A member of Fatah: Al-Sudani will present his entire booth and choose some of its candidates himself

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A member of Fatah: Al-Sudani will present his entire booth and choose some of its candidates himself

  {Political: Al Furat News} A member of the Al-Fateh Alliance revealed that the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, will present his entire cabinet to the House of Representatives.

Mahdi Al-Shiblawy told Al-Furat this evening: “Al-Sudani will present a full government lineup, and he has nominated some personalities within the agreement granting freedom of choice.”

He added, “The neighborhoods of forming the government have reached advanced stages, and there are few technical matters left to determine some important matters.”

Al-Shiblawy pointed out, “The Iraqi people are impatiently waiting for the formation of a (completed government) because there is a major defect in a number of files, and the people need a government with full powers capable of providing basic services.”

State Administration Coalition: Saturday is the date for voting on the government

The State Administration Coalition held its periodic meeting, which was devoted to discussing the formation of the government, in the office of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, and announced its intention to invite the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the government with all its members.



Al-Kazemi announces a position on “the theft of trillions”: We have been quietly investigating it for months

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 2022-10-18 12:19A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced today, Tuesday, a position on the “resonant” theft file in the General Tax Authority, stressing that the investigation into the case has been taking place “quietly” for months, but some raised it to “cover up the corrupt,” while he indicated To “everyone fought” his government’s plans for comprehensive accountability.

Al-Kazemi said, during the cabinet session held today, and reported by his media office in a statement, to Shafak News Agency, that  his government was formed in a very difficult economic situation, we were on the verge of a real economic collapse, and the challenges of the Corona situation and the collapse of oil prices, as well as the international conflict that wanted Some have turned Iraq into a backyard for international and regional conflicts, and with patience and wisdom we were able to cross these challenges, explaining, “We developed a reform plan in the economy from the first moment, and established a new economic vision through the white paper, and we succeeded in saving our economy and moving it from the stage of collapse to another stage.” growth, and now, according to an international report issued this month, Iraq recorded the fastest growth in the Middle East and the second country in the world, with a growth rate of 9.3%.

He pointed out that “there are those who doubt the government and do not want these successes to be recorded in its name. Some say that the document is old while it was issued in October, and with all this some question the reforms of this government and all the correct measures it has taken.”

And Al-Kazemi stated, “This government is two and a half years old, worked for twenty-eight months and did not receive only six months of the budget, with all this we succeeded in crossing an important stage,” noting that “the central bank’s reserves were downward at the moment we received the government, it was 49 billion dollars, Today we have a reserve of 85 billion dollars, and we had gold reserves close to 96 tons, today it is about 134 tons. This is due to the reform paper that we applied.”

He continued, “From the first moment, we had a vision to reform the Ministry of Finance, which was adopted by the former minister, and we presented a set of reform projects, and it was met with strong objections by parliamentarians and political blocs to prevent reform in the Ministry of Finance and to maintain traditional mechanisms that do not fit the times,” pointing out that “The former minister presented a comprehensive accounting project that requires automation and modern methods, but everyone fought it, and yet we worked on it, and it takes time.”

And he indicated that “comprehensive accountability helps us to stop waste, reduce corruption and stop manipulation in many cases, as happened with the issue of secretariats in the Tax Authority, which we announced to reveal, and some tried to protect the corrupt and thieves and transfer the accusation to the government.”

Al-Kazemi also said, “This issue does not concern the government, but rather a department of the Ministry of Finance, with all this, I was the first to alert the former minister about this phenomenon in 2021, and directed him to conduct an investigation, and in light of the investigation, he issued an order to prevent the disbursement of any tax trusts without collection.” Minister’s approval.

Al-Kazemi indicated, “Some are trying to obstruct any success,” explaining that “since the first day we announced the anti-corruption project, we fought corruption and were subjected to great pressure, threats and extortion, and we saw that the government did not obtain parliamentary sponsorship for known reasons, but rather continued opposition to it, because of Some people’s interests have been harmed. From the first day, we announced the fight against corruption, and we will end the last day of the government’s life by fighting corruption.”

And he indicated that “what was announced about the tax issue is one of the great challenges,” stressing that “history will do justice to this government, and the investigations that the judiciary is quietly carrying out will show that.”

He noted that “the judiciary began investigations for months and quietly, but some knew that accountability would reach him, so he tried to make a fuss, and take advantage of some circumstances to create chaos and cover up the real corrupt and the causes of this problem.”

