UN official: Iraq help in every way to overcome financial crisis


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[Oan- Karbala]
country director of the UN Development Programme / Office of the Iraq Adam Abdel Mawla said that “the United Nations to help Iraq with all the ways to overcome the financial crisis.”
He said the Lord during a joint news conference with the governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi following the signing of Mhkur between the United Nations and local government spokesman cooperation program [declaration of Karbala] “We are aware of the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, and we are working to overcome this crisis in several ways, including helping Iraq to multiple sources of income and work to not rely on a single commodity, namely oil. ”
He added that” this program, which we had with the government of Karbala, a continuous and long-term and we as a program are continuing in cooperation with the competent authorities, as well as on the other hand include attracting donors for Iraq and fund development activities related to the governorates, including Karbala, and we have some support from donors and we hope to get more support and to give tangible results will support the success of this program and therefore we make sure to get the required support him. ”
he said the UN official, said:” this agreement will be open to a deal and we will work during the next five years and will work with the provinces directly in order to provide services to the categories of beneficiaries and this will be the backbone of Iraq. ”
for his part, Karbala governor Akil Turaihi,” the Karbala statement came as a result of the fruit of mutual Almnafshat between local government and the program, “noting that” the declaration includes a ten-point basis and most importantly the establishment of a regional office in central Iraq and Forever operate growth and development of the public sector and local governments and government departments as well as Turkazh on a number of segments of society, including the youth, women and the environment as well as the security sector. ”
He added that” the declaration also included, among other things stimulate the private sector by strengthening and head with the side of the public sector, including support for diversity social, social solidarity and the rule of law and develop a relationship based on the principle of decentralization and includes the development of capacities and higher efficiencies in Mufafezh. ”
He stressed Turaihi, that” the transfer of tasks and Almsoulyat to the provinces would be in accordance with the principle of decentralization and we have cooperation between the federal government’s program and a project to provide for the transfer of functions and powers to the provinces of the ministries, ” He pointed out that “the transfer of these functions and powers are going gradual and in accordance with the timetable, but certainly these things are not without obstacles, as well as to Atakhlu of conflicts of competence between local governments and federal ministries, but the passage of time will be sealed the principle of decentralization and that the law has become a part of it valid and became the site of application and other parts come in the arena. ”
the document was signed by the local government in Karbala governor Akil Turaihi and the United Nations Development Programme, WFP country Director / Office of the Iraq Adam Abdel Mawla.

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