Naming cabins Abadi, “a new government or modification” and discuss the progress of the candidates and determine their eligibility within 72 hours


Baghdad -arac Press -2 April: Parliament Speaker Salim alJubouri, said that the parliament session, for next Monday, will decide the status of theministerial cabin being a new government or cabinet reshuffle, while stressing address theconcerned authorities to find out the eligibility ofcandidates to take over ministerial portfolios within 72 hours.

This comes as it prepares parliamentary committees to discuss the biographies of each candidate on thelist of Haider alAbadi submitted to the presidencyof the parliament at a meeting on Sunday, accordingto parliamentary sources informed.

Jubouri said in a parliamentary session on Saturday, “ The Monday session will put appropriate to address the timings Are we facing a new government lineup or a cabinet reshuffle to move to dealing with the names and consideration in the parliament.”

And on leaking the names of candidates Jubouri said, he was “surprised by the publication and media names of candidates for the new cabinet cabin handed over by Prime Minister Haider alAbadi to parliament last Thursday.

“The parliament is responsible for the publication of the names of candidates to the media, but we were surprised by the published views did not know.”

He pointed to “formally wrote to the Integrity Commission and criminal enrollment and the accountability and justice within 72 hours and inform the House of Representatives the eligibility of those names to take ministerial portfolios.”

The Prime Minister Haider alAbadi foot-hosted by the parliament session, last Thursday, the new government his booth withthe feminine and the integration of a number of ministries.

Parliament and the Select 10 days to study the biographies of new candidates and one month for an overhaul and the resolution ofall positions that are managed by proxy.

He announced the new ministerial candidate cabin, Nazar Muhammad Salim alNuman, yesterday, his withdrawal from thenomination for the oil ministry attributing his decision to “ the lack of political consensus on the new ministerial cabin” .anthy (1)


Shahristani and senior state officials are barred from traveling to the biggest scandal involved taking place in Iraq


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Orbit News –

Issued Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Saturday, an injunction prohibiting travel of senior officials whose names appeared in a news report reveals involvement suspicions of corruption.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, said Abadi ‘face of the Integrity Commission to take legal action and calls for the judiciary to carry out prosecutions spot about serious by the investigative journalism [Fairfax Media] and [Hovingtin Post] which revealed the involvement of senior Iraqi officials in the state in corrupt deals and bribes concerning oil contracts during the period of the previous governments’.
The survey revealed achieve [ the biggest bribe] the world has witnessed in Iraq ‘s historic scandal which such an arena for this corruption under the oil contracts cover included high – ranking Iraqi officials.
He noted the investigation conducted locations’ Fbervaks Media ‘and’haventgon Post’, and the deployment of the first on Wednesday, March 30 / March, a number of prominent names in Iraq is a direct relationship to this scandal.
Notably the Higher Education Minister Hussein al – Shahristani, who was oil minister in the previous government and the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the session before.
As it has been mentioned the names of each of Abdul Karim and coffee, oil minister in the previous government, and Jafar al – Musawi, the South Oil Company, and Kifah Numan director who took over as South Oil Director – era oil minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Uday Qurashi , a senior official at the South Oil Company.
Basil also put the name of the surgeon who is considered the link between the Iraqi officials and the company ‘unaoil’ oil which is owned by the Iranian Ehsani Atta, based in Monaca.
And the company ‘s role was to be contacted major oil companies across the world to ensure that contracts for them in the Iraqi oil fields across the network worked on the establishment of the Iranian company through Basil Jarrah, an Iraqi resident abroad and has extensive relationships with characters that glanced harmlessly off the power in Iraq following the US invasion in 2003.
Investigation explains how to contracts for the sale of Iraqi oil and tenders to major companies by the surgeon and the Iranian company, pointing out that through its relationship with spun wide and complex network of communication within the Oil Ministry.
It spent millions of dollars in bribes to Iraqi officials during the period between 2005 to 2014, some of which went directly to the al – Shahristani and coffee, in addition to bribes paid directly by the surgeon and the Iranian company to a smaller officials.
One of the contracts that the company has expanded it is the signing of a contract the company ‘Hewanda’ where Iranian company offered ‘Hewanda’ to pay $ 7 million if they wish to obtain the contract, worth $ 100 million, which is the thrust of a presentation by the surgeon to Iranian companies for address company ‘Hyundai’.
Bribery amounting to $ 7 million will go to the part of al – Shahristani, and another part to the person named Ahmed al – Jubouri , was apparently a link between the surgeon and al – Shahristani.
In one of the messages the surgeon confirms that al – Jubouri approved the sum of US $ million , compared to ensure the victory of Petrofac Company ‘SBM’ Dutch holding Garraf fields.
Also, in 2010 and 2011 and approved by the surgeon to pay $ 20 million for Jabouri for that to influence Shahristani Allaibi seeks to persuade them to grant a stake in the pipeline project for Leighton Maritime Corporation, a contract worth about $ 200 million.
In 2011 , the Iranian company paid the biggest bribe in history, worth $ 16 million to win the support of al – Shahristani , in order to get a hold of the pipeline is estimated at $ 600 million.

