great positive momentum, as we are working at a close pace to continue this momentum to deepen coordination on the economic and development aspect and support Baghdad’s efforts to consolidate prosperity, stability, growth and prosperity in Iraq, stressing cooperation in this particular field with Iraq through activating the Joint Coordination Council between the two countries.

Prince Faisal also pointed out that Iraq is witnessing positive economic development, and Saudi Arabia is also in great economic development and growth and reached one trillion dollars, and we must take advantage of these opportunities.

The Saudi Foreign Minister continued by saying that there is no doubt that we will not achieve this without a stable safe zone, pointing out that Iraq plays an important role in promoting stability in the region through dialogue, promoting common interests and addressing any differences, and without stability we will not achieve the prosperity we seek.سیاسة/وزير-الخارجية-السعودي-العراق-ي-دي-دورا-مهما-في-تعزيز-الاستقرار-بالمنطقة

Economist: SWIFT platform came in favor of Iraq .. How?

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Economist: SWIFT platform came in favor of Iraq .. How?


{Economic: Al-Furat News} Economist Rashid Al-Saadi believes that the platform for selling the dollar “Swift” came in favor of Iraq and will reflect positively on the strength of the economy and traders.

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Al-Saadi said to Al-Furat News that “the measures taken by the government in distributing the items of the food basket as well as including 7 million people in the social welfare network, as well as the procedures of the Central Bank with regard to converting currency to passengers at $5,000 per passenger.”
“In addition to the treatment trips, if this situation stabilizes, it will certainly affect exchange rates and the dollar,” he added.
Al-Saadi explained that “the platform to sell the dollar came in favor of Iraq, as the allocation of a window for traders reflects on the strength of the economy and traders because it will separate the right trader from the fake.”
He pointed out that “the real trader will open a bank credit and will import good goods instead of bad goods,” adding, “During the opening of the accreditation, the quality and specifications of the goods will be adhered to.”
Al-Saadi pointed out that “in the event of any dispute, there are parties that will judge those disputes between the beneficiary bank and the sending bank and with the knowledge of the US Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Iraq, and all parties intervene through SWIFT, which includes 11,000 banks.”

From: Raghad Dahamخبير-اقتصادي-منصة%C2%A0سويفت-جاءت-لصالح-العراق-كيف-؟