Rafidain bloc: the sit-in and prevent others from holding a session of parliament out of laws

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Rafidain Bloc said, that the House of Representatives of the protesters have no right to prevent others from holding a session of parliament, and that this event would be a departure from the laws and customs reform.

He bloc Prime Kanna told all of Iraq [where] that ” the protesters have no right to prevent MPs from entering, and if prevented others it out on the reform and all laws and norms, may use the presidency of parliament to processors perhaps not worthy of us.” 

He added that “all deputies will enter the next meeting and will meet in the same room, and the discount will be through the vote, if the protestors got the votes to understand the will manage the meeting and abide by them, and if I got Saleem al – Jubouri , the presidency of the votes are from the run. ” 

We” We are with the constitutional solution that preserves the dignity and prestige of the state, and under dome of the parliament, not the other dome , “noting that” the next meeting will go out the issues of the presidency of the parliament and the names of candidates for the ministries. ” 

It is scheduled that the House of Representatives held on Tuesday a comprehensive meeting to study reforms and determine the readiness of the House of Representatives to host Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to provide his booth ministerial. 

from on the other hand said parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri that ” the Council in the past performance of the role entrusted to him and is awaiting ministerial amendments put forward for the purpose of the members of parliament and vote on them and initiate the implementation of other reforms.”



Kurdish lawmaker: All Kurdish blocs will attend tomorrow’s meeting

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Amin Bakr, said on Monday that all Kurdish blocs to attend a parliament session on Tuesday.
He said Bakr told {Euphrates News} Today, that ” the Kurdish blocs with the unified session involving all parties, and this leads to the marginalization of part of the House and not to listen to their demands and to impose the will.” “We can get to the solutions through negotiations and convince others through legal and constitutional ways, and therefore we would like everyone to attend to tomorrow ‘s meeting Tuesday to finalize the problems. ” decided the presidency of the House of Representatives today held a comprehensive meeting on Tuesday 26/4/2016 one pm, to discuss the government ‘s reform and readiness of the House of Representatives to host Prime Minister to show his booth Wazzarah.anthy 1 


Federal Court did not issue any topic on the subject of fire the head of the House of Representatives (Details)


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The official spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, said on Sunday that the Federal Court did not issue any decision on the interpretation of Article {59} for the quorum to Jselt the House of Representatives.
Said Bayraktar in a press statement, that ‘ the Federal Court did not issue any decision on the interpretation of Article {59} for the quorum of the meetings of the House of Representatives, while stressing that the Federal Court did not issue any topic on the subject of fire the head of the House of Representatives or anything else regards Parliament’.

Regarding the quorum last hearing said a spokesman for the judiciary, that ‘no one has challenged the legality of the meeting and the interpretation of Article {59} of the Constitution, until the Federal Court decides so.’

Article includes {59} of the Iraqi Constitution, first {achieved Quorum for sessions of the Council of Representatives in the presence of an absolute majority of its members}, {Second Decisions in the Council of Representatives by simple majority after quorum is achieved, unless otherwise stated}.

– See more at: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.almadarnews.info/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D10290&usg=ALkJrhjn3jU8ZtZ-nWqHxJjeEX3WwAAMtQ#sthash.VpBbh1JX.dpuf


Qatar offers $ 10 million in emergency relief for Iraq



Khandan – Qatar on Sunday announced the provision of $ 10 million to the Iraqi people urgently Kagath, based on the directives of the Emir of Qatar.

The agency quoted the official Qatar News Agency (QNA), a statement of the Qatari foreign minister, stated that “humanitarian aid comes from the keenness of the State of Qatar to stand with the Iraqi people and alleviate their suffering, and to complement the role played by the State of Qatar in the emergency response to cope with the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Iraq “.

The statement added that was signed today an agreement between Qatar Fund for Development and the Qatar Red Crescent Society to carry out emergency relief for the benefit of the people of the besieged city of Fallujah in Iraq in the amount of US $ million, in coordination with international organizations and UN agencies.

Include country assistance to the Iraqi people several sectors including the food security sector, and the health care sector, where he began the Qatari Red Crescent in the preparation of Agathe urgent intervention plan which will Execution several relief projects covering various areas of Anbar province.