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Jubouri and Maliki discuss the success of the upcoming reforms

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[Oan- Baghdadi 

Search House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, Saturday, with the head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki , the success of the upcoming political reforms.

A statement by the Office of the al-Jubouri, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the two sides “discussed the political situation and frameworks for cooperation between all political forces in order to reach the best solutions that will contribute to the success of the upcoming reforms

Hakim: All options open in the event of the failure of al-Abadi, including dismissal [Extended]


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim said all options on the table in front of thepolitical blocs in the event of the failure of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi duties, including dismissal, warning of the dimensions of any component of the government formation is pushing independence and Alchda. “
He said in a press conference on the latest political developments in the country, after the holding of theGeneral Authority for the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council meeting at the twelfth session and renew confidence in him Chairman of the Board, said , “Abadi if he fails to perform his duties , all the political forces appointed by himself, or looking for alternative and now talk how we modify the existing situation, there are steps, observations and insistence on reforms, and we are working hard on the subsidy takes measures calculated and explicit check of reform and share its political forces, and respect the state institutions. ”
He praised the wise to” handle demonstrations and sit – ins in a peaceful manner and to prevent bloodshed and problems, as you get in many countries of the world, where these protests do not shake , but the blood and problems in other countries, but we have noticed a high and disciplined commitment to the protesters and Anasiallm the directives of their leaders dramatically, as we have seen capacity released by the security and military forces, and the orbits of the protesters in spite of continuing for a period of not quite some time ,but it ended quietly. ”
He said al – Hakim” the cabinet reshuffle , which was surprised by the House of Representatives and were surprised by the political powers and the people of Iraq, we have many of the observations on the nature ofthis change and its tracks, and we believe that it has a clear plan for the construction of the country, it must be well aware How to contend with its partners away from the emotions and surprises, so I believe that thestep in taking them out is not “successful.”
he continued , “We have made ​​clear the initiative of the national reform and let everyone that stick out and are not excluding the reforms process Ministerial amendment, but much to include a change or revision performance of heads of independent bodies, deputy ministers and directors general and senior officers, diplomats and put an end to Taanat proxy, this step is notorious that we still we are suffering from several years ago, all within the Bishop of time set by the initiative. ”
he said Hakim said” we have to look at the reality of reform , comprehensive vision and are not excluding other reforms ministerial amendment, and also should not be usurped reforms to change the team, but we build a real review of the reform program which we want to work with policies, procedures and bishop oftime and steps required legislation to be adopted in this equation. ”
He believed that” the Council initiative Supreme provided an acceptable solution and received the approval and acceptance of many of the political forces in the country, representing the neck survive the crisis we face today. ”
He said al – Hakim” we will monitor and deal seriously and packages to make sure to move the reform steps mentioned in this initiative and agreed upon between the political blocs and within the time specified bishop and ensuring the availability of efficient and integrity required standards in the figures that will be nominated to the ministries and independent bodies, agents, managers and others. ”
he said” we are with the reform realistic overall term for formal and prosthetic and anesthetic sometimes, and we have to deal with things within the parliamentary framework, and we know that our political system is a parliamentary and representation of the popular will, It is through the House of representatives and representatives of this council, and this requires compliance with legal procedures and the availability ofsupport from the parliamentary majority for the reform moves, and we will go to strengthen the parliament and take its role to reform. ”
but he stressed the” indispensability accelerate the move in real Salahat, it can not accept a corrupt government or a failed government and ministers failures or corrupt and must look closely and choose theright choices and push them to carry out their duties. ”
