The board chairman of the parliament meets Balebadi to discuss the latest political fallout


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} held the board chairman of the parliament with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi meeting to discuss the latest political fallout.
According to an informed source told {Euphrates News} ” The House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council ofRepresentatives , Sheikh Hamoudi and Second Deputy Speaker of the Council ofSyria , Sheikh Mohammed met with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to discuss thereshuffle recent political repercussions that erupted in parliament about it.”
Mentions a number of MPs staged a sit in parliament two days ago because ofdifferences on the candidates for the ministries that presented by the Prime Minister, and was scheduled to parliament holds session to provide cabin revised and voted on today , but did not hold and the sitters to hold the parliament session and decided to dismiss the board chairman of the parliament.
he said chairman of the board Representatives Saleem al – Jubouri said theprotesters session will not result in legal effect, and next Saturday will be the normal sessions.
it is said that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said in a speech addressed to thepeople on Thursday evening that ” the differences in the House of Representatives, and the lack of consensus on a cabinet reshuffle, has led to disable it in at present, and continue to do so may contribute to obstruct the work of the government, it affects the heroic military operations to liberate our towns and villages of theoccupation terrorist Daash and re – displaced to Mantm.anthy


Abadi: We will not give in to the chaos and the option are involved ministerial change and reform [Extended]



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[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said, “We have put in front of surrender to the chaos and division and disagreements and dragging the country into the unknown and falling into the abyss option, this option we can not give in to him and strongly reject it .”
He said al – Abadi in a televised speech to the Iraqi people he delivered on Thursday evening , “go to you in these critical times of the life of our country and the political experience, and all hung out of the wrong practices, which articulated the moment of facing our country and require the unity of the national position and popular, and exercise the highest degree of responsibility and maintain the security and stability of the country and theinterests of the Iraqi people. ”
He added,” We have worked over the past period, and the effort vigorously, in order to change and reform, and put your interests that Tzhardm for it and Atsamtm to achieve, above all other interests coincide with the exceptional circumstance that Iraq is going through. ”
He stressed” we set off in a project of reform and tackle corruption the large structural imbalances in the economy and the administration ‘s response to the matter of good governance and for the benefit of the people, and in line with what we have made of the covenants and promises to proceed with the reform project, and what we’ve accomplished so far from the steps and continuous efforts to fight corruption and the formation of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, and to provide the capabilities necessary and sufficient for the work of the regulatory agencies and the prosecution of corrupt and protection. ”
He continued Abadi,” it was the outcome of our work, we have , after extensive study of a large list of candidates technocrats, we chose names that have been submitted, and we expected that it would meet some of theobjections of those who look to reform a glance narrow interests, and who confuse the principle of partnership and quotas, as is happening now. ”
and” we presented the list of cabinet reshuffle of technocrats two weeks ago , according to public demands, and we asked at the time of the Council of Representatives to accept or reject or propose amendments, has to committees of the House of Representatives to reject many of the names of candidates for the list submitted by us. ”
He noted the prime minister” after the dialogue with the parliamentary blocs, we went towards the national document for reform as one of the joint employment options with the House of Representatives, was a second list of ministers technocrats reached and we presented again two days ago on the members of the the House ofRepresentatives. ”
However , the prime minister said , ” Unfortunately , we have noticed a difference and intersections between theHouse of Representatives on the first and second well and earned a split in the Council on other things unrelated to the origin of the reform and the ministerial amendment intended, but political chaos could lead to instability God forbid, and lead Iraq into the unknown, and can not accept the chaos that displays the interests of our people at risk, warning “to be reform and a variation on the details and its fractions, a gateway to further division and fragmentation and a chance some exploited to disrupt and confuse and waste primary goal of comprehensive reform.”
he said , “We have started a comprehensive reform and it was assumed the ministerial change to be a simple episode of this reform, but that it ends up differences and divisions, that is contrary to the reforms that let them, and that the cabinet reshuffle , which we asked is to pay the government the wheel to the front is not disabled, and help the country overcome the financial and economic crisis that hit the Petroleum exporting countries, and tosupport and promote the great victories achieved by our heroine and mobilized fighter and Peshmerga militant. ”
He stressed that” the current environment does not allow to leave the country at a government vacuum politician or we live a state of defiance and war, and can not leave the country on this case, as that of the basic components of did not correspond to the change of ministers at the present time, which may generate a state of fragmentation and cracking which Antmanah, was upset in partnership and national unity that we need now to confront theterrorist Daash. ”
He explained Abadi , that” the differences in the House of Representatives, and the lack of consensus on thereshuffle, led to disable it at the present time, and continue to do so may contribute to obstruct the work of thegovernment, it affects the heroic liberation of military operations our towns and villages of the occupation terrorist Daash and return of displaced persons to their towns. ”
He argued that” there are ever – present harm to engulf the country because of the conflict interests and contradictory visions, and you can not fix that pays off in light of bickering and divisions, with our keen desire to maintain communal balances and political participation of all segments of Iraqi society, and these starting points and the responsibility entrusted to us. ”
the Prime Minister called” patience and wisdom , and to provide an opportunity for ongoing dialogues so as not to hamper the march of the state. ”
the Prime Minister” we’re going to continue in the government business, packages and other comprehensive reforms and the management of the war and protect the security of citizens until they provide another opportunity appropriate to the House of Representatives to vote in the coming days on the reshuffle , which we offered. ” He
also stressed, that “change and reform is an ongoing process, if objected to some of the names excuse for not voting on them, Iraq is full of competencies and capabilities of those who will work to serve the country, we will give the bench to fall argument and achieve the desired change, but to be achieved and will be achieved, God willing, it does not make sense that is disabled by the work of ministries and citizens ‘ interests , which some people want, at a time we stress that your demands are our goal and that you will stay help us achieve change and reform. ”
He noted , ” We have put in front of surrender to the chaos and division and disagreements and dragging thecountry into the unknown and falling into the abyss option, this option we can not give in to him and strongly reject it , and we have chosen instead of him to move the road that we designed from the start to walk in it ,despite the difficulties and obstacles that Tlahzawnha, unaware that the reform and the fight against the corrupt, is the other battle is not easy, but our people is the one who should win it no matter how long it takes . ” .
The face of the commander of the armed forces , “greetings and appreciation to the fighters Champions fervent defenders of the homeland and the people, and a greeting for every drop of blood shed by the martyr or wounded, salute them, because they were and remain truthful Isargaran and Almtsamin above differences and personal interests , and they continued their defense for their homeland and their people with honor, and every on investigating their people amazing feats and wreaking gang Daash over the defeat, where he bled to you today Bushra edit Hit entire city. ”
” I salute them and their families and for their dedication and their love for Iraq, their proud and for trivialize everything and harness all the resources of the state, and the remaining battle is provided on all considerations and has a top priority, “calling on the Iraqi people that” continue standing behind their troops heroine until weachieve the final victory and disinfect every corner of our pure, this victory is a victory for all Iraqis and serve thepresent and future and restore security and stability and all the displaced people to their homes in safety reassured by the help of God . ” .

