Barham’s advisor considers that Al-Sadr agrees to renew it

Barham's advisor considers that Al-Sadr agrees to renew it

October 11, 2022 

Baghdad / Obelisk: Hawzen, Secretary of the Advisor to the President of the Republic, said on Tuesday 10/11/2022 that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, agreed to the election of Barham Salih for a second term, and was supported by the majority of Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni blocs.

Amin stated in a post on Twitter that Al-Sadr and his movement had no problem in re-electing Saleh, but it seemed that they had comments on the candidacy of Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani.

He stressed that Barham Salih is the most fortunate in the House of Representatives.

مستشار برهم يعتبر ان الصدر موافق على التجديد له


The US State Department calls on all political parties to get out of the political impasse by adopting peaceful means


Writer and journalist: Sajjad ShankaliThe US State Department called on all Iraqi parties to take peaceful ways out of the political impasse, stressing that violence is “unacceptable.” A statement issued by US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, a year after the early Iraqi elections, “A year ago, Iraqis voted in early and credible elections in the hope that they would result in a government that reflects the will of the Iraqi people. Since then, “Iraq’s leaders have been unable to resolve their political differences. The United States supports a broad and inclusive dialogue to chart a common path forward.”He added, “We join many Iraqi friends in reiterating that violence is unacceptable,” calling on all parties to “get out of the current political impasse and walk the path of peace and integration.” For now, the State Department stated: “The United States remains committed to working with the government and people of Iraq to promote economic growth, create more jobs, ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS, eradicate corruption, and build resilience in the face of climate change. “

The Iraqi Council of Representatives announces the names of candidates for the post of President of the Republic


 10-11 2022 16:00A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced 33 candidates for the post of President of the Republic in the country, after setting a session on Thursday to elect the new President of the Republic in light of the intensification of differences over this position by the two main Kurdish parties (the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan). Kurdistan).

And the Council’s media department said in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, “Based on the provisions of Article (4) of the Law No. (8) for the position of President of the Republic, No. (8) of 2012, the House of Representatives announces that they have applied for candidacy for the position of President of the Republic (59) fifty-nine candidates.” .

And it indicated that “(26) twenty-six candidates were excluded, (4) four candidates subsequently submitted requests to withdraw from candidacy, (14) fourteen candidates for lack of political experience requirement, and (2) two candidates for not supporting obtaining a university degree and not Availability of the political experience requirement, (3) three candidates for not supporting obtaining a university degree, (1) one candidate for being included in the accountability and justice procedures, (1) one candidate for being included in the accountability and justice procedures and not having the political experience requirement in it, (1) one candidate for not meeting it age condition.

The statement indicated that thirty-three (33) candidates met the conditions for candidacy for the position of President of the Republic stipulated by law, and they are:

1 Faisal Mohsen Abboud Sayad Al-Kalabi

2 Abdul Latif Muhammad Jamal Rashid Sheikh Muhammad

3 Rizgar Muhammad Amin Hama Saeed Ramadan

4 Raad Khudair Dafak Sayel Al-Janabi

5 Khaled Siddiq Aziz Mohammed

6 Ahmed Moh Omran Shebeen Al-Rubaie

7 Shehab Ahmed Abdullah Ali Al Nuaimi

8 Khadija Khadekhesh Asad Qalaws

9 Haider Rashid Abdul Razzaq as Eid Al-Tai

10 Kamal Aziz Muhammad Rahim Qaitoli

11 Hussain Mohsen Alwan Hussain Al-Hasani

12 Jamal Kabson Hamid Abbas

13 Ahmad Khalil Khudair Khalil Kakhoury

14 Iqbal Abdullah Amin Hassan Hilawi

15 Barham Ahmed Saleh Ahmed

16 Louay Abdel-Saheb Abdel-Wahhab Mohamed

17 Kazem Khudair Abbas Hassan Daughneh

18 Jabbar Hassan Jassim Abboud

19 Rebwar Orahman And Setaleh Aref

20 Omid Abdel Salam Kader Taha Balani

21 Hadi Abdul-Hussein Saddam Muhammad Al-Fariji

22 Omar Sadiq Mustafa Majid Al Abdali

23 Hamza Bresim Thajeel, Mosaheb Al-Mamouri

24 Thaer Ghanem Muhammad Ali Al-Othman

25 Ahmed Yahya Jassim Juwaid Al-Saadi

26 Reaper Ahmed Khaled Zubair Barzani

27 Hussain Ahmed Hashem and Wadaa Al-Safi

28 Dhafer Abdul-Amir Jabbar Aboud Al-Quraishi

29 Ahmed Sajit Hashem Hassan Al-Amri

30 Mohamed Obaid Jadoua Abdullah

31 Ali Abdul Hamad Dawood Al-Tai

32 Omar Ahmed Karim Hassan Bah Rezanji

33 Faiza Jabbar Muhammad Babakhan

Al-Fateh Alliance: We will form the government independently of the Sadrist movement


Today, Tuesday, Mahmoud Al-Hayani, the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, which is part of the coordination framework, suggested that he would proceed with forming the next government independently of the Sadrist movement because of his insistence not to open the doors of dialogue, indicating that everyone is trying to persuade the current to enter into negotiations to form a government.

Al-Hayani said, “All political forces are still working to involve the Sadrist movement in the government and the next scene, and there is no intention to marginalize it or any other political party during government and political work at all.”

And Al-Hayani indicated that “the insistence of the Sadrist movement to refuse dialogue and participate in forming the government will push the political forces to move towards forming the new government.”

