Direct opening of all roads that were closed due to the demonstrations

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 2022-10-01 14:48A-AA+

Shafaq News/ On Saturday, a security source said that all roads in the capital, Baghdad, which were closed due to the demonstrations, were immediately opened.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The security forces have started to open all the roads, respectively, that were closed due to the demonstrations.”

He added, “There is no decision so far regarding the bridges of the Republic, the Sink and the Mu’allaq.”

And earlier today, Saturday, the Iraqi security forces regained control of Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, while they began chasing the rioters among the demonstrators.

Earlier today, the demonstrators who had taken Al-Nusour Square on the Karkh side of Baghdad as a place to demonstrate and protest, and they had participated in the October demonstrations, withdrew and chose this square to demonstrate because supporters of the Sadrist movement had taken Tahrir Square as a place for their demonstration.

This morning, mass demonstrations took place in Baghdad and a number of central and southern governorates in remembrance of the October demonstrations that began on this day in 2019.


Al-Nusour demonstrators conclude their protests with a number of demands, most notably a transitional government, and threaten “escalatory” steps

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 2022-10-01 11:49A-AA+

Shafaq News/ “Al-Nusour Square” demonstrators in Baghdad decided on Saturday to withdraw from the square and give the political forces until October 25 to leave the political process, vowing to take “escalatory” steps, and also demanded the formation of a transitional government under UN supervision.

And the final statement of the demonstration, which was received by Shafak News Agency, stated, “Here we stand today together, to commemorate one of our greatest days that we fought in the path of freedom and struggle for a united Iraq. We sacrificed pure blood to pave the road leading to our supreme goal, the goal of regime change. The political establishment in Iraq, the regime that has destroyed the country and exhausted the people.”

And he added, “Oh, sons of our beloved people, you are not aware of the recklessness of the corrupt authorities and political parties, which divided Iraq into shares, and because of which provinces fell, and thousands were displaced, and it is they who returned the terrorists to political action without shame or fear, and they are the ones who sowed abhorrent sectarianism, and spread Most of the leaders of these corrupt political forces and their symbols have openly admitted their corruption and dividing (the cake) among themselves, buying and selling positions, and offering obedience and loyalty to foreign countries and powers that do not want the good of a united Iraq. and its people, until Iraq is at the bottom of the list of the most corrupt and poorest countries.”

The statement continued, “Is it not time for us to stop these farce and setbacks? Is it not time for them to leave to build the country?! Sons of our great people: Speak your final word in the face of tyrants and corrupt people, for today is your day, and history records your honorable stances, and accordingly we will summarize what we want very clearly.” We only want a strong united Iraq (the master of himself), in which the people choose the form of their political system and the authorities.”

The demonstrators stressed, according to the statement, that “our goal is to change the existing political system and zero the entire existing political process, so that the Iraqis can build a new political system, with a constitution and a new social contract, formulated by a sample of Iraq’s national competencies, to get rid of this hybrid system designed with foreign hands.”

And they added, “We believe in the peaceful, nonviolent struggle, which adopts peaceful mechanisms of escalation and organized pressure, which needs a long breath without getting bored or tireless, so we will give all political forces until the twenty-fifth of this October, to leave the political process and zero it, and otherwise we will We are proceeding with larger and broader escalatory steps and mechanisms, and we will not give them the opportunity to rest.”

They also called for “a transitional government under international supervision, led by an elite of patriots, provided that no one is in the political and partisan process that led the country to its loss since 2003 until now, and this speech includes the existing executive authority represented by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.”

And they continued, “From their law, which they enacted with their own hands, which is the Political Parties Law of 2015, we will obligate them to what they committed themselves to, as a team of national lawyers will move to file lawsuits against the parties of the authority, most of which violate the parties law, which stipulates not to involve parties with armed links or sources of funding. unknown in the elections.

The statement pointed out that “the launch of a million campaign from now to collect the signatures of the people on a petition rejecting this corrupt regime and its abhorrent policies, which is what we call on all Iraqis to participate in, and in this context we will have a field and electronic campaign, we will publish its details and the way to participate in it later, and we will also work to raise This signature campaign is addressed to the concerned authorities and to the international community at the United Nations and its bodies, to convey the vocal voice of the Iraqi people in rejecting injustice, corruption and the monopoly of power, with all possible tools.

The demonstrators addressed the international community and the United Nations, saying, “Iraq is a participant in most international agreements and treaties, and that you are among the founders of this regime, which has transgressed all moral, political and international principles and charters, so you must have a clear word in support of the steps of the Iraqi people rejecting humiliation, corruption and injustice.” “.

They concluded their statement, “To our beloved people and fellow protestors: We invite you – of all your walks of life – to prepare on the next twenty-fifth, to put an end to this clamor and corruption, if the political forces do not respond to the demand of zeroing in on the political process. We must be cooperating, not dissenting, and we must support each other even if we differ in some mechanisms and slogans.Our lofty goal is sufficient to advance hand in hand, and start a new stage, crossed by the fingers of loyal Iraqis… We also want to remind our beloved people of the fierce media confrontation. Which we will watch from now on after our statement, and we advise everyone not to be drawn into the claims of the ruling parties, because they will, as usual, mislead the news, discredit the protesters with their immoral methods known to you, and will launch despicable attacks through their paid electronic armies.

