Al-Kazemi discusses with Saleh developments in the political situation and efforts to approve the budget

2021/02/08 18:38

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Section : Iraq

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Baghdad / Al-Masala: Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received, on Monday, February 8, 2021, the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih, to discuss developments in the political situation and efforts to approve the budget.

Obelisk publishes the text of the statement:

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discusses with the President of the Republic developments in the political situation and efforts to approve the budget


The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received today, Monday, the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest political developments and general conditions in the country, as well as the efforts made to approve the Federal Budget Law for 2021.

The meeting also witnessed a discussion of preparations for conducting and preparing for the elections and providing all the requirements for its success, in a way that ensures that its results are the true expression of the will and choices of the Iraqi people.

Both the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic stressed the importance of complementarity in work between the legislative and executive authorities, in order to face challenges and provide an opportunity for the success of the reform efforts targeted in the government’s work program.

Media Office of the Prime Minister

8- February – 2021

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Foreign Minister: Iraq is looking forward to a long-term partnership with the United States

02/2021/08 16:37

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Baghdad / Obelisk: On Monday, February 8, 2021, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein expressed Iraq’s aspiration for a long-term partnership with the United States.

Fouad Hussein said, in his speech at the emergency meeting: “We congratulate the Al-Ula summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council,” noting that “the importance of returning Syria to membership in the Arab League, and we renew the call to return its seat in the League.”

He continued: “We hope to strengthen cooperation to confront terrorism,” adding that Iraq is looking forward to “a long-term partnership with the United States.”

Hussein added, “We appreciate the stances of the Arab countries to offer condolences to the government of Iraq on the impact of the terrorist act in Tayaran.”

On Monday, at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, the work of the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers began, with the participation of Iraq, to discuss the current Arab conditions and the latest developments in the international arena.

The meeting will discuss developments in the region, and how to deal with the policy of the new administration in Washington, as well as studying and addressing some organizational issues related to the structure and functioning of the Arab League.

And Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein arrived in Cairo on Sunday at the head of a delegation and met its Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit and visited the university’s attaché, in which Iraq participated 100%.

“Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein will discuss with senior officials in Egypt the latest findings of the joint committees in the committee’s work, and he will also discuss the latest developments of common interest in the Arab arena, with a number of foreign ministers of the countries participating in the meeting,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf announced. .

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Deputy: Parliament is waiting for the government green light to present the budget to vote

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Economy News _ Baghdad

A member of the House of Representatives, Deputy Mithaq Al-Hamdi, confirmed, on Monday, that the Parliamentary Finance Committee has delivered the final version of the budget bill to the government and that it is awaiting the green light from the last to present it to the vote, suggesting that the government will approve it and present it to vote at the end of this week.
Al-Hamidi said in a press interview, “The context for presenting the budget for voting must be returned to the government for amendments to the draft law for clarification and statement of opinion. In the event of objections by the government, it will return it to the committee, and on the contrary, the green light will be given to present it to the vote.”
She added that “the government’s response will not be delayed more than two days, likely approval by the government and will be presented to a vote at the end of this week.”

Brent Crude Oil Exceeds $ 60 A Barrel On Monday

Last updated Feb 8, 2021

Independent / – The price of “Brent” oil, today, Monday, for the first time since January of last year, surpassed the level of $ 60 a barrel.

The value of “Brent” crude oil futures for the month of April increased by 0.77% to $ 60.01 a barrel, and the prices of futures contracts for “West Texas Intermediate” crude for the month of March increased by 1.18% to $ 57.53 per barrel.

The rise in oil prices is due to optimism about the recovery of demand for crude in the oil market, after the expansion of vaccine campaigns against the Corona virus, around the world, which may lead to a decrease in the rates of infection “Covid-19”, and the lifting of quarantine restrictions, and thus the return of demand for Oil to pre-outbreak levels.

The Democrat announces his position on the budget negotiations with Baghdad: It will continue until a final agreement is reached

02/2021/08 14:06

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Masoud Barzani, revealed, on Monday, February 8, 2021, its position on the ongoing negotiations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad regarding the federal financial budget for 2021 and the region’s share of it.

The head of the parliamentary party bloc, Vian Sabri, said in a press statement followed by Al-Masalla that negotiations will continue until a final agreement is reached on the region’s share, including the issue of oil and border crossings in accordance with the constitution and laws in force.

She added that our position is to support the region’s commitment to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the federal government and half of the non-oil revenues. In return, the federal government is committed to paying the region’s dues according to its legal timing.

Earlier, Samir Hawrami, spokesman for the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, said that the discussions with the Finance Committee focused on the percentage of the region’s exports, oil and non-oil revenues, the number of employees and retirees, who receive social grants, as well as the families of martyrs, political prisoners, and others. Answer these questions with numbers and full details.

He added that the meeting was positive and there is an understanding of the economic situation in the region, and the Kurdish delegation headed by Qubad Talabani will hold another meeting today, expecting that the region’s share in the budget will be fixed, indicating that the conversation will then be with the various parliamentary blocs, but the recent meetings witnessed a response by the Finance Committee, Because of the accurate answers of the regional delegation.

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Speaking of the influence of Kurdistan internationally .. The Sadrist movement: The budget cannot be passed without the Kurds


Kurdistan Region



The Sadrist Stream

2021 budget

2021-02-08 06:33

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Shafaq News / The deputy of the Sadrist movement in the Iraqi parliament, Riyadh Al-Masoudi confirmed, on Monday, that it is impossible to pass the 2021 budget bill without consensus and agreement with the Kurdistan Region.

Al-Masoudi said, to Shafaq News, that “the political forces did not go to the option of passing the budget bill in 2021 without consensus and agreement with the Kurdistan Region, and this option is very unlikely.”

And that “the reason for not going to such an option, because this approach is not related only to the budget law, but is linked to political relations and the holding of early elections and is linked to the formation of the next Iraqi government, as well as related to the region’s relations with the international environment.”

He added, “It is very important for the unity of the political components to be united, and we want to preserve national cohesion and preserve the permanence of the political process. That is why we want to take strategic decisions with the participation of all.”

After several rounds of discussions, differences are still going on between the federal government in Baghdad and political parties on the one hand, and the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the Kurdish share of the budget and the mechanism for implementing the oil-for-salaries agreement.