And he indicated, “When the ministry did not succeed more than 17 years ago, in finding an electronic automation system that integrates with the times and the correct calculation mechanisms, and if these systems existed, we would not have fallen into these problems, and the issue of tax trusts is long-lived and has nothing to do with this government and it is old, But with all this, we have taken a decision on the issue of comprehensive accountability and its implementation, but it needs time because it needs restructuring and arranging some procedures in the ministry.”

He continued, “You remember when there was an uproar about the automation of customs, it also caused a problem, and there were many objections from some, but we signed agreements with the United Nations to re-automate some joints in the Ministry of Finance and it takes many years, and it was supposed to start since 2003, and it was adopted by all countries in the region.

He pointed out that “the customs systems that we proposed are compatible and integrated with 90 countries in the world, including all the neighboring countries of Iraq, but with great regret there are those who are trying to blackmail the government and come up with populist and extortion speeches aimed at bringing down and preventing any achievement of this government.”

He pointed out that “there are many parties that have tried to pressure, directly or indirectly, that the ministry not take its measures, despite all this, the government has adhered to a policy of silence in order to avoid any attempt to frustrate the people. On the ground, the state knows everything, and if the state wants to open the files, it will cause earthquakes, and the Iraqi situation cannot withstand earthquakes, but needs construction and patience for the future of Iraqis.

He pointed out that “there are those who took advantage of the policy of silence that we adopted from the first moment, and Iraq has many problems and challenges, and we resorted early to the policy of patience and silence, and we were not willing to exaggerate the problems or engage in political rivalries in an environment in which poverty became a part, the lack of services and the shortcomings in education”.

He also said, “We did not want to engage in quarrels and thus create despair among the people, so we preferred silence and let our work stand out, and we did not want to frustrate the people’s resolve. For the people’s eyes, I endured many accusations and slanders and even assassination attempts, I was subjected to three assassination attempts and did not develop The subject, although the last attempt witnessed international pressure to internationalize it, and it refused to protect Iraq and the Iraqis. 

He pointed out that “there are those who try to question any step taken by the government in favor of the Iraqis, with all this, we must protect everyone who raised the banner of fighting corruption, and people know that this campaign of confusion comes to try to distort the investigation or influence it with false accusations, and people know who They are the corrupt, and they know there are big whales behind this operation.”

He stressed that “there is no government that fails or succeeds because it has wealth,” considering that “a successful country is the one that invests in people’s minds, and we see that many countries of the world have wealth, but they are failed countries. Many countries of the world do not have wealth, but they are successful countries.” Today we have Singapore as a model, and Taiwan, small countries, but they have the fourth or fifth reserves in the world, and sometimes they are forced to import stones, and they have managed to build countries that have turned into icons.”

He explained that “Iraq possesses history, civilization, wealth, the younger generation, geography and culture. We have all the ingredients for success, and what we need is fatherhood and honesty in dealing with service files.”

Al-Kazemi thanked “the ministers who are committed to preserving public money and who adhere to the directives, as well as their attempt to provide services in the most difficult circumstances,” wondering, “There has not been a government in Iraq that remains for two years without a budget, how did we continue to work then? And how did we succeed with deprivation of money?”

“We have prevented the economy from collapsing, and we have built a kind of economic growth in a world that is witnessing a major decline and great challenges for all countries of the world,” he added.

He pointed out, “Iraq ranked second in economic growth, and today we distributed the government’s achievements to you. Last year, we distributed the first part, and today we end this year of the government’s life with the presentation of the report on government performance, and the percentage of achievement in it is a high percentage.”

He pointed out that “some people accuse us that we did not market the achievements, I say yes: we have a defect in marketing because we did not rely on corrupt money to create electronic armies, and I do not believe in them, and I believe that in politics there should be a minimum of cavalry qualities and moral values, Because we work for the people, not for partisan, sectarian or ethnic agendas.”


Al-Kazemi calls on the political forces to give Al-Sudani the freedom to choose his work team

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Al-Kazemi calls on the political forces to give Al-Sudani the freedom to choose his work team

  {Political: Al Furat News} The caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, called on the political forces to grant Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani “the freedom to choose his work team.”

Al-Kazemi called for the support of the presidents of the republic and the designated ministers.

The destruction of the State Administration announced today its intention to invite the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the Sudanese government with all its members.


EXCLUSIVE: details about the new Iraqi government formation, WHAT and WHEN

Iraq NewsIraqi governmentMuhammad Al-Sudani

 2022-10-18 04:47A-AA+

Shafaq News/ A leader in the Coordination Framework revealed exclusively to Shafaq News Agency details about the new government headed by Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani.

