Tueller: No veto on the Chinese agreement, but Washington worries about Beijing’s brutal economic practices

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01/14/2022 21:37

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Toler, said on Friday that his country wants to boost Iraq’s economic activity.   

 Tueller said in the January 14, 2022 interview, that “there is no veto on the Chinese agreement, and we do not seek to have a veto in achieving this agreement,” adding, “But successive US administrations have always expressed their great concern about the brutal and coercive Chinese economic practices. which do not follow international standards in integrity, transparency and credibility.  

Toller stressed, “His country hopes to see Iraq’s economy diversified and has normal bilateral trade relations of interest in accordance with international standards, and we encourage it, whether regional or international.”    

He continued, “We hope to proceed with the white paper and implement it fully by the next Iraqi government,” noting that “America will deal directly with the government to combat corruption, even though it is a very difficult matter.”



The US ambassador participates in the opening of an ice cream shop in Baghdad: We are committed to supporting economic investment

political| 09:48 – 14/01/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The US Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, expressed his pleasure to participate in the opening of an ice cream shop (Cold Stone Creamery) on January 14th.
And the US embassy said in a statement received by Al-Rasheed, “Companies such as (Cold Stone Creamery) contribute greatly to the Iraqi economy and the growing commercial ties between the United States and Iraq.”
The US ambassador said, “The United States is committed to supporting increased economic investment through American companies to provide jobs, innovative products, and economic growth to the people of Iraq.” Ended 29 / h


With modern features… Al-Rafidain intends to launch a credit card

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With modern features... Al-Rafidain intends to launch a credit card

{Economy: Al Furat News} Al-Rafidain Bank announced, on Friday, the launch of the “Credit Card” credit card. 

A source in Al-Rafidain told {Euphrates News} that “the bank will soon launch the credit card, with modern features.”

He added, “The card will allow the possibility of purchasing from places of sale {pos} and ATMs.”


Legal Expert: The State Order Regarding The Presidency Of The Parliament Does Not Affect The Election Of The Presidents Of The Republic And The Government

01/14/2022 105 

Earth News/

Today, Friday, a legal expert clarified the details of the state order issued by the Federal Court regarding the Presidency of the Parliament, while indicating that this matter does not affect the performance of the deputies to the constitutional oath.

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi told Earth News, “The meaning of the state order is a matter that depends on the outcome of the lawsuit filed before the Federal Supreme Court and the final decision, that is, until this lawsuit is decided on the legitimacy of the first session. If the court rejects the lawsuit, this means that this matter ends with it, and if The plaintiff won the case, which means that the state order has turned into a final decision.”

He added that “if the Federal Court upholds the preventive order by accepting the plaintiffs’ suit, this means the invalidity of the election of the Presidency of Parliament and the re-candidacy procedures for it and voting on it again,” noting that “this matter does not affect the constitutional time limits related to the election of the President of the Republic and the nomination of the Prime Minister, except If the court issues a final decision to cancel the procedures of the first session of Parliament.

He asserts that “this decision will not affect the swearing-in of the deputies, because it is not contested.”

Yesterday, Thursday, the Federal Court issued a state order to freeze the work of the Presidency of the Parliament, based on a lawsuit filed against the election process of the Presidency.

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خبير قانوني: الأمر الولائي بشأن رئاسة البرلمان لا يمس انتخاب رؤساء الجمهورية والحكومة

Telecom announces the rise of Iraq in the global ranking of Internet services


On Friday, the Ministry of Communications announced that Iraq ranked 47th in the world in providing Internet services. Ministry spokesman Raad al-Mashhadani said in a statement seen by NRT Arabia, today (January 14, 2022), that “Iraq’s attainment of this rank comes within the international classification of Internet services.”He added, “Iraq’s gradual rise to this center came as a result of the efforts made to improve and develop the Internet service.”


The New York Times: Washington warned Iran after the attack on Al-Khadra in Baghdad

01/14/2022 13:09

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The American New York Times reported, on Friday, that Washington sent warning messages to Iran in the event of a repeat of the scenario targeting the headquarters of the American embassy in the capital, Baghdad.  

The newspaper quoted in a report, January 14, 2022, the comment of the Pentagon spokesman, John F. Kirby, which included a reference to a possible US response to the attacks “in a timely manner.”  

Four missiles targeted the US embassy in Baghdad on Thursday evening, the latest in a series of air strikes amid Iranian threats and political violence as Iraqi factions struggle to form a new government.  

The Iraqi army said a missile landed inside a school across the street from the US embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone, with shock waves from the blast, slightly wounding an Iraqi child and an Iraqi soldier. There were no immediate reports of casualties or details of the damage caused by the other three missiles.  

The US embassy said on Twitter that its compound had been attacked “by terrorist groups trying to undermine Iraq’s security, sovereignty and international relations.”  

In Washington, Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said a “relatively small number” of missiles hit the Green Zone and that US officials were still assessing the damage.


Adviser to the Prime Minister: Iraq’s “payable” debts do not exceed $20 billion

2022.01.14 – 12:24
Adviser to the Prime Minister: Iraq's "payable" debts do not exceed $20 billion

Baghdad – people  

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed, on Friday, that raising Iraq from the list of high risks encourages the entry of capital into the country, while noting that Iraq’s financial rating is high and has the ability to pay off debts and confront them.  

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Saleh said, to the official agency, and followed by “Nas” (January 14, 2022), that “the situation of foreign debt is comfortable and decreasing, and there is financial space in Iraq at the present time,” noting that “what must be paid does not exceed 20 billion dollars, and this has allocations.” in the budget.  

He added that “Iraq’s rating is high, and this classification did not come from a vacuum and we have the ability to pay off debts and confront them,” noting that “the neo-liberalism in the world liberated the world’s economies, including Iraq, so liberating the economy and financial transfer in the world daily is about 5 trillion dollars, and this The exchanges include problems, economic crimes, money laundering, and others.”  

He pointed out that “Iraq was infected with suspicions of money laundering due to the occupation of ISIS, which is a terrorist force and has external financing.  

He stressed that “Iraq has proven that it is free of money laundering and has been raised from the list of high risks to natural, and this is a very important matter that gives freedom and liberalism to banks to work in global environments, the ability to immunize, attention and low cost, which encourages the entry of capital into the country without problems, and this is positive for the benefit of Iraq.” .  

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, last Monday, that the European Union removed the name of Iraq from the list of countries with risks regarding the fight against terrorism and money laundering.


The Central Bank clarifies the value of interest on 4 types of loans

local| 11:11 – 14/01/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Central Bank of Iraq clarified, on Friday, the value of interest on 4 types of loans, while revealing its recommendations to banks.
The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ihsan Shamran Al-Yasiri, said in an interview with the official agency, that “the Central Bank encourages many banks to reduce interest rates and expand them to provide banking services and include all beneficiaries.”
He added that “the Central Bank urges banks to reduce the gap between the benefits of borrowing and lending,” noting that “some banks grant interest with high loans and few benefits to depositors, and this depends on the extent of the risks and the feasibility of borrowing. The comparison is made with between accepting the deposit, because the bank cannot grant high returns. For investors, because he may have borrowed money and seeks to achieve between the interest he achieves for the customer and the cost of the money he has obtained in order to lend it.
Al-Shammari indicated that “all these matters do not apply to the initiative of the Central Bank, because the initiative is for housing loans and they are without interest, but with a single administrative commission,” explaining that “loans on other projects, whether agricultural, industrial or commercial, have very low and diminishing interests.” Ended 29/A 4