He explained that “it is not possible to continue disrupting the constitutional benefits due to the rejection of a political party,” stressing that “there is a possibility to form a government because there is a large political and parliamentary majority support for this matter through the allied forces in the coalition of state administration.”

Yesterday, the leader in the coordination framework, Fadel Al-Fatlawi, specified the period that the political forces will grant to the two Kurdish parties in order to resolve the file of the Presidency of the Republic.

Al-Fatlawi said, “The visit of the delegation consisting of Al-Halbousi, Al-Sudani and Al-Fayyad to Erbil will push for an agreement between the two Kurdish parties on one candidate.”

He added, “The political forces will wait for the two Kurdish parties until the end of this week only, as next week parliament sessions will be held to resolve the issue of forming a government.”

Al-Fatlawi added, “There are more than 170 deputies who submitted a request during today’s session to include the paragraph choosing the president of the republic in next Wednesday’s session.”

The political crisis has suffered from a complete blockage since the early parliamentary elections last year, which resulted in objections and boycotts as soon as the results were announced, the latest of which was the resignation of the Sadrist movement’s representatives from Parliament.

The Coordination Framework Meets To Discuss The File Of The Presidency Of The Republic Session

10/11/2022 17 

Earth News/ The Coordination Framework met today, Tuesday, to discuss the file of the Presidency of the Republic session.

An informed source told Earth News, “The coordinating framework forces are meeting at the house of the head of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, to discuss the file of the presidential session.”

And Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi announced, earlier today, that the agenda for Thursday’s session, corresponding to October 13, will consist of one paragraph, which is the election of the President of the Republic.

Iraq .. Nuri al-Maliki appears before the judiciary against the background of audio leaks

Today, Tuesday, Iraqi media reported that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will appear before the judiciary because of the audio leaks attributed to him.

And the Iraqi media reported, “Al-Maliki appeared before the judiciary this morning, Tuesday, and was released from the judge on bail,” without further details.

In recent weeks, audio recordings of Nouri al-Maliki were leaked in which he talks about the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and the situation in Iraq, after which he was accused of trying to create chaos in the country.

Governing and managing the country .. The National Union reveals the details of the meeting of Talabani and Al-Sudani

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Governing and managing the country .. The National Union reveals the details of the meeting of Talabani and Al-Sudani
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  {Politics: Al Furat News} The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan revealed, today, Tuesday, a meeting between its president, Bafel Talabani, and the candidate of the coordination framework for the prime minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani.

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The Union stated in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that: “During which Darbaz Kosrat Rasul, a member of the working body of the Political Bureau, and Khaled Shwani, a member of the Political Bureau, counted, the latest political developments and steps to form the new government and end the political blockage in Iraq were discussed.” Unifying national efforts to form a strong and service government that will protect the rights of all.

During the meeting, Talabani explained the vision of the National Union on governing and managing the country, noting that “our efforts are for the success of the political process and better management.”

“We want the next government to serve the citizens more without discrimination and to confront corruption and injustice,” Talabani added.

For his part, Al-Sudani praised the role of the Union and the efforts of Bafel Jalal Talabani to end tension and differences, saying, “We are happy that the approach of President Mam Jalal is still alive, an approach that deepens the spirit of harmony and coexistence and makes dialogue and understanding a basis for solving problems.”

The Iraqi parliament sets a session to elect the president of the republic


 10-11 2022 06:22A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The House of Representatives has set a session the day after tomorrow, Thursday, to elect the new President of the Republic of Iraq in light of the intensification of differences over this position by the two main Kurdish parties (the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan).

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, announced in a speech during the parliament session, that the session on Thursday, October 13, will be the agenda of one paragraph, which is to elect the President of the Republic in accordance with the constitutional provisions binding on that and the decisions of the Federal Court, as well as the request of a number of deputies.

Al-Halbousi called on the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives to provide the members with the CVs of the candidates, indicating that the session will be held at 11 am.

The political custom in Iraq after the year 2003 and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime at the hands of the US forces and their allies has been that the Shiites occupy the position of prime minister, and that the Kurds obtain the position of President of the Republic, and the Sunnis the Speaker of Parliament.

This comes at a time when the two main Kurdish parties in the Kurdistan Region did not reach an agreement on a single candidate to fill this position, but the Kurdistan Democratic Party is insisting on its candidate, Riber Ahmed, and the Patriotic Union is also Egypt on Barham Salih.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party, the first party in the region, fears a repeat of the scenario of 2018, when the Iraqi parliament proceeded to elect Barham Salih to the presidency despite the party’s opposition.

On Saturday, Reber Ahmed, Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Region, the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s candidate for the post of President of the Republic of Iraq, stressed the need for the Kurds not to go with two candidates for this position to the capital, Baghdad.

Ahmed said during his hosting on the sidelines of the conference of the Kurdish issue in the Middle East, which was held in Erbil, “We do not accept that we go with two candidates for the post of President of the Republic to Baghdad. Either the mechanism for selecting the candidate is through the electoral majority, or he is chosen by the people of Kurdistan through their representatives in Kurdistan Parliament,” noting that “outside the framework of these two options, the will of other people will be imposed, and the candidate who will take the position will come with the votes of other people and not the votes of the people of Kurdistan.”

He added that “what happened in the year 2018 of choosing a president of the republic, the latter did not represent the people of Kurdistan and became president with the votes of other people,” stressing by saying, “We want this experience not to be repeated again, but the decision must be in the hands of the people of Kurdistan, and that they decisively their candidate for this position.