Party-affiliated brigades paid with 21 percent cut last month

Safin Hamed, AFP | Members of a Kurdish Peshmerga battalion queue up outside a polling station in Arbil as they wait to cast their vote in the Kurdish independence referendum on September 25, 2017.

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SULAIMANI — The Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs said on Sunday (February 21) that it will pay three months’ worth of salaries in full to the brigades under its control.

“The Peshmerga ministry’s joint brigades will receive three months’ salaries paid all at once at a 100 percent rate [without cuts],” Peshmerga Affairs Minister Shorsh Ismail’s media office said in a statement. 

It added that salary problems involving Infantry Brigade 12 have been resolved and that the brigade will also be paid in full.

The ministry’s brigades, which are ostensibly non-partisan, were also paid in full last month.

The other Peshmerga forces, which are politically affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Forces (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), were paid with cuts of twenty-one percent.

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A Kurdish leader announces a condition for handing over the region’s oil to Baghdad and approving the budget

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Khoshnaw, announced a condition for delivering the region’s oil to Baghdad and approving the federal budget for 2021.

Khoshnaw said to the “Aalimstara” program broadcast by the Al-Furat satellite channel this evening that “oil cannot be delivered to SOMO without the presence of a Kurdish representative in accordance with the Iraqi constitution,” indicating that “the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil is not limited to the oil and energy file, but rather to many files.”

He called for “adopting the constitution as a basis for dealing with the center and the region, completing the system of government in Iraq and ending the negative influence that will cast a positive delusion on the understandings.”

Khoshnaw stressed, “The need for tremendous efforts and national will to reach a radical solution after zeroing in and settling crises. Going to legislate the oil and gas law will end the energy crisis in Iraq.”

He pointed out, “the instability of the political process throughout Iraq, the exclusion of negative influences, and the imposition of political will that will end the approval of the budget law, especially since there is a suitable atmosphere to meet Baghdad and Erbil, resolve disputes and end the opponent’s address and rule through the constitution.”

Khoshnaw continued, “the effective presence of the Kurdish negotiating delegation is in good progress and has made important strides in all articles, including the budget. Therefore, there must be a political agreement before passing the draft budget law in the midst of a flexible political environment to overcome crises.”

He stressed, “The necessity of adopting the foundations adopted by the family to al-Hakim and the political hawks to complete the government system; but there is fear that there will be a change in the political system from within and some losing their influential positions.”

  He added, “The Kurdistan region is not stubborn and showed goodwill, and Baghdad has broken its promises, and the federal and local governments are responsible for the deterioration of services in the central and southern governorates and the injustice that has befallen Basra Governorate.”

Khoshnaw concluded, “The Kurdistan region’s share of the federal budget per month is one trillion dinars,” usually fairness to all Iraqi cities, “stabilizing the political system and the country,” adding, “We are looking for participation, not partnership, so if it is found, we will go towards it.”

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Joint operations: Intensive meetings with the Peshmerga soon … and reveal their goal

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahseen Al-Khafaji, announced the imminent holding of intensive meetings with the Peshmerga leadership, to reduce the security vacuums on the ground between the two sides.

Al-Khafaji said in a press statement, “The meetings to fill the security vacuums in the areas between the two sides, especially in the disputed areas, by pushing the army and the Peshmerga forces to eliminate terrorism there.”

The next few days will witness meetings between the Joint Operations Command and the Peshmerga Forces Command to discuss “several important axes.”

Among these axes, the beginning of joint work between the army and the Peshmerga to pursue “terrorists” and the opening of new centers for coordination between the two sides, according to Khafaji.

It is noteworthy that the city of Erbil was subjected, last Monday evening, to a missile attack, which resulted in the killing of a foreign civilian contractor and wounding others, including an American soldier, which provoked deplorable reactions at the level of the Kurdistan region, Iraq and several countries, amid an emphasis on the need for a joint investigation into the incident and punishing the perpetrators in coordination Between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad. 

It is noteworthy that some disputed areas have witnessed a security vacuum for years.

International conference for the reconstruction of Baghdad

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan, announced the intention of the Baghdad Municipality to hold an international conference to reconstruct the capital and restore its civilized face, in which international advisors are invited.

In a statement, the Al-Furat News Agency received a copy of it today, the secretariat’s media said, “Maan made a tour today, Sunday, the twenty-first of February, in Saadoun Street, accompanied by a number of consultants and university professors.”

According to the statement, Maan said, “We will prepare a conference for the reconstruction of Baghdad, through which we will restore the civilized face of the city by preparing emerging working papers and sound planning for major strategic projects. We will invite senior consultants from inside and outside Iraq, companies and specialized international offices to attend the conference.” 