The leader, who preferred to stay anonymous, told our Agency that the next government would include 22 ministers; 14 figures were nominated for 14 ministerial portfolios, and the other six would be chosen by consensus among the political parties.

Our source pointed out that the government formation will be presented to the House of Representatives in the coming days for approval.

Concerning the “distribution of portfolios,” the CF leader explained that the decision was taken according to the election results and political representation in the Parliament.

The new government formation would include, according to our source:

-The Shiia component, represented by the Framework: 12 ministries are the interior, oil, finance, electricity, health, higher education and scientific research, agriculture, transport, labor and Social Affairs, Sports and Youth, Water Resources, and Communications.

-The Sunni component: six ministries are defense, planning, education, industry, commerce, and culture.

-The Kurdish component: four ministries are foreign affairs, justice, and Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works.

He pointed out that the so-called non-sovereign ministries (three) would be equally for independents, the Christian, and the Turkmen components.

It is expected that the Iraqi Parliament would approve Al-Sudani’s government without concerns since the 73 lawmakers of the Sadrist bloc, the main rival of the Framework, resigned last June.


Deputy for Al-Fateh: We expected the speedy announcement of the cabinet and presenting it to the vote

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Deputy for Al-Fateh: We expected the speedy announcement of the cabinet and presenting it to the vote

  {Politics: Al-Furat News} The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Salem Al-Anbaki, confirmed the expectations of politicians in the speed of announcing the ministerial cabinet and presenting it to the vote.

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Al-Anbaki indicated through {Euphrates News} that: “So far, no date has been set for holding the voting session on the cabinet, but we expected to complete it in the near time and present it to the vote and gain confidence.” 
“It is not important to choose technocratic ministers as important as choosing the minister and the personality he has,” he added. 
Al-Anbaki said, “We saw the presence of a large number of independent ministers in previous periods who proved their worth, while the ministers of the parties did not succeed in providing anything because of the pressure on them.” 
The State Administration coalition announced its intention to invite the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the government with all its members. 
Rashid assigned the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc (the Coordinating Framework) MP Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to form the government within 30 days.
Al-Sudani pledged – in his first televised speech after his assignment to the position – that “he will make every effort to form a strong government that is determined to implement its goals and program through the synergy of political forces by nominating efficient, professional and honest personalities capable of carrying out their responsibilities.” 
He stressed that “exclusion and marginalization will not be allowed in our policies, as the differences have cracked state institutions and lost many opportunities for Iraqis in development, construction and reconstruction.”

From: Raghad Daham


Kurdistan government: We are ready to negotiate with Baghdad at any time

political| 02:03 – 10/18/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed, on Tuesday, its readiness to negotiate with the central government in Baghdad over three files.

The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gutiar Adel, said in a joint press conference with the Minister of Natural Resources in the region, Kamal Muhammad, that “the regional government is ready to negotiate with the central government, and there is a government program in the matter of negotiation, the most important of which is the oil and Peshmerga files and Article 140.”

Adel added, “The central government in Baghdad twice sent 200 billion dinars this year,” stressing “the regional government’s readiness to negotiate at any time.”

He pointed out, “The request of the Council of Ministers of the Territory to secure white oil for citizens, especially first for the mountainous areas, because the winter season is at the door.” Ended 29/N33


The President of the Republic and the Ambassador of Washington discuss relations between the two countries

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 2022-10-18 06:02A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, discussed today, Tuesday, at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, with the United States Ambassador to Iraq, Mrs. Alina Romanowski, the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington.

A statement of the presidency received by Shafak News Agency stated; “At the beginning of the meeting, the American ambassador offered congratulations and blessings to the president on his election as president of the Republic of Iraq, wishing him success in his work duties, stressing her country’s commitment to supporting the security and stability of Iraq and the safety of citizens.”

The statement added; During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations that unite the two countries and the importance of strengthening them in areas of common interest in a way that enhances cooperation and coordination in various political, economic and cultural fields and in a manner that serves the common interests of the two countries and peoples.


urgentState Administration Coalition: Saturday is the date for voting on the government

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State Administration Coalition: Saturday is the date for voting on the government

  {Politics: Al Furat News} The State Administration Coalition intends to invite the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the government with all its members.

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A statement by his office, which {Euphrates News} received a copy of, said: “The State Administration Coalition held its regular meeting yesterday, Monday, which was devoted to discussing the formation of the government, in the office of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi.”

“During the meeting, they discussed the latest political developments in the country and the need to expedite the formation of the service government,” he added.

The coalition announced its intention to “call the House of Representatives to hold a session next Saturday to vote on the government with all its members.”