He added that” this is all called us to encourage the prime minister to nominate technocrats expert and professional figures, but in consultation with the political forces, and not exceed, the bypassed and weaken itand keep it away from the political process that could lead to risk democratic system, and including devolved state and government to him since 2003. ”
But he stressed that ” we are open to all options and we will be discussing, to address the crisis through consultation with the national Alliance and other national forces and deal with the state institutions concerned and nose House of Representatives, and we will work with all parties to restore rationality and balance the political process. ”
he went on saying that” the current crisis , suffocating, and there are certain problematic, and agreed to resolve in order to reach convincing solutions to the study of the realities of the arena, but we stress the importance that we move toward a comprehensive reform. ”
Hakim said that” the recent reforms incomplete, and where reforms seriously, and we are with the reforms and support the overall reform and stand supportive as we track and with the procedures for the review seriously, and the inclusion of chairpersons and deputy ministers and others in the reform. ”
He continued , ” the political forces have the step earlier mission was distributed roles among themselves and distributed positions of Director to the legions or conditional simple Aoualemozv, but today without theminister does not have the word of the political forces in it and are not fully represented her, noting that thepolitical forces has nearly 12 million voice voters , a focus of attention of the Iraqi street must have a role in the reforms. ”
He said al – Hakim” We all wait and work for these reforms and I think the right thing is what the House ofRepresentatives within the period defined by a 10 days to study the names and the formation of committees, in addition to that there is a great political dynamic between political and parliamentary blocs, and that thepresidency of the parliament energetic held meetings with al – Abadi and political forces All this will pave thereview seriously and make sure are these names are correct and able and competent, and whether that distribution of roles on the basis of the national balance. ”
and that” there are serious fact that Iraq where Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and we need to reassure all theingredients, Vamahassh partisan political thing, and reassure ingredients Shi another, if must Ntmn components. ”
he said he” will consider the list of Cabinet nominees, and Abadi himself asked to reconsider names and make sure is it a good and befriends them, and whether decreases or increases it, and therefore this is animportant House of Representatives, at the moment that we reach out to the impasse all options will remain open to us. ”
he said al – Hakim” The National Alliance is the bloc , the largest it makes sense to consult among its members, and that stems vision to the masses and Afawdha, and this is what you do all the political blocs, and determine the form of government and the nature of the distribution of roles which is not a coalition task unit, but on all the blocks can sign it. ”
he said , ” since the launch of change, and we are two opinions, first evaluate who they are incompetent ministers and Nkrjhm and bring others who are competent, but if you took out the efficient, why he brought efficiently last, as long as former efficiently. ”
he stressed that” necessary reforms to change the incompetent and come Bakeva, and their lists nominated, they are specialists in this area , whether they are politicians or independent, and if we want to change everyone and make the entire government independent of the organization is non – political, was thequestion did not remain Prime Minister, let it be full government its members and independent Prime Minister. ”
” and this must be our standard of independent government, should the prime minister be independent, thegovernment of political forces look of efficient remains incompetent replaces the last efficient to move Basalahat. ”
He warned al – Hakim of the ” integration of ministries and non – problem the representation of thecomponents upcoming government, noting that when we come to the 16 ministers do not find a full representation of the components in the names of candidates, and therefore is the need to look at thenational balance. ”
he stressed that” this is not quotas partisan, and must be a Shiite reassuring that he is , the government and the Sunni reassuring its size and the Kurdish and shows as well, in order to preserve the unity of the country. ” he
also warned that” the dimensions of any component is pushing for independence or separation or Alchda because he will not feel that this government represents. ”

And berries: Kurdistan Alliance threatened oil filter Nizar Salem to withdraw his candidacy



Since 04/02/2016 18:56 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

MP for the rule of law Iskandar and berries, on Thursday, threatening the Kurdistan Alliance candidate and the oil ministry in thenew cabin Nizar Salem for his withdrawal from the nomination. ”
Said Tut’s / balances News /, that” the Kurdistan Alliance threatened to filter and oil ministry Nizar Salem to withdraw his nomination to the position . ” .