Update: Dozens injured in clashes on al-Jumhuriyah bridge

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 2022-10-01 06:47A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Scuffles broke out between protesters and security forces, leaving dozens injured, as thousands gathered in the Iraqi capital on Saturday to celebrate three years after nationwide demonstrations against endemic corruption.

The latest protests in Baghdad come as Iraq has slipped into political paralysis since elections last October that failed to produce a new president, prime minister or government.

Protesters could be heard chanting “the people demand the overthrow of the regime” as thousands gathered in Baghdad’s famous Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protest movement, on Saturday, an AFP correspondent said.

Many waved portraits of the “martyrs” killed in the wave of protests three years ago.

The demonstrations aim to revive the unprecedented protests of October 2019, which condemned the country’s rampant unemployment and decaying infrastructure.

Those protests raged for months before ending in the shadow of coronavirus restrictions and a crackdown that left at least 600 protesters dead and tens of thousands more injured.

Protesters rallied at Al-Jumhuriya Bridge on Saturday, where they tried to scale a series of barriers erected by security forces to block access to the fortified Green Zone, home to government buildings and diplomatic missions.

Protesters threw the iron barriers into the river, according to an Interior Ministry official, who reported 18 minor injuries suffered by riot police from stones and glass bottles thrown at them.

Police retaliated by throwing smoke grenades at the crowd to disperse them.

“At least 17 protesters suffered from breathing difficulties,” a source told Shafaq News Agency, “six security officers sustained varying injuries.”

Rival Shiite parties in parliament have been vying for the power and right to elect a new prime minister and government for months.

The impasse pits powerful cleric Miqtada al-Sadr against his rivals, the Iran-backed Coordination Framework, which includes lawmakers from the party of his longtime enemy, ex-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Al-Sadr wants snap elections and the dissolution of parliament, but the coordination framework wants a new prime minister to be appointed before any new elections are held.

Tensions escalated on August 29 into clashes between the Sadrists, rival Iran-backed factions and the army, in which more than 30 al-Sadr supporters were killed after their leader said he was abandoning politics.

Parallel to the country’s political impasse, Iraq has also been hit by deep economic and environmental crises.

After decades of war, the oil-rich but conflict-ravaged country is struggling to rebuild.

It has also repeatedly come into the crosshairs of geopolitical tensions from neighboring countries, making it the target of frequent cross-border attacks from Turkey and, more recently, Iran.

As Iran gripped by nationwide protests over the death of a Kurdish woman in the custody of feared morality police, the Islamic Republic on Wednesday launched a spate of strikes against Iranian Kurdish groups based in northern Iraq, accusing them of fomenting unrest at home.

The attacks killed at least 14 people, including a pregnant woman, while at least 58 others were injured, mostly civilians, according to the Iraqi Kurdish counter-terrorism forces.

The European Union expresses its grave concern over the recent political and security escalation in Iraq


 2022-10-01 07:59A-AA+

Shafaq News/ On Saturday, the European Union expressed its deep concern about the recent political and security escalation in Iraq.

The union said in a statement today, that “violence is never a solution and must not be allowed to undermine the democratic process.” He called on all parties to renounce acts of violence, exercise maximum restraint, work towards de-escalation and participate in dialogue in a constructive manner and in good faith and within the constitutional framework, putting the desires and interests of the Iraqi people first.

In these circumstances, and as Iraq passes the three-year anniversary of the Tishreen protest movement and nearly a year since the early elections that took place in October 2021, the European Union affirmed its determination to continue to support the path of reform that Iraq is taking, its stability and sovereignty.

The European Union condemned in the strongest terms the bombing of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq this week, for which the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed responsibility.

The union said: These attacks are a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The European Union affirms its full solidarity with the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Iraq wins the post of Vice President of the Arab Parliament

political| 03:31 – 01/10/2022


BAGHDAD – Mawazine News
Iraq has obtained the position of Vice-President of the Arab Parliament.
A statement received by Mawazine News stated that “the representative of Iraq, MP Sheikh Shaalan Al-Karim, won the position of Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament.”
This is the first step for Iraq to assume such a high-level position to be the decision-maker in Arab affairs. Ended 29/R77

Iraq is the largest buyer of gold for the second quarter of this year


 2022-10-01 07:48A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The World Gold Council announced today, Saturday, that Iraq was the largest purchaser of gold in the world during the second quarter of 2022.

The council said in a tabular report seen by Shafak News Agency, that “Iraq bought 33.97 tons during the second quarter of this year 2022, bringing its balance to 130.3 tons, followed by Turkey by buying 26.60 tons, then Uzbekistan by 26.44 tons, and then Kazakhstan came By 15.79 tons, then India came by 8.39 tons.

He added that “the most countries selling gold during the second quarter of the current year 2022 was Germany, at 3.36 tons, followed by Mongolia by 0.80 tons, followed by the United Arab Emirates by 0.27 tons.”