Al-Rasheed begins distributing MasterCard (Al-Nakheel) cards to defense personnel

Editing date: 2/24/2021 12:46 • 67 times read


Al-Rasheed Bank, on Wednesday, began issuing MasterCard (Al-Nakheel) cards to employees of the Ministry of Defense, in Nineveh.

The bank said in a statement. “Today, MasterCard (Al-Nakheel) cards have started to be distributed to the first, fifteenth, sixteenth and twenty divisions at the Ministry of Defense.”

The bank added, “The bank’s special teams distributed all MasterCard cards (Al-Nakheel) to all formations of the Sixteenth Infantry Division of the Nineveh Operations Command.”

The bank added that “the special teams will proceed to distribute the remaining cards to the remaining employees of the above teams, and their national salaries within the Rasheed Bank, respectively.”


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