Two wounded in the bombing of Balad base with Katyusha rockets (update)



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Katyusha rockets

2021-02-20 12:41

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Shafaq News / On Saturday, unknown persons bombed the Balad Air Base in Salah al-Din Governorate with Katyusha missiles, leaving two wounded, according to a security source.

The source told Shafak News Agency, “Unidentified people fired three Katyusha rockets that landed inside Balad Air Base in Salah al-Din Governorate.”

He added that two employees at the base, one of whom was an Iraqi and the other, whose nationality was not found, were wounded, noting that smoke billowed from inside the base.

The base, located 64 kilometers north of Baghdad, houses soldiers from the international coalition forces led by the United States of America. 

The attack comes less than a week after several rockets landed, on Monday, inside and near Erbil Airport. As a result, a civilian contractor was killed and 8 others were wounded, and an American soldier, according to a statement by the international coalition. 

Washington accuses factions linked to Iran, led by the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades and Asaib Ahl al-Haq, of being behind these attacks, which have been repeated for many months.


Mazhar Saleh: Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery

Saturday 20th February 2021 


 Baghdad: Shaima Rasheed 


Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery, indicating that the Supreme Committee for Reform has important decisions to advance the public and private sectors.

In an interview with Al-Sabah, Saleh explained that Iraq is on the edges of economic recovery at present in two areas. The first is that there is a tangible agricultural boom that will achieve growth in non-oil GDP in the year 2021 by more than 4%, which is one and a half times higher than the growth Almost the population, and the second scope is the boom in the energy demand sector in the world. Oil prices have gradually recovered, which is a positive indicator that strengthens the country’s overall financial capacity.

Saleh stressed the need to deal with this matter with great caution, by laying a basis for sustainable development and reducing economic shocks, and pointed out that the international community supporting Iraq through the International Financial Alliance team, which was established months ago, expressed its desire to support the established principles of sustainable growth in the national economy. It was also expressed in the white paper recently approved by the Council of Ministers by establishing a blueprint and an institutional entity (for economic reform), which is the linchpin of this developmental sustainability.

He added that the formation of the Supreme Committee for Reform, which will have decisive and radical executive decisions to promote the productive, investment and operational activity in the public and private sectors, will be supported by a large international presence represented by the multilateral international financial institutions and the Group of Seven major industrialized countries, pointing out that the availability of national and international will will be embodied in participation in reconstruction Establishing the country’s reform and transformation team from (crisis economy) to (construction economy and sustainable development), to be the cornerstone of the economic transition for development.

Joint Operations: The tasks of NATO forces are for training, not for combat

2021/02/20 10:21

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: The spokesperson for the joint operations, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, clarified Saturday 20 February 2021 the tasks of NATO and the international coalition in Iraq.

Al-Khafaji said in a press statement followed by Al-Masalla that there is a difference between the missions of the international coalition forces against ISIS and the missions of NATO in Iraq.

He added that the international coalition against ISIS continues to support the Iraqi armed forces by striking ISIS sites by air, providing intelligence information, as well as providing logistical support and equipment to the Iraqi forces.

He pointed out that the tasks of NATO forces in Iraq are limited to training and qualifying members of the Iraqi armed forces, which are forces for training and not for combat.

Earlier, officials and senior diplomats said that the NATO defense ministers intend to expand the scope of the NATO training mission in Iraq, while Reuters quoted diplomats as saying that the NATO mission, in which Britain, Turkey and Denmark are participating and led by a Danish commander, is finding acceptance among Iraqis. Compared to US power, at a time when the security situation is becoming increasingly unstable.

And return to NATO’s plans to raise its military strength in Iraq to the forefront again.

These plans to expand the NATO mission in Iraq come with the escalation of violence and tension between the US forces and a number of armed groups.

Recent weeks have witnessed attacks by armed groups in Iraq targeting the United States, including a missile attack on the US embassy in Baghdad.

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Iraq confirms the Pope’s visit: the ban decision will not affect the reception program

2021/02/20 11:41

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Al-Masala: The advisor to the President of the Republic, Ismail Al-Hadidi, stated, Saturday, February 20, 2021, that the ban will not affect the Pope’s visit to Iraq, which is scheduled for next month.

Al-Hadidi said in a statement received by Al-Masala that the outbreak of Corona and the tightening of the ban measures will not affect the Pope’s visit program to Iraq, pointing out that he does not believe that the visit will witness any delay.

He added that the reception and preparation procedures for the visit are continuing.

Earlier, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nizar Al-Khair Allah, said that the Pope’s visit will be historic and will have a great impact on Iraq and support for Christians in the country, indicating that the Pope’s main sermon will be delivered from the historical city of Ur, the shrine of the Prophet Ibrahim.

He added that the Vatican would like the Pope to come via an Iraqi plane with the provision of Iraqi protection, pointing out that the Pope’s visit to Najaf will be historic and not witnessed in the history of the Hawza.

The Iraqi ambassador to the Vatican, Rahman Al-Ameri, said that Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Iraq on March 5-8 is a message of peace to the world.

He added that the big message contained in the Pope’s visit to Iraq is to support ways of interfaith dialogue, as the Pope wants to promote dialogue and coexistence among all religious components, whether between churches or through Islamic-Christian relations.

Ur and its archaeological ziggurat formed a center for the Sumerian civilization that prevailed between the beginning of the fourth millennium BC until 2350 BC, and religious texts indicate that the Prophet Abraham descended from Ur and the Bible knows the place as Ur of the Chaldeans.


Central Bank: Private banks have started granting a loan of 15 million dinars

Economie | 02:57 – 20/02/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed, on Saturday, the beginning of the distribution and receipt of the 15 million dinars loan initiative in private banks.

The media office of the Central Bank stated, according to the official agency, that “private banks have begun distributing a loan of 15 million dinars to employees whose salaries are domiciled in private banks by adopting the Master Card.

He explained that “the instructions of the initiative are supposed to include government banks as well, and the decision is up to them to invest this initiative to provide its services to the national employees with their salaries.”

The office indicated that “those wishing to receive the loan can go to the banks to promote transactions and receive the loan within one day with an administrative commission not exceeding 4% and without interest.” Ended 29 / A 43