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Barzani proposes to the Union one candidate for the presidency

political| 11:55 – 01/15/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
An informed source revealed, on Saturday, that the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, informed the Kurdistan Union Party to submit one candidate for the presidency.

The source said that Barzani told Bafel Talabani to submit one candidate instead of four candidates.

He added that Barzani informed the National Union of withdrawing Barham Salih in exchange for the withdrawal of Hoshyar, the candidate of the Democratic Party.

According to the source, Barzani nominated Latif Rashid for the presidency.

At a time when a member of the Patriotic Union confirmed that Barham Salih is the most likely candidate to occupy the position, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party reiterated his refusal to renew Barham Salih, while referring to the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari on one condition.

A member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Giyath Surji, says that Barham Salih is still the most likely candidate for the position of President of the Republic.

He added that Barham Salih is still the most fortunate and most acceptable figure among most political forces to occupy the position, and he is still the only and most likely candidate for nomination from the Union within our electoral entitlement to occupy the position of President of the Republic.

As for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, it renewed its refusal to renew Barham Salih for the presidency of the Iraqi Republic, while referring to the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari on one condition.

Party member, Mahdi Abdul-Karim, said that if the candidate for the presidency was not in agreement between the two Kurdish parties, and with the approval of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, he would not pass.

He added that Barham Salih is only accepted by the Union Party, and if it is insisted on, the Democrat will nominate Hoshyar Zebari for the presidency. Ended 29 / p. 87


A bomb attack targets the headquarters of a representative of the Al-Halbousi movement in Baghdad

securityBaghdadMohammed Al-HalbousibreakingExplosionparty progress 2022-01-15 17:45A-AA+

Shafaq News/ After midnight on Saturday, unknown persons attacked the headquarters of MP Abdul Karim Abtan in Al-Sidiya area, south of the capital, Baghdad.

A security source told News Agency that the attack was carried out with a grenade, causing material damage.

The incident comes a few days after a similar attack targeting the Taqaddam movement office in the Adhamiya district of Baghdad.


In confirmation of what was published by Shafak News.. Al-Sadr’s office issues a statement regarding his meeting with Al-Amiri

politicsMuqtada al-SadrHadi Al-Amri 2022-01-15 14:23A-AA+

Shafaq News/ On Saturday, the private office of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, issued a statement regarding the latter’s meeting with the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi al-Amiri in Al-Hanana in Najaf.

The office said in a brief statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “Al-Sadr received the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hajj Hadi Al-Amiri in Najaf – Al-Hanana,” without giving further details.

Earlier today, Saturday, an informed political source revealed a meeting on Saturday between the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri and the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Al-Sadr alone at the latter’s headquarters in Al-Hanana in the city of Najaf.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, on condition of anonymity, that “Al-Amiri met with Al-Sadr in a meeting that brought them together only away from the media in Al-Hanana.”

It was not immediately clear what transpired during the meeting.


The government’s financial advisor clarifies the fate of the 2022 budget and the path of the white paper

political| 09:16 – 01/15/2022


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained, today, Saturday, the fate of the 2022 budget and the path of the white paper.
Saleh said, “The white paper is an economic constitution, which respects future economic life, it must respect what is stated in the paper.”
He pointed out that “the white paper needs an appendix to the policies and for the future on how to implement them. It is a correct and reform path. For the first time, it becomes an understanding and belief that the economy is reformed on the basis of a document that we call the economic constitution.”
He ruled out that “the next government will cancel the white paper and reforms and may amend and improve them or add other policies because they were established correctly.”
On the fate of the 2022 budget, Salih explained, “The budget awaits the integration of the legislative body and its committees, and I think that the first project that the new Iraqi parliament will study is the budget.”
He continued, “The budget is now with the Ministry of Finance and is awaiting the formation of the legislative and executive bodies to send it to Parliament,” stressing that “the vision exists and the next government will study it, and the next parliament will set its vision under the constitution.”
On the first of last November, the Ministry of Planning revealed the features of the 2022 budget
. Undersecretary Maher Hammad said, “The general budget for the year 2022 has positive points, including the unification of customs fees and work on preparing an investment budget for (3) years and not for one year to ensure Continuation of projects.
And he continued, “The budget also included addressing the deficit that might occur if it is approved, by preparing a budget that is not dependent on a large amount of oil, because oil prices are usually variable.” Ended 29 / p. 87


