By the names.. A member of the Democratic Party: two Vice-Presidents of the Republic and one for the Sudanese

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By the names.. A member of the Democratic Party: two Vice-Presidents of the Republic and one for the Sudanese

  {Political: Al Furat News} A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed the intention of the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, to activate the decree of his two deputies.

Haitham Al-Mayahi said to the program “Al-Mastra”, broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel this evening: “President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, will sign a decree appointing two deputies, and they are likely to be the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, and the head of the Sovereignty Alliance, Khamis al-Khanjar.”
He added, “It is also possible that there will be a deputy prime minister for security affairs, and the candidate may be the head of the Fatah coalition Hadi al-Amiri.”
Al-Mayahi continued, “There will be new positions and a ministry that the Turkmen component will demand, and there may be a rotation and change of ministerial positions in the formation of the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani.”


Al-Sudani presents his booth to Parliament on Thursday.. And the Kurds decide their ministries

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Al-Sudani presents his booth to Parliament on Thursday.. And the Kurds decide their ministries

  {Political: Al Furat News} Two members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed that the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, will present his government cabinet to the House of Representatives.

A member of the Democratic Party, Haitham Al-Mayahi, told the program (Al-Mastra) broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel this evening: “It is too early to talk about the quotas of the ministries, and next Thursday Al-Sudani will present his booth, and a number of sovereign ministries remain unresolved and the session is in order to pass the government.”

He pointed out that “the Democrat is negotiating with the Ministries of Justice, Housing and Foreign Affairs, and another ministry may increase for the Kurdish component,” noting that “there is an intention to form a parliamentary committee to monitor government performance.”

He added, “There is sufficient freedom for the Sudanese to form his government, and he will present five candidates for each ministry and they will be agreed upon. Perhaps the Sudanese will be the one who will choose without a political nomination, and this is a decision by the State Administration Coalition.”

He revealed “the desire of some ministers in Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government to remain in their positions, but we exclude that,” noting that “there are very serious corruption files related to the October demonstrations and military and security files.”

Al-Mayahi stressed, “The Sudanese have relations with all forces, and we expect that his government will last for four years if he implements his government program within a year.

For his part, the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Khoshnaw, said in today’s episode (Alastra) that “the Kurds will get 4 ministries, which may be divided equally between the Patriotic Union and the Democratic Party, or the latter may get three of them.”

He added that “six ministries will be for the Sunni component, 12 ministries for the Shiite component, 12 for the Shiites, and one ministry for Christians. These leaks remain close to the truth.”

And he indicated that the ministries of “foreign, finance and justice, which are sovereign ministries, will decide two of them for the Kurds, and perhaps water resources, justice and health have been obtained by the Kurds as well,” adding that it is likely “the creation of some positions to satisfy national components.”

Khoshnaw stressed, “There should be no return to quotas in the Sudanese government, and all forces are obliged to support it, and there is no choice but for the two Kurdish parties to go to dialogue to solve the outstanding problems between them.”

The Kurdish leader promised, “The Sudanese government is the last chance for the political system, and the failure does not affect the Sudanese personally, but rather the political system. The stage is very critical and sensitive.”




SULAIMANI — The Prime Minister of iraq, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, met with the US ambassador Alina L. Romanowski to discuss relations between Washington and Baghdad on the basis of common interests and paths to development.

Sudani’s media office said in a statement on Monday (October 17) that the newly designated PM said during the meeting he will try to resolve Iraq’s internal problems, adding talks both inside and outside of parliament will continue to address the political issues. 

The statement also noted Romanowski expressed US support for the next Iraqi government, the country’s sovereignty, security, and stability. 

She also stated the US wants to continue working with Iraq in the fight against terrorism. 

(NRT Digital Media)

A UN demand to recover the amounts of stolen tax deposits in Iraq

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Baghdad – Mawazine News

On Monday, the UN representative in Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, demanded the return of the stolen tax deposits, saying: “Recover these funds and return them to their rightful owners.”
“What can Iraq do with the billions of dollars lost from it?”
And she added, “Recover these funds and return them to their rightful owners. Support the Iraqi government in its investigations, and provide protection for those who reveal the facts. Ensure accountability.” Ended 29/R77

In 3 files..America agrees with a European country to cooperate with Iraq

political| 04:36 – 10/17/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News

On Monday, the US ambassador to Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, and the Norwegian ambassador, Aspen Lindbeck, agreed to cooperate with Iraq in three files.
“The Norwegian Ambassador to Iraq, Aspen Lindbeck, and I discussed our many common priorities in Iraq at this pivotal time for the Iraqi people,” Romanowski said, in a tweet on Twitter, which was followed by Mawazine News.
She added, “We agreed to further cooperation in strengthening governance and democracy, and promoting gender equality, and the Climate Change Conference in Cairo in November 2022.” Ended 29/R77

The President of the Kurdistan Region: The election of the President of the Republic and the assignment of the Sudanese to a new stage of the political process

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 2022-10-17 11:07A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, considered, on Monday, the election of the President of the Republic and the assignment of the Prime Minister to a “new phase of the political process in Iraq”, calling on all political parties to play an active role in achieving the people’s demands and solving problems and crises.

Barzani said in a speech during a graduation ceremony for a batch of students from the University of Dohuk, which was followed by Shafaq News Agency, “With the election of the Federal President of the Federal Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, and the assignment of Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani to head the federal government a few days ago, a new phase of the political process began, and I renew my warmest congratulations and blessings to them and I hope They have success.”

