Nasrallah sought to reconcile Sadr and Maliki commissioned by the Iranian leader and talk about obstacles to theunification of the Iraqi Shiite House


Jumblatt chest: Spare the seas and deserts and would probably want to use our defense minister

Saad Elias

Beirut «Quds Al-Arabi»: on the back of the stifling Iraq’s political crisis, was announced in Beirut for a meeting between the secretary-general of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of «the Sadrists» Iraqi Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, in an effort to make Iraqi Shiite reconciliation, especially between him and Iraqi Prime Minister former leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki.
Coincided chest presence in Beirut with Jawad al-Shahristani, the Solicitor General of the Shiite reference Ali al-Sistani, gave the impression that there is a prominent Iraqi stews event in the southern suburbs, according to press analyzes.
The channel «Orient Net» Syrian quoted political sources in Beirut, that the meeting will bring together Nasrallah and al-Sadr and al-Shahristani, and a representative of al-Maliki, in addition to some of the leaders of the militia «popular crowd», and leaders of the Iraqi Shiite high coming from London, in the presence of representatives of the militia «Guard Iranian Revolutionary ».
The sources pointed out that Iran Guide Ali Khamenei, Nasrallah directly mandated to prepare an initiative to re «unite the Shiite House» in Iraq, and in light of the suffocating political crisis in the country. During the meetings they will also be discussing the role of Shiite militias in Syria, as well as rehabilitation of militias «popular crowd» to take over military operations in Iraq, as well as regional confrontation with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, especially after rating the party a terrorist organization.
But the newspaper «the future» quoted informed Iraqi sources minimized the importance of reports that indicated the presence of pressure on the chest for reconciliation, Maliki, or the application of a political project in Iraq is supported by Iran. She said «that the meeting between Nasrallah and al-Sadr did not yield any reconciliation with Maliki, or implementation of any project is supervised by Iran in Iraq includes the Sadrist movement and its leader, with the participation of Shiite political parties, as promoted by some Iraqi political circles».
The same sources pointed out that «Sadr, who is currently in Beirut has been no reconciliation with Maliki, despite calls by reconciliation, which wants to achieve Nasrallah», adding that Sadr, who «meet Nasrallah constantly during his visits to Lebanon, rejects any pressure on his positions or for Sadrists Options from any party whatsoever, even from the secretary-general of Hezbollah », stressing at the same time not to get any extended meetings between the chest and the parties to an Iranian or Shiite figures from other countries dealing with the situation in Iraq.
And the general agent of religious authority Ali al-Sistani Mr. Jawad al-Shahristani, a line he visited Dar al-Ifta al-Jaafari, where he met with Vice President of Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan. Dar Al-Fatwa also visited in Sidon Almaia at the head of the delegation, where he stayed with his Grand Mufti of Sidon and Oqditha Sheikh Salim Susan received and welcomed by Susan stressing that «Sidon is keen on unity among Muslims, Sunnis, Shiites and national unity between Muslims and Christians».
He then visited al-Shahristani lane Sidon and held a meeting with the town’s events at the club Husseini, then visited the circuit Deputy Mayor Hassan Saleh Fadel. After that, the delegation visited scholar Sheikh Afif Nabulsi in «Ms. Zahra complex.»
As part of his tour, he visited al-Shahristani and his accompanying delegation head of the General Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim and theologians, and set up the University of Mustafa celebration in honor of him.
Coinciding, chirp Prime «Democratic Gathering» MP Walid Jumblatt through his account on «Twitter» saying: «Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr in the country after he cut off the rivers, seas and deserts, ya see is what holds up his sleeve?». He asked «Is discovered in Baghdad, network or Internet networks illegally from al-Maliki days or third parties, and whether they have in Mesopotamia like Abdel Moneim Telephone ?? Maybe he wants the expertise of our defense minister for the Liberation of Fallujah. »
He continued: «In the fight against terrorism, car bombs, what is it only the use of the municipality of Beirut, which has installed cameras are more important than those in the Green Zone, are relatively expensive. There is nothing wrong”.
Seal «FIA Welcome Muqtada in the country’s rice, the country’s radiation and light. We are all for a homeland for the flag. »

Saad Elias


Sadrist movement waging a violent attack on the al – Maliki accuse him as « one ofthe foundations of corruption and support presence in Iraq»


Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: he directed the political body of the Sadrist movement and fierce criticism directly to the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, and accused him of attempting to ride the wave of reform, accusing him of being «of the foundations of corruption and support presence in Iraq».
The body issued after meeting her, on Thursday evening, a statement confirming that «Maliki leapt usual deceiving him who does not fool only Albhm dupes to the illusion that the people calling for reform and the right of students».
The statement pointed to al-Maliki said: «the right to be more than the basis of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence» and that it «is caused to occupy one-third of the land of Iraq and the creation of Tgam Marda hypocrisy and deceit Doaash crime and bloodshed Sacred».
The statement emphasized that it (ie Maliki) «which Overnmtah in Iraq has lost his children and wealth is, until Pat occupies in all development rankings in the lowest ranks of the least of all nations.» He went on to say: «blundering policies have led to improvised problems with Iraq’s regional surroundings and with partners in the homeland and its people are still suffering to this day».
The statement added: «Maliki appeared to brag desalinate patriotism and wisdom and overlies the reform wave, Allah and His Messenger and the Iraqis know it is far from it all after Almcherqin».
Political body «alerted at this critical juncture in Iraq’s history warn the people of this holy people that steal a political party or any political abused fraud, lying and fraud efforts and sacrifices that culminated in today’s achievements of reform.»
«All politicians from the rape of the people’s revolution triumphant also warned that opportunistic style of speech, which suggests that al-Maliki was still calling for reform, while the Iraqis knew all that he was and still is the enemy of reform.»
According to a source familiar with the Sadrist movement that launched the political body of the bloc of the Sadrist movement Liberals direct attack and explicitly on Nouri al-Maliki undermines all the leaks that are promoted these days that there’s attempts to hold reconciliation between Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Maliki, who are visiting now Beirut, under the auspices of Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General for «Hezbollah» Lebanese

Parliament will hold its meeting tomorrow, which completed the discussion of government reforms


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[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives held, on Saturday, which completed its regular discussion of government reforms.
It also includes agenda of the meeting , according to the information department of the parliament, the”Report and discussion of the draft support doctors Act, and report and discuss the bill to cancel CPA Order Act [ now defunct] No. 68 of 2004, and the report and discuss the draft second amendment to the Law of theFederation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce No. 43 of Law 1989 “. it
also includes” report and discussion of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international Convention for the prevention of pollution from ships Act of 1973, and the quarterly report of the activities ofthe Committee of the regions and governorates not organized in a region, and the quarterly report of theactivities of the Committee of religious Endowments and religious Affairs “show.
the House of Representatives of the protesters and the protesters delayed a cabinet reshuffle have been elected a hearing on Thursday , MP for the national coalition Adnan al – Janabi as interim parliament voted to sack Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, but the last count his dismissal is illegal and unconstitutional and called for a hearing on Saturday.

(Parliament)- The meeting’s agenda No. (26) Saturday 16 April 2016


April 16, 2016
First , read verses from the Koran.
Secondly , the vote on the draft law on ratification of a headquarters agreement between the Government of theRepublic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross Act.
Third , vote on the draft law amending the Civil Service Law.
Fourth: The vote on the draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.
Fifth: vote on the draft Social welfare Act.
Sixth: the vote on the draft of the fourth amendment to the Law of civil Aviation Law No. 148 of 1974
Seventh report and discuss the draft age of the infrastructure and service sectors Act.
Eighth: the report and discussion of the draft first amendment to the law of the unified Retirement Law No. (9 ) for the year 201

Jubouri Roudao: negotiations with parliamentary blocs will continue



By Roudao 31 minutes ago
سليم الجبوري
Saleem al-Jubouri


Roudao – Erbil

Meeting ended with the parliamentary head of the Iraqi, Salim alJubouri , with the heads of parliamentary blocs, without reaching any conclusions on the terms of the status quo around the parliament.

Said Iraqi Prime Parliamentary, Salim al-Jubouri, after the end of a meeting with the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs, network Roudao media, “that negotiations with parliamentary blocs will continue.”

This met with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Alajabua with the heads of parliamentary blocs, on the evening of Friday, at his home, but the heads of the protesters blocks members of parliament boycotted the meeting.

Masum, confirms the end of quotas in all state institutions and to move reforms



Since 15/04/2016 22:53 pm (Baghdad time)

Masum, confirms the end of quotas in all state institutions and to move reforms

Baghdad balances News

He called on President Fuad Masum for an end to partisan quotas in all state institutions and independent bodies and diplomatic missions and its security forces, stressing the need to move a comprehensive reform program and provide Cases for corrupt, and urged religious institutions and the public to support the reforms.

As warned members of the House of Representatives that the responsibility of parliamentarians is to save the Constitution and the law, he called on everyone to preserve the prestige of the state, which he described as “tent Iraqis,” referring to the international and regional support for Iraq depends on the unity of the class.

This came in a speech to political Tabh and the Iraqi people, on Friday evening.

“I speak to you and start from two principles foundations no difference to them,” explaining that the first is “a real and comprehensive reforms, according to a thoughtful program and correction of government, legislative and judicial institutions in the state track and away from quotas factional and partisan and uphold the public interest over private interests.”

He added, indicating that the second principle emphasizes the importance of “taking into account the law and resorting to the Constitution as a reference to the top management of the state to maintain the security and integrity of the country.”.

Masum said that with these two stick Alambdian all differences and differences in views are possible and are subject to discussion and dialogue and agreement on what safeguards the entity of the country and helps to progress in various fields.

He went on to say, “We must move all of us, and through state agencies, a comprehensive reform program helps the six main principles” set by the President of the Republic.

He explained that the first of these principles is “to end the principle of quotas party in the management of all state departments and independent bodies diplomatic, military and security while preserving the balance of ingredients prescribed by the Constitution and the wire.”

