A Kurdish leader announces a condition for handing over the region’s oil to Baghdad and approving the budget

Time: 02/21/2021 23:11:25 Read: 3,588 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Khoshnaw, announced a condition for delivering the region’s oil to Baghdad and approving the federal budget for 2021.

Khoshnaw said to the “Aalimstara” program broadcast by the Al-Furat satellite channel this evening that “oil cannot be delivered to SOMO without the presence of a Kurdish representative in accordance with the Iraqi constitution,” indicating that “the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil is not limited to the oil and energy file, but rather to many files.”

He called for “adopting the constitution as a basis for dealing with the center and the region, completing the system of government in Iraq and ending the negative influence that will cast a positive delusion on the understandings.”

Khoshnaw stressed, “The need for tremendous efforts and national will to reach a radical solution after zeroing in and settling crises. Going to legislate the oil and gas law will end the energy crisis in Iraq.”

He pointed out, “the instability of the political process throughout Iraq, the exclusion of negative influences, and the imposition of political will that will end the approval of the budget law, especially since there is a suitable atmosphere to meet Baghdad and Erbil, resolve disputes and end the opponent’s address and rule through the constitution.”

Khoshnaw continued, “the effective presence of the Kurdish negotiating delegation is in good progress and has made important strides in all articles, including the budget. Therefore, there must be a political agreement before passing the draft budget law in the midst of a flexible political environment to overcome crises.”

He stressed, “The necessity of adopting the foundations adopted by the family to al-Hakim and the political hawks to complete the government system; but there is fear that there will be a change in the political system from within and some losing their influential positions.”

  He added, “The Kurdistan region is not stubborn and showed goodwill, and Baghdad has broken its promises, and the federal and local governments are responsible for the deterioration of services in the central and southern governorates and the injustice that has befallen Basra Governorate.”

Khoshnaw concluded, “The Kurdistan region’s share of the federal budget per month is one trillion dinars,” usually fairness to all Iraqi cities, “stabilizing the political system and the country,” adding, “We are looking for participation, not partnership, so if it is found, we will go towards it.”

Wafa Al-Fatlawi 



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