An international report confirms corruption worth billions of dollars during the rule of al-Maliki


Sunday, February 7, 2016

A report by international auditor for the Development Fund for Iraq (the account in which all oil revenues are deposited), on Sunday, for financial irregularities and contractual ‘big’ in the Iraqi Ministry of Health, regarding the failed projects and contracts for fake drugs unfit for consumption billions of dollars, signed mostly during the tenure Nuri Maliki as prime minister between 2006-2014.
According to a lengthy report published on financial experts site, said that ‘there are four projects at $ 39 billion and 339 million Iraqi dinars (about 33 million dollars) for the year 2013 was the completion rate which is zero until 2015, and there are two contracts signed in 2011 for the construction of two hospitals instructional in the provinces of Muthanna and Karbala in the amount of $ 249 million was due to their achievement in March 2015, but did not exceed the ratio of completed only 26%, and 29% up to September 2015 ‘.
The report added that ‘the ministry contracted with 6 projects for the establishment of teaching hospitals in Basra, Dhi Qar, Babil, Karbala, Misan, Najaf, in 2009 worth 898.5 million dollars, and did not complete the hospital until October 2015 although give companies an additional period of 100%.’ The report, ‘there is a difference of more than 1.2 trillion worth of dinars (about US $ billion) operating budget accounts (salaries) to the Ministry of Health since 2013 and its conformity with the Ministry of Finance did not take place.
The report spoke of irregularities in the conduct of contracts, a contract Nzawmh lab matched tissue to the center of the bone marrow in the city of Medicine site in February 2009 is equipped with a hash company valued at $ 1.3 million duration of the implementation three months, where it was processed materials expire after a year of imports, has ended suitability prior to use by the ministry. ‘
For its part, it revealed the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, for the opening of an investigation with the Ministry of Health with regard to project over the past years, stressing that the international auditor’s report will be examined by the Commission.Juma said the Office of the Committee member to’alonadol ‘, that’ the Integrity Committee in the parliament opened the Ministry of Health for contract files were in the past days to host the inspector general of the Ministry of Health, and the Director General of Kmedia company, submitted a number of questions and inquiries by the Commission to the officials, and we awaiting the arrival of the answers to take a position on them. ‘
Diwan said that the ‘international auditor’s report serves as a warning to the Ministry of Health, the Committee also will investigate all irregularities in other ministries, and Sndqq all the information and reach our own contracts are health outcomes. “



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