He called the Tut Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to “not listen to schemes of regional president Massoud Barzani and proceed with reforms.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi feet, Thursday Nizar Salem Kurdish name in his booth for the new office of the Ministry Alinvt.anthy 29


Issa Hussein

Kurdish geologist tipped as Iraq’s oil minister


IRBIL, Iraq: The man nominated to be Iraq’s new oil minister is a Kurdish petroleum geologist who could end a bitter dispute with the northern self-rule region and free up more oil exports through a pipeline to Turkey.

Nizar Saleem Numan, named as oil minister in Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s new lineup of ministers, told Reuters in an interview he was “hopeful the differences could be resolved” between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government.

Should Numan’s appointment be approved by parliament, “he will certainly serve to facilitate a deal with Kurds and the central government,” political analyst Hisham al-Hashimi said. “He is also a very experienced person in the oil industry and known for his integrity.”

Abadi presented his new Cabinet of technocrats Thursday and now awaits a response from parliament, which must vote on the reshuffle in the next 10 days.

Some lawmakers fear Abadi’s proposals would undermine the patronage networks that have sustained the wealth and influence of Iraq’s political class for more than a decade.

Numan, 65, is the dean of the college of planning at the University of Duhok in the Kurdish region and spent three decades at the University of Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, now under control of Daesh (ISIS) militants.

He told Reuters that he had also worked as a consultant for oil companies in both the northern Kurdish region and the rest of Iraq.

The dispute with the Kurds involves an agreement for the KRG to transfer to Iraq’s central state oil marketing company 550,000 barrels a day of crude produced in the Kurdish region, in return for a 17 percent share in the federal budget.

The Kurds, seeking more autonomy from Baghdad to export their own oil, halted all oil transfers to the Iraqi government in September 2015, instead shipping crude independently. They stopped receiving government funding, according to the outgoing Oil Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi.

Abdel-Mahdi said in March the central government would not resume pumping crude through a Kurdish pipeline to Turkey unless it reached a deal with the KRG.

Baghdad’s state-run North Oil Company previously fed 150,000 barrels a day into the pipeline, which carries crude from the Kirkuk fields and other reservoirs managed by the Kurdish authorities to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea.

The situation has been further complicated by the presence of Daesh militants in northern Iraq who have allowed the Kurds to expand their control over the oil producing region of Kirkuk.

In his interview with Reuters late Thursday, Numan said should his appointment be confirmed, he would also pursue sustainable development of the OPEC nation’s crude reserves, which are among the world’s largest. He will take over the Oil Ministry at a time when Iraq and other producers are grappling with the fallout from low crude prices, which have put acute strain on Baghdad’s finances.

Iraq was the source of OPEC’s largest crude supply growth in 2015 with a production in excess of 4 million barrels per day that makes the nation the second-largest producer of the 13-member group, after Saudi Arabia.

Asked whether he expected to attend a meeting in Doha on April 17 where OPEC and non-OPEC members are set to discuss a production freeze aimed at propping up oil prices, Numan said he could not be sure until parliament ratified his nomination. A ministry spokesman said on March 22 that Iraq planned to attend the meeting and considered the proposal of freezing output “a step in the right direction.”

Hakim: If we want an independent government must be independent Prime Minister


By Roudao 33 minutes ago
عمار الحكيم
Ammar al-Hakim

Roudao – Erbil

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar alHakim, on Saturday, forge a comprehensive reform touches theconcerns of the citizen under the stifling crisis in which we live and if an independent government wanted us has to be anindependent prime minister.

