Speaking of the influence of Kurdistan internationally .. The Sadrist movement: The budget cannot be passed without the Kurds


Kurdistan Region



The Sadrist Stream

2021 budget

2021-02-08 06:33

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Shafaq News / The deputy of the Sadrist movement in the Iraqi parliament, Riyadh Al-Masoudi confirmed, on Monday, that it is impossible to pass the 2021 budget bill without consensus and agreement with the Kurdistan Region.

Al-Masoudi said, to Shafaq News, that “the political forces did not go to the option of passing the budget bill in 2021 without consensus and agreement with the Kurdistan Region, and this option is very unlikely.”

And that “the reason for not going to such an option, because this approach is not related only to the budget law, but is linked to political relations and the holding of early elections and is linked to the formation of the next Iraqi government, as well as related to the region’s relations with the international environment.”

He added, “It is very important for the unity of the political components to be united, and we want to preserve national cohesion and preserve the permanence of the political process. That is why we want to take strategic decisions with the participation of all.”

After several rounds of discussions, differences are still going on between the federal government in Baghdad and political parties on the one hand, and the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the Kurdish share of the budget and the mechanism for implementing the oil-for-salaries agreement. 



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