The regional government announces its condition in the budget and reveals the latest results of the negotiations with Baghdad

Time: 02/28/2021 20:26:52 Read: 1,664 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Guitar Adel, announced, on Sunday, the region’s condition in the budget, revealing the latest results of the negotiations with Baghdad

Adel said, “We will not accept any unconstitutional solution imposed on the region, and that there are solutions in the fiscal budget for 2021 in a medium that satisfies both parties, and it must be so and applicable within the framework of the constitution,” noting that the dialogues are continuing and the government has full flexibility to reach a consensual solution. Constitutional. He

stated that “there are good understandings, agreement and satisfaction between the two parties, and that some positions and issues and I think during this week it is possible to reach an agreement that satisfies the two parties, and 

there are obligations and debts to the oil companies on the regional government and Baghdad is aware of this, SOMO and the Ministry of Finance matched the data with the region, and that Kurdistan will demand guarantees in case the oil is delivered. ”

He continued, “The approval of the budget without the Kurds is a precedent that we fear and we hope that this will not happen, and the region will have options and plans while it is preparing its budget for 2021, and we are aware and convinced that it is necessary to face the problems together and to obtain concessions between the two parties to reach a satisfactory and constitutional solution to the constitution.” .

And that “the discussions and dialogues are still continuing between the two parties, even at the level of political leaderships.”

Raghad Daham


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