Iraq has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world in 2021


Economy News _ Baghdad

A statistic for CNBC News showed, today, Sunday, that Iraq occupies the fifth place with the largest oil reserves in the world in the year 2021.

The network stated in the statistics seen by “Economy News”, that “Venezuela ranked first as the largest country with oil reserves with 303.8 billion barrels, followed by Saudi Arabia with 258.6 billion barrels, then Iran 208.6 billion barrels.”

She noted that “Canada ranked fourth with 170.3 billion barrels, and Iraq came in fifth place with 145.2 billion barrels.”

Iraq is the second largest producer and exporter of oil in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, as its production rate during the month of December reached 4.310 million barrels per day, while the rate of exports reached 3.677 million barrels per day.

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