Al-Kazemi, addressing ISIS from the border strip with Syria: Do not try us, for you have tried a lot and failed

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Shafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi vowed on Wednesday, again, that ISIS elements will chase them inside and outside the country, and defeat them at the hands of the Iraqi security forces.

This came in a speech he delivered during his visit to the border area with Syria on Wednesday.

Al-Kazemi explained during the speech, “Our visit today comes to directly supervise the procedures and precautions in place by our heroes in the security and military forces, and our presence in this place confirms the strong presence of the state, and the readiness of our armed forces to confront any attempt aimed at tampering with the security and stability of our country.”

And he added, “We listened to the security briefing, and I am aware of direct and daily follow-up of the developments of various events, and I am confident in your abilities and determination to protect Iraq and Iraqis, and to confront the foolishness of terrorists abroad and within, who seek to perpetuate chaos and undermine state institutions, for their personal interests, but they are disappointed.”

In his speech, Al-Kadhimi also addressed ISIS, saying, “I say to ISIS terrorists: Do not try us, for you have tried a lot and failed, and you will try a lot and you will fail. You know very well that we are pursuing you, inside and outside Iraq, and you know very well that the blood of Iraqis for us is very expensive, and you will pay the price for every folly you have committed.” , in reference to the attack launched by the organization last Friday on an Iraqi army company in Diyala province, which resulted in the deaths of 10 soldiers and an officer with them.

He also continued, “I say to the terrorists of ISIS: You are a group of gangs that have no place among us. This is our decision and the decision of every honorable Iraqi before it is the decision of the state, government and security institution. We will accept nothing but to eliminate you and protect our land and our honor.”

Al-Kazemi also addressed his speech to the security forces stationed on the borders, saying: “The country is preserved and protected when the borders are maintained and maintained, and today it is thanks to the efforts of the heroes as well. We will spare no effort to secure your needs in order to perform the tasks assigned to you to the fullest.”

He added, “Our directives to commanders, officers, and officials of the various units are that the discipline of the forces and ensuring the implementation of the drawn plans are your responsibility. You must intensify your efforts and work around the clock. This area is very important for us and the enemy as well, and this requires a double effort, cooperation and integration among you.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces concluded his speech to the Iraqi forces, “You have to assume all your responsibilities, do not be negligent, because our morale is solid thanks to you, and no media intimidation shakes you (..) Your potential, capabilities and fighting spirit are high enough to eliminate any attempt or folly, and this is what the terrorists must realize. Starting here from the border line, and in every part of the land of Iraq.”

Al-Kazemi arrived earlier today at the Iraqi-Syrian border strip area in Nineveh Governorate, accompanied by the Ministers of Defense and Interior, and a number of military and security leaders.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces also met, upon his arrival in the area, with the security and military leaders at the headquarters of the Sixth Division – Border Guards on the Iraqi-Syrian border strip.

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