The second starter, according to the infallible, is “the elimination of corruption and prosecuting corrupt the justice and the restoration of public rights.”

He also stressed the principles in the third on “Enhancing the victories achieved by our heroine against terrorism and ensure security, peace and freedom in all the cities of Iraq.”

And ensure that the fourth principle “to activate the real work for the community to consolidate the reconciliation and unity of the people.”

He stressed on the fifth principle “to find appropriate solutions to pass the financial crisis and what does not hurt employees and low-income bracket.”

He concluded, “adoption of an integrated program and rapidly to develop infrastructure and provide basic services required for the citizens.”

Masum said, “This is a general framework which should translate the government and the House of Representatives in the form of practical programs, open and transparent and specific Ptoukitat.”

The face of the infallible thanks for “the demonstrators and protesters who have committed to the principles of freedom of expression through democratic practice purely and went out to the streets and squares of the country seeking to improve services and make reforms and prosecute the corrupt and sought their hands and Naazarhm including asking for.”

He also stressed “the right of everyone, among them the members of the House of Representatives, representing the people’s authority and legislative oversight, to enjoy full freedom of expression and posture in peace and security and the responsibility and dignity and without any pressure or coercion.”

He pointed out that “basically the responsibility of the Parliament is protecting and promoting democracy and responsibility of parliamentarians is to protect the unity of the national position on constitutional grounds, and save the political life and democratic practices without being drawn into the pitfalls and dark tunnel in this thorny circumstances.”.

He called on all MPs and political forces to “take into account this aspect with responsibility .. We also stress here the importance of maintaining the prestige of the state and its stability, it’s all of our tent, although the Constitution, is what unites us and brings us together and organize our lives in it.”

“We’re in dire need of parking the international community with us and support us in our fight against al holy Daash, and we need the international and regional support for the preservation and promotion of our victories and building economic and service of our lives in this circumstance financial emergency that we are going through.”

He drew attention that “this international and regional support depends on the unity of the situation and the stability of the political life and the continuation of the democratic process according to the constitution in order to ensure win the confidence of our friends and brothers, especially the donor countries and international institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.”

Politicians grow fonder in the leadership of the state and political forces to “cooperation and resorting to putting the interest of the country and the people over all other interests for a bright and promising future constructive dialogue.”


National Coalition: Salim al-Jubouri, refused to discuss the names in the new ministerial cabin is disruptive reforms



Called national coalition of all parliamentary blocs to actively participate in the reform process after asking Parliament Speaker Salim alJubouri , the vote on the confidential list of ministers presented by Prime Minister Haider alAbadi , rejecting at the same time discussing what represents adisruption of the legislative role and oversight of the House ofRepresentatives and homogenizing the reforms sought by the Iraqi people in accounting corrupt and responsible for the waste of public money and delay the popular and national demands.

Quoted a spokeswoman for the National Coalition Maysoon al ongoing coalition ‘s position in Rafe reform slogan and refused to political ,sectarian and renew the call to build a state of citizenship , which is based on justice and equality and to stand with the marginalized and theoppressed away from the processes of marginalization or exclusion.


A coalition of the National Revival: sacking Saleem al-Jubouri violation of the constitution and trying to target a large component of the Iraqi people



Head of the coalition of the National Renaissance in the Nineveh O. province Algehiche refused to dismiss parliament speaker Salim alJubouri returned this violation of the constitution and a coup against the political process in the country and an attempt to target a significant component of Iraq and the fragmentation of service to destinations unknown do not want Iraq goodness, stability and decent living for national unity.

He also said a member of the Nineveh provincial council , a coalition ofnational renaissance behind the Iron Elhoudat that the Iraqi people rose up against the corrupt who shot down Iraq , however , the organization Daash and turn it against someone Parliament Speaker Salim alJubouri , but itis a detour on the demands of the masses and misleading to be revealed tothe public as the Iraqi parliament speaker acceptable to all components of the people and the House of Representatives ran a highly professional manner.


Urgent: The World Bank is considering to suspend financial aid to the Iraqi government because of the confusion made in the House of Representatives


Fri, 15 Apr 2016 19:40:11

BAGHDAD – observer news

Head of the IMF mission in Iraq, Christian Gooch said Friday that the fund is considering to suspend financial aid to the Iraqi government because of the confusion made in the House of Representatives.

He added Gooch in a press statement, that an agreement is reached during the meetings that knot in Washington during the month of April / April, and between Gooch said that “Iraq will receive under the agreement to finance the estimated $ 15 billion, a third of the International Monetary Fund and the rest from international institutions and other donors.”

Saleem al-Jubouri receives letter from Mr. Sistani considers the President of the Parliament



Received Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim alJubouri , a message from thereligious authority in Najaf.

According to parliamentary sources of change that Mr. Ali alSistani senta message to Salim alJubouri , regarding it as president of the parliamentof Iraq.

The source noted that the letter contained some remarks about thepolitical crisis in Iraq without revealing any more details about its content.