Allawi suggested hiring Balhbibi and experts to solve economic problems


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Suggested head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Friday, the Iraqi government restore the former Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, and the use of a panel of financial experts, and the formation of an economic body to save Iraq from its economic crisis.

Allawi called in a press statement vassal / balances News / government to “restore with the help of experts, economic and financial, and the formation of a body to save the Iraqi economy, guiding compass government, which suffered from the bankruptcy in order to get out of the financial crisis, as Iraq intends to establish free zones in four provinces, with the launch of Central Bank $ 6 trillion Iraqi dinars for agricultural, industrial, real estate and banks granted to the citizens. ”

Iyad Allawi said, “The Iraqi government in the event of bankruptcy, and it must be geared to get loans, has tried it, and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed successfully secured loans from the World Bank up to one billion and 200 million dollars, and there are going to get two billion dollars attempts.”

The Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, called yesterday, the World Bank to support Iraq economically out of the financial crisis.

And it formed the Ministry of Finance of a specialized committee to raise the state’s non-oil revenues to cope with the financial crisis, which hit the country, after a drop in oil prices in global markets. Ended 29 / D 24


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