Zafer Al-Ani: Parliament Will Continue Its Sessions Until The Budget Is Approved

On February 28, 2021

The Independent / – Member of Parliament Zafer Al-Ani confirmed that Parliament will continue its sessions starting tomorrow, the first Monday of March, until the budget law is approved.

Al-Ani said in a press statement, which was followed by Al-Independent today, Sunday, that the budget has reached its final stages, leaving nothing but the announcement of the agreement with the Kurdistan region regarding the percentage determined for it in the budget and other matters that will be completed within the next few days.

Al-Ani added that: the approval of the budget will be attended by everyone at the end of this week.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to begin its sessions on Monday.


Parliamentary signals to settle Kurdistan’s share in the budget and determine the date for its passage



The Iraqi Parliament

2021 budget

2021-02-28 13:39

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Shafaq News / On Sunday, the Al-Fateh Parliamentary Bloc confirmed the vote on the General Budget Law for 2021, at the end of this week, while it indicated that the Kurdistan Region’s share would be decided during the next two days.

Al-Fateh deputy, Fadel Al-Fatlawi, said in an interview with Shafaq News, that “meetings and negotiations are still continuing between the political blocs and the Kurdish delegation to settle the Kurdistan region’s share in the General Budget Law for 2021.”

Al-Fatlawi added, “There are intensive meetings that will take place next Tuesday to resolve the Kurdistan Region’s share in the budget law.”

He pointed out that “the vote on the budget for the current year in the House of Representatives, will be at the end of the week, specifically next Thursday.”

Last December, Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement on the financial budget, providing for the region to deliver 250,000 barrels of oil per day, and half of the border crossings and other revenues to the federal government, in exchange for a budget share of 12.6%.

The agreement was included in the draft budget, but Shiite political blocs in Parliament rejected the agreement, which impedes its passage in Parliament until now.

Al-Saffar: A single meeting will detail the Baghdad-Erbil agreement, and make the date more likely

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, announced on Sunday that a single meeting will detail the Baghdad and Erbil agreement regarding the Kurdistan region’s share in the federal budget for 2021.

Al-Saffar said in a press conference, “The two sides are very close to an agreement after a series of marathon negotiations, expressing optimism that the agreement on the share of the Kurdistan region in the financial budget will be close.”

He added that ” a single meeting separated by the Governments of an agreement the province and the federal” likely to reach an agreement this week ”

and published {Euphrates News} highlighted articles and paragraphs that are included in the federal budget for fiscal year 2021, which will hopefully be voted on this week.

The following are the most prominent paragraphs Which were included in the 2021 budget:

1- The allocations covered by Resolution 315, contracts and wages of the Ministry of Electricity, administrators, craftsmen, writers, guards, and volunteer service employees, and will be disbursed to those who did not receive salaries upon approval of the budget 

2- Allocations of all lecturers, contracts, daily procedures, support staff and holders of higher degrees in ministries and departments.

3- Appropriations of graduates from doctors and health and support professions, including scientists, and their inclusion by appointment within the 68,000 job degrees with their initiation.

4- The inclusion and inclusion of dues for those whose contracts have been canceled in the Defense, Interior and Popular Mobilization Forces to bring them back to service.

5- Adding the allocations and entitlements for the administrative, technical and support staff in the Ministry of Health.

6- Appointing top students and holders of higher degrees.

7-Transferring holders of bachelor’s degrees or higher to civilian staff in the security ministries

8- Abolition of deductions and income tax on salaries of employees and retirees.

9 – Distribution of plots of land to all segments of society.

10- Grant for journalists, artists and writers.

11 – farmers’ dues and support for the industrial sector.

12 – Increasing the number of people covered by the social care network and increasing the amounts granted to them.

The head of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Representative Ahmed Salim Al-Kinani, announced yesterday, Saturday, that it is hoped to vote on the general budget for the current year 2021, at the end of this week, after completing the amendments and proposals on its paragraphs.

Al-Kinani said in a statement that the Euphrates News block received a copy of, that “the current year 2021 budget is nearing completion after the Finance Committee completed amending some paragraphs and proposals and it was sent to the government side and reviewed.”

The head of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee confirmed that “it is hoped that parliament will vote on the budget at the end of this week.”

Wafa Al-Fatlawi

The regional government announces its condition in the budget and reveals the latest results of the negotiations with Baghdad

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Guitar Adel, announced, on Sunday, the region’s condition in the budget, revealing the latest results of the negotiations with Baghdad

Adel said, “We will not accept any unconstitutional solution imposed on the region, and that there are solutions in the fiscal budget for 2021 in a medium that satisfies both parties, and it must be so and applicable within the framework of the constitution,” noting that the dialogues are continuing and the government has full flexibility to reach a consensual solution. Constitutional. He

stated that “there are good understandings, agreement and satisfaction between the two parties, and that some positions and issues and I think during this week it is possible to reach an agreement that satisfies the two parties, and 

there are obligations and debts to the oil companies on the regional government and Baghdad is aware of this, SOMO and the Ministry of Finance matched the data with the region, and that Kurdistan will demand guarantees in case the oil is delivered. ”

He continued, “The approval of the budget without the Kurds is a precedent that we fear and we hope that this will not happen, and the region will have options and plans while it is preparing its budget for 2021, and we are aware and convinced that it is necessary to face the problems together and to obtain concessions between the two parties to reach a satisfactory and constitutional solution to the constitution.” .

And that “the discussions and dialogues are still continuing between the two parties, even at the level of political leaderships.”

Raghad Daham


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Flags of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region (File)

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SULAIMANI — Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Baghdad Fars Esa said on Sunday (February 28) that the KRG’s negotiators has reached an agreement with the Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee about the 2021 federal budget.

Esa told NRT reporter Hersh Qadir that the timing of a visit to Baghdad by a KRG delegation to seal the deal depends on when the Council of Representatives decides to meet to vote on the draft 2021 Federal Budget Law.

If the vote is scheduled for this coming Thursday, the delegation will travel on Tuesday.

Esa did not give details about the agreement and whether it differs in any way from previous reported agreements.

He said that the KRG is committed to the agreement, but warned that a number of political parties from the other ethno-sectarian blocs were trying to increase pressure on Erbil at the last minute.

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