US commitment to support Iraq in the liberation of Fallujah


Brett Mcguirk, speaking at the news from the US Embassy in Baghdad conference Friday

Brett Mcguirk,speaking atthenews fromtheUS Embassy in Baghdad conference Friday

New US presidential envoy to the international coalition to fight al-Islamic state Daash Brett Mcguirk Washington’s commitment to support the Iraqi forces in the city of Fallujah, recover and restore stability to it.

He Mcguirk during his participation at a conference in Baghdad Sunday to discuss the situation of Fallujah, “Now we’re talking, we frees the people of Anbar streets and towns of these terrorists. It Brussels to Tikrit to Kobani to Shaddadi, it is clear that this war is universal. The end Daash will be achieved with the defeat in Fallujah “.

Mcguirk stressed US support for efforts to fight Daash saying “whatever you are doing and through the Iraqi government Sndamh and stand next to him. It’s not just the liberation of Bldatkm your streets and stops, but also to bring stability after the defeat Daash.”

The US official said the battle to liberate Fallujah, Iraqi forces and the people of the region will be implemented with the support of the international coalition.

This is a picture of Mcguirk during his participation in the meeting on the situation in Fallujah, which was attended by tribal elders and senior leaders.

In the same context, the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones stressed his country’s commitment to support the Iraqi forces and fight Daash.

He said in a meeting on Fallujah, “we will support the fighters in the provinces directly through the Iraqi government by providing weapons and equipment they need to defeat Daash.”

He announced a new ambassador to provide financial support for Iraq, he said in this context that the US Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged $ 155 million in humanitarian assistance for the Iraqi people.

He spoke the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi, in a speech during the meeting, for another field for the Liberation of Fallujah developments.

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