Hakim said during a press conference in Baghdad in the presence of the leaders of the Supreme Council, “We will work with all parties to restore rationality and balance to the political process,” stressing the need to “proceed with comprehensive reform touches the concerns of the citizen under the stifling crisis in which we live.”

But he stressed the need to “deal with things and crises in accordance with the parliamentary system and the representation of the popular will,” stressing that it would go to “strengthen the direction of the House of Representatives to take the role in the reform process.”

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has hosted its session Thursday Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who presented the new government his booth with the feminine and the integration of a number of ministries.

Legal expert: Abadi can dismiss all ministers and accept their resignation and appointment Bdelhm


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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

said legal expert Tareq Harb, said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi can legally sack all the ministers, and the acceptance of their resignations and appointment Bdelhm.

He added in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, commenting on the authority of the Prime Minister to sack all the ministers , “said the Prime Minister the power to sack all the ministers, and the authority to accept the resignation of all the ministers, and the consequent dismissed or resigned,” sack the government “any dismissal of Prime minister or dismiss the cabinet. ” 

He said the war that” the Iraqi constitution in 2005 and the system of the Council of Ministers No. 8 of 2014 and the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives in 2006, did not restrict the authority of the prime minister or arrange legal effect or constitutionally dismiss all ministers or their resignations, but remains chairman Minister, and his new ministers nomination, rather than who has a pink slip, or has resigned. ” 

He noted that” the position of the Constitution and systems entrants to the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in this regard is different from the attitude of some constitutions in the world , which is considered to have resigned the Prime Minister, the ministry resigned if it included the change more of the half. ” 

He continued the war that” this confirms the validity of the prime minister to sack Minister General absolutely comprehensive, as stated in Article 78 of the Constitution and not an ad hoc authority or restricted or fragmented, especially since publishing the law in the official Gazette No. 78 of 1977 , decided that the singular is intended by the combination. ”

Business and industry are planning to borrow from the central bank



Saturday 2 April 2016 | 13:05
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BAGHDAD / … said operating loans department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Directorate of Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry, during a meeting to prepare a study to borrow from the central bank, under the proposed lending program funded from the bank.

A statement by the Ministry of Labour, “Eye of Iraq News” received a copy of it, that “operating loans circle meeting with representatives of the Directorate General for Industrial Development to study the proposal funded by the Central Bank lending program based on Minister Mohammed Shia ‘Al Sudani directives,” explaining that “the meeting which was attended by officials loans internal and legal oversight and calculator sections in the operating department discussed the future mechanisms of action to be implemented in cooperation with the Industrial development Directorate, as well as the private lending program of the Central Bank. “

The meeting recommended, according to the statement, to “prepare the stomach from both sides regarding the amount required lending from the central bank study, submitted to higher authorities for consideration and make the necessary decisions on them.”

The statement pointed out that “the work of the Industrial Development Directorate based on the private industrial investment law and mixed No. 20 of 1998,” noting that “the law guarantees many by outstanding that benefit the industry, such as tax exemptions and allocation of land within the industrial zones.”

“The law also includes the establishment of a small or medium projects in the industrial areas that include (food, and textile, construction, engineering and software, and chemical).” End

Integrity Commission begins investigating corruption deals in the oil contracts


By Mohammed Emad 02/04/2016 02:13 | Views: 428

Integrity Commission begins investigating corruption deals in the oil contracts

Brother – Baghdad

Integrity Commission announced on Saturday, initiation of the investigation the involvement of senior Iraqi officials , corruption deals in the oil contracts revealed by the agency (Fairfax Media) Australia, after directing the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to prosecute the perpetrators of such transactions prosecuted.

The Integrity Commission said in a brief statement received for News Agency (et) copy of it, she “began toinvestigate the process stated in the agency ‘s report (Fairfax Media) on oil contracts.”

The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi face on Saturday, (second from April 2016), the Integrity Commissionto take legal proceedings regarding the grave by an agency investigative journalism (Fairfax Media) and newspaper (Hovingtin Post) , which revealed the involvement of senior Iraqi officials in the state in corrupt deals and kickbacks related to oil contracts during the period of the previous governments, while eliminating called to do a “prompt prosecutions

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