He stressed that “today we start our first steps through a tour we take in Saadoun Street, starting from Tahrir Square to the National Theater to record our observations on the facades of the buildings in it, and with us a group of great architects, planners and academics who took the trouble to come on our tour for love in Baghdad and their eagerness to show their city in the most beautiful way.” A picture and put on her urban dress again. ” 

The tour included a visit to the churches of Al-Najat and Saint Joseph in Karrada, to see the service reality of the nearby areas. 

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The Vatican delegation arrives in Najaf

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The Vatican reconnaissance delegation arrived in Najaf today, Sunday.

The visit comes for coordination before the Pope’s visit to Iraq and Medina to meet the supreme religious authority.

Pope Francis I of the Vatican is scheduled to arrive in Iraq early next March for a visit, the first of its kind.

By the region’s agreement or not … Parliamentary confirmation of passing the budget at the end of this week

Sunday 21 February 2021 | 01:30 p.m.

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The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Fadel Jaber, confirmed, on Sunday, that Parliament will call to hold the first voting sessions at the end of this week, whether or not an agreement was reached with the region, indicating that all indications confirm the existence of an agreement between the region and the center during the next two days .

Jaber said, “The popular and political pressures have put Parliament in an embarrassing position, and Parliament will begin holding its first session to vote on the budget items at the end of this week, inevitably, regardless of whether the Finance Committee and the regional delegation reach an agreement .”

He added, “All indications confirm that within the next two days, an agreement will be reached satisfactory to all parties regarding the agreement with the region .”

Jaber said, “Important sectors, especially the governorates, have begun to put great pressure on the approval of the budget to begin implementing its projects of the necessary and urgent services for approving the budget, and thus approving the budget will not take more time.”

The Central Bank announces directly the private banks to disburse the 15 million dinars advance

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Economy News – Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Saturday, the beginning of the distribution and receipt of the 15 million dinars loan initiative in private banks.  

The media office of the Central Bank stated to the official agency that “private banks have started distributing a loan of 15 million dinars to employees whose salaries are domiciled in private banks by adopting the Master Card.”  

He explained that “the instructions of the initiative are supposed to include government banks as well, and the decision is up to them to invest this initiative to provide its services to the national employees with their salaries.”

He pointed out that “those wishing to receive the loan can go to banks to promote transactions and receive the loan within one day with an administrative commission not exceeding 4% and without interest.”

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim to Barzani: The region is our ally, and we support its agreement with Baghdad on the budget

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The head of the Iraqi coalition, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, today, Sunday, in Erbil, the latest developments in the situation in Iraq, in addition to discussing relations between the Kurdistan region and the federal government.

A statement by the regional government stated that the hand, Ammar al-Hakim said during the meeting, “We consider the Kurdistan region our friend and ally, and the constitution must be the decisive factor in solving the outstanding problems between the regional government and the federal government.”

He added, “We support the agreement reached between the regional government and the federal government regarding the general budget for Iraq for the year 2021,” and added, “We hope that the vote on the draft budget will take place in the House of Representatives.”

For his part, Barzani reiterated that the region always wants a radical solution to the problems with the federal government on the basis of securing the constitutional rights and entitlements of the Kurdistan Region in a manner that preserves its entity and takes into account its federal privacy, while respecting the principles of partnership, balance and consensus. ”

Ammar Al-Masoudi

Iraq is the fifth in the world and the second in the Arab world in oil reserves

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Iraq ranked fifth in the world and second in the Arab world in terms of the most countries possessing oil reserves for the year 2021, according to the GFP global classification institution.

The corporation stated in a report for the year 2021 that “Iraq’s reserves of crude oil amounted to 148 billion 800 thousand barrels, and thus it ranks fifth in the world after each of Venezuela, which ranked first with an amount of 302 billion 300 million barrels out of 92 countries that possess oil reserves, followed by Saudi Arabia comes second, with an amount of 266 billion 200 million barrels, then Canada comes in third place with 170 billion 500 million barrels, followed by Iran in fourth place with 157 billion 200 million barrels.

She added, “Iraq ranked second in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia as the largest oil reserve. Kuwait comes third in the Arab world with 101 billion and 500 million barrels, and then the United Arab Emirates comes fourth with 97 billion and 800 million barrels.”

She pointed out that “Ethiopia was the country with the least oil reserves, with reserves amounting to 428 thousand barrels, preceded by Morocco 684 thousand barrels, preceded by Jordan with one million barrels.” 

Forgiveness Al-Khalidi

Minister: Efforts are continuing to complete the Kurdistan Region budget project for the year 2021

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region

The budget

2021-02-21 06:34

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Shafaq News / The Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dara Rashid, confirmed on Sunday the continuation of the regional government’s efforts to complete the draft budget law for 2021.

This came in a meeting that included officials concerned with the budget from the Ministries of Planning and Finance, where they conducted an assessment in order to prepare the budget law for the current year.

“The draft budget must be completed according to the schedule set for it, and it must be sent to Parliament,” the Minister of Planning said.