Zebari congratulates the President of the Republic and the Sudanese: We wish you success and success

political| 10:10 – 10/13/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News



Al-Sudani in the first word: Let’s start a new page, and it is time to restore the prestige of the state and stop the lawlessness

politicsbreakingMuhammed Shiaa Al-Sudani

 2022-10-13 16:46A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Prime Minister in charge of forming the new Iraqi government, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, urged to start a new page, while stressing that the time has come to restore the prestige of the state and stop the lawlessness.

This came during a speech delivered by Al-Sudani, on the occasion of receiving the letter of assignment from the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, to form the new Iraqi government.

In his speech, Al-Sudani said, “It is a matter of pride to confront this great responsibility, to continue serving the people, to perform the duty and pay the debts of Iraq and its proud people,” adding: “I thank the political forces for their broad support in giving us the confidence to assume responsibility for forming the government.” new”.

The Prime Minister-designate announced his full readiness to “cooperate with all forces, whether represented in the parliament or present in the national space,” noting that “the responsibility is jointly borne by all, and they are all sons of one nation, and brothers in distress and prosperity.”

He continued, “We will not allow exclusion and marginalization, as the differences have cracked state institutions, and many opportunities have been lost for Iraqis in development, construction and reconstruction.”

Al-Sudani added: “I announced the serious desire to open the door for real and meaningful dialogue, to start a new page in the work to serve our people and alleviate their suffering,” pledging at the same time to “do his utmost to form a strong government that is determined to implement its goals and program through the synergy of political forces by nominating Efficient, professional and honest personalities capable of fulfilling their responsibilities.

Al-Sudani pointed out that his work began “from the first hours of assignment according to a realistic government program that adopts economic reforms aimed at revitalizing the industrial and agricultural sectors, supporting the private sector, and addressing environmental impacts and desertification.”

He noted that “fighting corruption will be at the forefront of the government’s priorities,” calling on everyone to “assume responsibility and participate in a comprehensive national campaign to combat corruption.”  

The Prime Minister-designate promised to “work according to the constitution to strengthen the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and to resolve differences and outstanding issues,” stressing his quest “to hold local and parliamentary elections, in a free and fair atmosphere and in light of a transparent electoral system that reassures all contestants.”

He stressed the need to restore the state’s prestige, saying: “It is time to restore the state and impose respect for the law, and stop the bleeding of deterioration and lawlessness in all its names and forms.”

Al-Sudani sent a message to what he called “brotherly and friendly countries”, saying: “Our message is a message of cooperation, understanding and coordination, stemming from an independent national vision based on common interests, non-interference in internal affairs and respect for sovereignty.”

Al-Sudani concluded his speech by noting that “the challenges and concerns are great, but the determination is greater.. We will fulfill our responsibility at this stage with a sincere patriotic spirit, clean hands and determination that befits the aspirations of Iraqis.”

Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives succeeded in electing the new President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, in the second round of voting, after one of the candidates did not receive the votes of two-thirds of the representatives, as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution.

Earlier in the day, the elected President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, assigned the candidate of the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, to form the new government.

The election of the President of the Republic and the assignment of the Prime Minister comes a year after the early elections were held on October 10, 2021, but the political blocs were unable to elect the President of the Republic, who in turn assigns the candidate of the largest number of parliamentary blocs to form the government.


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A member of Fatah: Al-Sudani will announce his booth within two weeks and reduce the dollar exchange

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A member of Fatah: Al-Sudani will announce his booth within two weeks and reduce the dollar exchange

  {Politics: Al Furat News} A member of the Al-Fateh Alliance suggested that the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, would announce his cabinet within two weeks.

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Ali Al-Fatlawi said; For the program “Al-Mastra” broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, it said: “We have now begun a stage of balance and true partnership, and an exploitation of time that surprised the coordinating framework and the forces with it to assign the Sudanese at the same time as the election of the President of the Republic.”
He added, “The Sudanese is serious about supporting the prestige and sovereignty of Iraq, and the economy is at the forefront of the files that he will care about and will work to gradually reduce the price of the dollar. The framework supports it in 3 files of economy, service and politics, and he will present his expected government within two weeks.”
Al-Fatlawi pointed out, “Al-Sawadni’s ability to take control of matters and the framework has confidence in crossing the country to safety. As for the talk about changing security leadership positions, it is a fantasy, and we cannot speculate, and the whole issue is entrusted to the prime minister, who will also choose the ministers nominated by the political forces.”
Commenting on the difference in the framework on Abdul Latif Rashid and Barham, Al-Fatlawi explained, “The difference was positive, as it led to the withdrawal of the Democratic candidate from the competition for the position of president, and the political process needs flexibility to end the blockage.”
He concluded by saying, “The National Union is a key element in the coalition of state administration, and Paval Talabani is a key partner for the framework that cannot be abandoned, and all demands that fall within the constitution will be resolved.”
The House of Representatives, in its session today, Thursday, elected Abdul Latif Rashid (of Kurdish nationalism) as President of the Republic after two rounds of secret ballots in front of his rival, former President Barham Salih, and the first won by 162 votes against 99 votes for the latter.
Today, the elected President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, assigned the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc, the Coordinating Framework, MP Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, to form the government.


Washington determines its position on the election of Rashid and the assignment of Al-Sudani

politicsMuhammed Shiaa Al-SudaniUS AmbassadorLatif RashidAlina Romanowski

 2022-10-13 12:52A-AA+

Shafaq News / The American ambassador in Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, expressed on Thursday the position of the United States regarding the election of Abdul Latif Rashid, as President of the Republic, and assigning Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani to form the government.