He added, “With this opportunity, I would like to stress once again that all Iraqi political parties must learn and learn from past experiences, and they must have a presence in achieving political stability and work to establish stability in Iraq, and they must respond to the wishes and legitimate demands of the Iraqi people.”

Barzani called on the new Iraqi government to “see the Iraqi political reality and to address all its problems and issues, especially the problems with the Kurdistan Regional Government, which must be addressed because we believe that the key to security and stability in Iraq is to address the problems with the region and that the solutions are based on the Iraqi constitution.”

Barzani concluded by saying, “We hope that the next stage will be the stage of solving the problems between Baghdad and Erbil, and that it will be a stage of political stability in Iraq. We affirm that the Kurdistan Region, as it was previously, will always be supportive of all political solutions on the basis of the Iraqi constitution.”

The Sudanese government.. 22 ministries, 12 of which are for the framework, and this is the share of the Kurds and Sunnis

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 2022-10-17 10:34A-AA+

Shafaq News/ A leader in the coordination framework revealed today, Monday, the details of the cabinet formation that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani intends to form.

The leader told Shafaq News Agency, “The ministerial cabinet of the Sudanese government will consist of 22-24 ministries, distributing 4 ministries of the Sovereignty Alliance headed by Muhammad al-Halbousi and Khamis al-Khanjar, and two ministries of the Azm Alliance headed by Muthanna al-Samarrai, and 4 ministries, 3 of which will go to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and one to The National Union”.

He added that “12 ministries will go to the coordination framework, and they will be 4 to the State of Law, 6 to the Al-Fateh Alliance, and two ministries to the Alliance of Independents.”

The leader indicated that “in the event that the ministerial cabinet becomes 24, two of them will go to minorities, one of them is Christ and the other is for the Turkmen, but if the division of the ministries remains into 22 ministries, the Christian and Turkmen component will take their share of the ministerial portfolios of the framework.”

He explained that “the distribution of ministerial portfolios is according to a points system, every 5 deputies has a ministerial portfolio, and every 15 deputies is a sovereign ministry,” noting that “the ministerial cabinet is not ready until the moment, and it is hoped that the Sudanese will present it to the House of Representatives next week.”

Al-Sudani: The next government will be a government of services that includes economic reforms

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Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani received, on Monday, German Ambassador to Iraq Martin Jaeger.

During the meeting, according to the statement, “a number of issues and topics related to bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of consolidating them were discussed,” and the meeting touched on “the prospects for joint cooperation, and the importance of its development in various fields.”

Al-Sudani stressed, “The next government’s orientation is towards building balanced relations with its regional and international surroundings, as well as its aspiration to develop cooperation relations with Germany and the whole of the European Union, in a way that enhances common aspirations and aspirations.”

He added, “All his efforts are currently focused on forming the government as quickly as possible, and on the basis of accurate selection,” stressing that “the next government will be a government of services, including economic reforms, and an investment of oil revenues away from corruption.”

And he expressed “the future government’s aspiration for fruitful cooperation with German companies in the fields of energy and other technical disciplines.”

For his part, the German ambassador affirmed, “the desire of his country’s government to strengthen bilateral relations, in a way that contributes to enhancing cooperation and joint coordination at various levels.”

He continued, “Iraq urgently needs a government with full powers that realizes the magnitude of the challenges it is facing in the current stage,” explaining that “the German government has great interest in making this government succeed and overcome various challenges.”

The German ambassador presented a paper containing specific proposals for cooperation between Iraq and Germany in various fields.

Al-Fateh reveals the date of the announcement of the Sudanese government booth

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Al-Fateh reveals the date of the announcement of the Sudanese government booth

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Today, Monday, the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ali Hussein, confirmed that the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, will announce the cabinet next week.

Hussein said in an interview with “Al-Maalouma”, that “the government cabinet will be officially announced next week by the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani,” stressing that “there is no truth to the names that are published and the ministers whose names have been circulated on the media.”

He added, “The Prime Minister-designate will not now disclose the names until the entire government cabinet is completed in order to proceed with the formal formation of the government.”

And he continued, “Al-Sudani personally set the criteria and constants for choosing the names and candidates of the ministries who are characterized by professionalism and work,” adding that “a special committee has been formed to filter the names of the candidates to choose the government booth and announce it officially next week.”

A member of the coordination framework, Ayed Al-Hilali, told Al-Maalouma earlier, that there is a large space granted to the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, in choosing the personalities who are expected to form his cabinet. finished 25/

The Federal Court issues a state order to stop the disbursement of funds allocated to the Office of the Prime Minister

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The Federal Court issues a state order to stop the disbursement of funds allocated to the Office of the Prime Minister

  {Politics: Al Furat News} Today, Monday, the Federal Court issued a state order to stop the disbursement of funds allocated to the Prime Minister’s Office.

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According to the statement, {Al-Furat News} received a copy of it: “It was decided to issue the state order No. (31 / federal / state order / 2022) that includes stopping the disbursement of the amount allocated to the Prime Minister’s office under Cabinet Resolution No. 226 of 2022, amounting to ( 70 billion dinars) and until the lawsuit filed before it is resolved in the number (228 / federal / 2022) to challenge the invalidity of the aforementioned decision.

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