A close associate of al-Sadr’s office reveals the form of the government: It will consist of party figures

politicsbreakingSadrist MovementThe new governmentParty Ministries 2022-01-15 14:09A-AA+

Shafaq News/ A source close to the office of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, revealed on Saturday that the next government will be shared by the winning parties in the elections, including the Sadrist bloc, stressing that independent technocrats have no place in leading the ministries.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The personalities who will be entrusted with managing the ministries in the new government will be well-known party and political figures, not independent or technocrats, as was the case in the outgoing government.”

He added that “according to the political agreement between the political forces, the ministerial portfolios in the next government will be distributed according to the electoral maturity and the points that are classified according to the number of parliamentary seats obtained by each political bloc in the legislative elections.”

And the source indicated that “the new government, which it is hoped that the Sadrist candidate will be tasked with forming, consists of 21 ministries and has been classified into three groups: A, B, and C.”

He explained that “Group A is the four sovereign ministries: Foreign Affairs, Finance, Oil, and Electricity,” adding that “Group B is the eight medium ministries: Interior, Defense, Planning, Health, Trade, Justice, Education, and Higher Education.”

The source concluded by saying, “Group C includes nine service ministries, namely: Industry and Minerals, Communications, Agriculture, Water Resources, Environment, Construction and Housing, Transport, Human Rights, and State Affairs.”

The dispute raged between the two Shiite poles represented by the Sadrist movement, which won the highest votes in the elections that took place on the tenth of October last year, and the coordination framework that includes blocs that expressed their rejection of the election results.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, insists on forming a majority government that excludes figures from the coordination framework who played an active role in the political process over the past years, led by Nuri al-Maliki, and this is rejected by the leaders of the framework who demand the formation of a consensus government as was the case in previous governments.

On the tenth of last October, Iraq held early legislative elections to get out of a political crisis that swept the country after large demonstrations in the central and southern regions in 2019 in protest against the widespread unemployment in society, the spread of financial and administrative corruption in government departments and institutions, and the deteriorating reality The service and the livelihood, which prompted the former prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to resign under popular pressure.

As soon as the preliminary results of the recent elections were announced, the voices of political forces and actors rose in their rejection of losing many seats, accusing them of major fraud in the ballot, which was denied by the executive and judicial authorities, at a time when the United Nations and international organizations praised the integrity of the electoral process.


Al-Sadr and Al-Amiri discuss the paths to form the next government in Al-Hanana

01/15/2022 21:45

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, received, on Saturday, January 15, 2022, the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi al-Amiri, in the Hananah area of ​​Najaf.

In a statement received by Al-Masala, the private office of the leader of the Sadrist movement stated that Al-Sadr received the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri in Najaf – Al-Hanana.

Al-Sadr and Al-Amiri discussed the paths to form the next government.

Baghdad sends 200 billion dinars to the region to finance the salaries of employees

KurdistanKurdistan RegionBaghdadStaffsendsalaries 2022-01-15 06:14A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representation in Baghdad, Faris Issa, said on Saturday that the amount of 200 billion dinars allocated by the federal government to finance the monthly salaries of employees and workers in the private sector will arrive this week.

In a statement to reporters today, Issa said that the procedures for sending 200 billion dinars, which are the salaries for the month of December last year, have been completed, and this amount will arrive this week. 

On Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Government announced the approval of the Federal Council of Ministers to send 200 billion dinars to finance salaries.