“We look forward to a cooperative relationship with the newly elected Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid and Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, to continue working together, side by side, through the new government, to create jobs, combat climate change and ensure The permanent defeat of ISIS.

Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives succeeded in electing the new President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, in the second round of voting, after one of the candidates did not receive the votes of two-thirds of the representatives, as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution.

The election of the President of the Republic comes a year after the early elections were held on October 10, 2021, but the political blocs were unable to elect the President of the Republic, who in turn assigns the candidate of the largest number of parliamentary blocs to form the government.


Muhammad Al-Sudani as the new prime minister in Iraq in light of a divided scene

Reports & AnalyticsbreakingMuhammed Shiaa Al-SudaniIraqi Prime Minister

 2022-10-13 12:48A-AA+

Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, who on Thursday tasked the formation of a new Iraqi government after a year of political paralysis, has a task to be reckoned with.

Muhammed al-Shiya al-Sudani, a deputy for two roles, born in southern Iraq with a Shiite majority on March 4, 1970, has been involved in politics since 2004, that is, after the fall of the Baath Party regime.

He succeeds Mustafa Al-Kazemi, 52, a former journalist and intelligence chief, who was not well known in the political arena when he assumed the position.

After Al-Sudani was the mayor in Maysan, from which he hails, and then as its governor, he has held several ministries since 2010, including under the government of Dawa Party leader Nuri al-Maliki, to which al-Sudani also belonged, such as the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Acting Ministry of Industry.

Also, this is not the first time that his name has been presented for prime minister, as he was nominated in 2018 and then in 2019, in the midst of a popular uprising against the political class, but his name was then rejected by the demonstrators.

The presentation of his name in the year 2022 was a spark for the Sadrist movement’s demonstrations and the storming of its supporters in the Iraqi parliament and the sit-in in front of it for more than a month.

As for the Sadrists, “Al-Sudani appears to be from the camp of al-Maliki, the historical opponent of al-Sadr, “and this is a problem because they do not trust al-Maliki and his surroundings,” explains Sajjad Jiyad of Century International.

As for the activists of the October uprising, “he is not known to be a reformer, and he has no history of that… he does not have a bad history and there are no suspicions of corruption around him, but… the fact that he emanates from the traditional” political elite, “does not give confidence that he will be different from them. “.

– “anti-Corruption” –

On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Euphrates Movement, which has been headed by the Sudanese since its establishment in 2021, Bashar Al-Saadi, believes that Al-Sudani’s balance in political work is positive, as he “is good at ministerial work and knows how matters are managed ministerially and how issues are managed from the political and administrative side,” and describes him as “Statesman”.

Faced with these many obstacles, Al-Sudani, the father of five children who always appears in an elegant suit, tie and trimmed mustache, began to be active in the media and to present his electoral program, which has a social character in general and includes in particular service files such as health, electricity, agriculture, industry and municipal services, but also “anti-corruption.” “.

“I have unconventional ways to fight corruption,” Al-Sudani said in an interview, excerpts of which were published on his own Telegram channel.

Among his priorities, according to Bashar al-Saadi, are “proceeding with the budget law” and addressing the issues of “electricity, health and services”, “completion of lagging projects” and “reducing the level of poverty and unemployment.”

– Early elections –

However, he also declared his readiness to organize early elections, which is the demand of the Sadrist movement, which he described as “the great popular and national movement.”

“The election decision was agreed upon and included in the ministerial curriculum, and its date will not exceed one and a half years,” he said.

Al-Sudani, a graduate of the College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Baghdad, also seeks to achieve a kind of “balance” in relations with neighboring countries and the world in a country that often finds itself under the fire of regional conflicts, he said.

Political analyst Hamza Haddad believes that Al-Sudani, despite the criticisms against him, “succeeded in re-creating himself, as he left the rule of law and won a seat in parliament alone, after four years during which he was an active deputy in the eyes of public opinion,” according to Haddad. All of this contributed to his “naming of the prime minister.”

He considers that “the calls that came out against his candidacy were not personal, but related to the circumstance that he is the candidate of the coordination framework,” as he “has good relations with all political parties.”

His young trend has only three deputies in the current parliament, including Al-Sudani himself, but it enjoys the support of the broad parliamentary base in the current parliament, which is dominated by the coordination framework.

One of his strengths is that he never left Iraq. He “represents, like Al-Kazemi, the new generation of politicians who came after 2003,” according to Haddad.

Al-Sudani, whose father was executed by the Baath Party when he was nine years old, “is a son of the south, does not have dual citizenship and has a young face,” according to al-Saadi.


The European Union Comments On The Election Of A New President For Iraq

10/13/2022 13 

Earth News/ The President of the European Union commented today, Thursday, on the election of a new president for Iraq.

“We congratulate President Rashid on his election as the new president of Iraq,” the head of the union said, in a post followed by Earth News, stressing that “this is a welcome step towards finding a sustainable political solution in Iraq.”

He also stressed that “the European Union remains committed to supporting Iraq’s stability and sovereignty.”


In the video.. the moment Al-Sudani was assigned to form the government

political| 07:45 – 10/13/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
publishes / Mawazine News / a video clip of the moment Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani was assigned to form the new Iraqi government.
The elected President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, commissioned Al-Sudani to form the government.
The commissioning was attended by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi.


The first comment from Al-Sudani after he was assigned to form a government

political| 06:57 – 10/13/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, confirmed, on Thursday, that he will present his government formation as soon as possible.
Al-Sudani said in a video clip, that he “will present the government as soon as possible.”