Al-Mutlaq is likely to form the next government: Al-Sudani will pass by a majority

  • Time: 01/10/2022 23:33:50
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Al-Mutlaq is likely to form the next government: Al-Sudani will pass by a majority

  {Politics: Al-Furat News} The head of the National Dialogue Front, Saleh Al-Mutlaq, suggested one to two weeks to form the next government, while he expected to pass the nomination of the coordination framework for the prime minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, with a majority.

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Saleh said; For the “Al-Mastra” program broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight: “I expect the government to be formed within a week or two if the political blocs believe, and if the scene takes longer, it will become more complicated; .
He added, “The Kurdish agreement supports the option of passing the Sudanese as prime minister, and the blocs that have a majority of two-thirds are able to pass the government candidate, and most of the blocs will vote to pass the Sudanese as a candidate for prime minister,” adding, “the obstacle to forming the government on the Kurdish side by agreeing on the presidential candidate for things to proceed in their natural context has become a matter of course.” It is necessary to form a government in the coming period.”
Saleh indicated, “We expect a Kurdish agreement very soon to resolve the candidate to assign the prime minister agreed upon by the political blocs to form the government, and we expected that the Sudanese would be prime minister a few months ago due to his acceptability and his ability to manage these challenges, and there is satisfaction with him from most political parties, and there is no An obstacle to his leadership of the government.”
He added, “The Sudanese is an honest and highly qualified person who has successfully managed several ministries, and he is the best to take over the government in the light of the political atmosphere, and everyone should cooperate with him to move forward, and the political blocs must be aware that their fate and the fate of the country is at stake, and cooperate with the next president in all problems.”
Al-Mutlaq noted “the basic dialogue to resolve the dispute with the framework, the current and the other blocs, and the blocs must reconsider upcoming policies and the approach must be different from what has been followed since 2003, as for the Baghdad Document, which is intended to hold a session in a constitutional hall to discuss and resolve differences constitutionally; but the main obstacle remains in activating This paper is in agreement with the Sadrist movement.”
He continued, “The success of the next prime minister depends on the cooperation of the political forces, and in light of the current electoral law, the commission, and uncontrolled weapons, there is no benefit in any new elections. A government must be formed with a specific period to change the negative reality, and I think if the blocs support the prime minister in solving the problems, the current dire reality will change for the better.” .
And Al-Mutlaq said, “If confidence is generated and the blocs cooperate and reach a conviction that this miserable situation will not continue, and the success of forming the government depends on restoring confidence between the dissenting,” referring to two options to proceed with the formation of the government, “either proceed with the agreement with Mr. third party formation.
He added, “The experience of technocratic ministers was thwarted by office managers.”


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