A spokesman for the protesters of Representatives: No agreement with al-Jubouri and Monday for another meeting

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Baghdad balances News 

confirmed sitters Representatives, Sunday, he did not reach an agreement with the head of the House of Representatives article Salim al – Jubouri , during the meeting , which was held Sunday afternoon, and he will be the resumption of talks between the two sides on Monday. 

A spokesman for the House of Representatives Almatchin Haitham al – Jubouri , he was “not today reaching any agreement during the meeting of the delegation of the House of Representatives of the protesters with Mr. Salim al – Jubouri , the former House speaker , “noting that” speech during the meeting was in public spammers and that it was agreed to resume the talks session between the two parties on Monday afternoon , God willing , to complete the discussions. ” 

he denied Jubouri to have the House of Representatives of the protesters had caused to disrupt parliament, asking , “Why are wasted months between three to six months to form a Overnmhvi all Dora the election because of the negotiations break down political and sectarian Mahssh, was it not so disruptive.” 

He pointed out that “Answer the Federal Court to a query the House of Representatives download a clear answer that affected by the Council ‘s decisions go to appeal a commitment to the resolution of legal right to take the content of the inquiry. ” 

for his part , MP Mutasim Ahmed Kanani member of a coalition of state law that said a negotiating team for the protesters met with Prime Dr. Salim al – Jubouri , and discussed with him the solution – free crisis and he would convey what happened at the meeting of the deputies of the protesters and will meet in the parliament Hall at half past eight o’clock this evening. 

and revealed Kanani in a press statement that ” the negotiating team included Haitham al – Jubouri and Hanan al Mohammed Chihod and Badr stallion and good Chuird and just Nuri Representatives.” 

and about what happened in the meeting , which lasted from three o’clock until four o’clock this afternoon , and there were signs of resolving the crisis , said Kanani that ” the House of Representatives of the protesters had not seen the full course of the meeting and will meet in the chamber this evening all to hear of the negotiating team on the course of their meeting with Saleem al – Jubouri.” 

he said Kanani that “whatever the results of the meeting , there is no retreat from our demand that President Atsamna for the elimination of the quota system and the way of that requirement in the sacking of the three presidencies , which is irrevocable once. ” 


Iranian economic adviser: Iraq’s Kurdistan region is an important pole in Iran exports

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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} praised the economic advisor to the Iranian consulate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq ‘Mansour Salehi fled’ to winning development in the relations between Iran and the region; saying that Iraqi Kurdistan is an important pole in the country’s exports.
He Salehi fled in an interview told the Islamic Republic News Agency {IRNA} Sunday, he expressed satisfaction that the President of Kurdistan has the desire to raise the size of the deal with Iran more than any other time ago. 

He said Iran ‘s economic adviser, said that the desire of the presidency of the region led to the welcome officials in Iraqi Kurdistan in all international trade and investment consensus with Iran, and the Kurdistan province of Iran {west} 

said Salehi fled the political developments in the region underlines the urgent need to maintain the economic relations between Iran and the region and the development of cooperation between the investors of both sides; pointing out that traders and investors Iranians have registered attendance active in recent years in Iraqi Kurdistan markets and especially the city of Sulaymaniyah. 

He stressed the economic advisor to the Iranian consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan need to intensify the economic activities of the consulate have the province to resolve the Iranian business and corporate business problems faster and Guet.anthy


Iraq signed a memorandum of strategic framework with the General Electric Company


