Sadr calls for a mass demonstration Friday at the gates of the Green Zone



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[Oan- Najaf]
called the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, to go out a mass demonstration next Friday at the gates of Baghdad ‘s Green Zone , which includes the most prominent government headquarters and diplomatic missions.
Sadr said in a statement Mkhtaba supporters “after he touched you in Tahrir Square , obedience, organized and up unified patriotism I Astnezkm again and trust you and Bhbkm to Otunkm for a mass demonstration specific to the inhabitants of Baghdad , of all regions , but this time will not be in Tahrir Square , but the location of thenearest I mean [green] region, but not on their doors in this – way and at a time determined by the committee supervising the demonstration consists of Hazem al – Araji, Salah al – Obeidi and Muhannad al – Gharawi and pro – Asadi and activist Ahmed Abdul Hussein]. ” He
also called on the demonstrators to be” demonstrations in the provinces both in the provinces and in front maintaining that the Council characterized these demonstrations in Ospoekm this as peaceful but it is angry hoping to hear your voice , who are trying to ignore the protesters as a threat and what was the voice of thepeople threat but is the voice of the right. ”
he called on the leader of the Sadrist movement , ” the demonstrators to reflect the same image which lived abeacon of pride and honor in Tahrir Square , and I hope that this event will not be a dedicated region of no other people are Collect lover of reform and Bagd to corruption. ”
he noted that” demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces go out at the same time and the time until you reach the message is clear to all. ”
the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, had warned Friday last broke into the green Zone, said : “today we are on the green walls, tomorrow people will be where to regain the rights of the corrupt and evil – doers.”
Sadr said his word in front of thousands of his followers came out demonstrations last Friday in Tahrir Square inBaghdad that ” the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, today at stake, and especially after the people were roused, and still Mentvdha, and it remains Mentvdha. ”
he noted that” after the voice of religious authority and the voice of home and abroad, who support reform and enabled Abadi of reforms, but dawdle, and today is a binding reform, even radical reform does not Prosthetic ,“accusing the government that it had “left people struggling with death and fear, hunger, unemployment and occupation, and the crisis of security and economic stranglehold, and deteriorating services and major political crisis , ” he said . On.

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