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signed the Oil Ministry with the General Electric Company [GE] US memorandum of strategic part of a long -term cooperation includes the implementation of a number of projects for the benefit of the oil ministry, including cooperation in the field of reducing the extracted gas flaring from oil fields for use in electric power generation, to Besides providing more than 400 MW power as energy oil installations before next summer.
He said Undersecretary older Fayyad good grace in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of ” The signing of the memorandum came after negotiations that lasted for two consecutive years was a success and to achieve the interests of both sides, which aims to develop a strategic program to reduce gas flaring and investment in the industry and energy operations and put the necessary plans to create the first observation and diagnosis center in the country to enable rapid maintenance of pre – emptive operations and save time. ”
He added, during the signing ceremony, held today at the headquarters of the oil Ministry, said that” thecontract also includes improving the operational efficiency and performance of oil and gas facilities of the Ministry of oil so as to contribute in pushing sustainable growth of the country ‘s wheel. ”
for his part, Undersecretary for gas Hamid Younis that” the signing of the memorandum was the result ofefforts by oil projects and companies Basra and gas refineries , the South and the South oil Company, which will provide a memorandum relationship with the US company to secure the qualification necessary for theproduction of oil equipment operations and escalate potential export of crude oil, the company also provides spare parts for equipment used in the production and export of crude oil within a record timeframe. ”
turn confirmed the Director General of oil projects Company Nihad Ahmed Moussa said” the signing of thememorandum with the US company was the result of a long effort by the ministry to develop programs and it plans to support oil and gas installations up to 800 units as well as direct communication to support theproduction units and field to prevent access junctions affect the pace of work as well as the safe operation of the provision of the units production in Iraq. ”
for his part , praised the representative of the General Electric company in Iraq , the cooperation of the Ministry of oil in completing this agreement, stressing the commitment of his company in the implementation of its provisions and to achieve the interests of both sides to develop Iraqi cadres through the implementation of training and training programs as well as provide backup equipment for all the oil ministry institutions.
“the note provides the latest technologies and solutions needed to update facilities ministry would contribute to enhancing the efficiency oil and energy sector in Iraq. ”
to that , the ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said the ” memorandum will draw new plans in support of oil and gas production operations in Iraq, and it is a framework agreement, the first of its kind in the ministry, inorder to enhance the performance of the oil and energy sector “.
” the memorandum will provide more than 400 MW power as energy extra before next summer , where hewill provide this energy continuity of operation of oil and gas facilities without interruption, as well as to keep abreast of developments in performance and the adoption of modern technology through the use of modern equipment and services in the optimal investment of the oil wealth operations and gas. ”

Jubouri threatens Representatives of the protesters to resort to the streets to end the parliament crisis



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So that the withdrawal of Sadr’s bloc of deputies sit until Saleem al-Jubouri returned breathes a sigh of relief and took threatens Representatives of the protesters after they realized that his dismissal is become impossible as a result of external support and domestic support he received from the Sadr and Hakim.

According to official sources L / balance News / The “Saleem al-Jubouri met with deputies of the protesters in the House of Representatives, this afternoon, and assured them during the meeting that ordered his dismissal is possible after that threatened the Iraqi street,” indicating that “the protesters deputies responded to the al-Jubouri said, we can enter thousands the masses to parliament to respond to you. ”

The sources added that “Saleem al-Jubouri Contact leader Moqtada al-Sadr Imam of the House of Representatives of the protesters and that al-Sadr had told him support during Tuesday’s session,” while the sources pointed out that “a meeting Jubouri MPs protesters did not yield any agreement after it threatened Jubouri resort to force and the public and receiving support from al-Sadr as well for external support. ”

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s request, last Thursday, deputies from the Liberal bloc to withdraw from parliament sit.

Jubouri Office announced last week for a meeting, Salim al Bssadora America and Britain to Iraq, following a parliamentary crisis arising from the dismissal of al-Jubouri.

He said Saleem al-Jubouri is to vote on his dismissal was unconstitutional and lacks legal frameworks.

And select Jubouri Tuesday’s session to vote on the ministerial cabin in the event of the Prime Minister Haider Alebadi.anthy he attended the 29/33 h






Jubouri: Of a meeting today between protesters deputies and al-Jubouri, in his capacity as Vice normal


Observer news / Baghdad
Reveals the official spokesman for the protestors of Representatives MP Haitham al-Jubouri, a delegation of MPs will meet the protesters as Salim al-Jubouri as “vice president of the Council of essay” Sunday afternoon.

Jubouri said in a statement, “The House of Representatives of the protesters will form a delegation to meet with Salim al-Jubouri, in his capacity as vice president and deputy regular essay.” He explained that the Council Jubouri “The meeting will discuss the developments of the issues in the House of Representatives.”