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and Barzani discuss the reshuffle and agree to a deeper study of the ways to solve


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq met with the president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the latter’s office in Irbil Tuesday, 12.04.2016.
According to a statement of the Supreme Council and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today , “His Eminence discussed with Mr. Barzani placed reshuffle and comprehensive reforms, a chapter on the search for political reform initiative submitted by the Supreme Council out of the current crisis.
” The two sides agreed to a deeper study of the ways to solve, while Barzani expressed a great understanding for the initiative and stressed the depth of thehistorical relationship between the two parties and the need for continuity for the good. ”
the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al – Hakim arrived in the city of Irbil on Tuesday.
the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, launched last week, national initiative for reform, and included through a two – track map for the formation of a technocrat government to lead the country out of the critical situation that the reached him, and overcome the current political stalemate, and the preservation of the pillars of thepolitical process, and coordination and cooperation among the various political forces, and the road map put forward by Mr. Hakim includes fulfill the desire of theLibyan and popular in qualitative changes in the government ‘s performance in all his joints, and at different levels of responsibility, as well as to maintain the constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy of the government, and to provide appropriate political covers are ; to help them to take significant and substantial steps, and the attribution of parliamentary and political great.
included the initiative on track first dealing with the current situation realistically Petrhidh, and Trchinh, and its rationalization, and prioritization, and continue to form a technocrat government, and the representation of the basic components participate in a government Altankoaqrat by giving them the right to nominate technocrats that was independent, or politically to specific sites within thespecifications and conditions set by the Prime Minister with the validity of the decision candidates, while suggesting the initiative to discuss the names submitted Katrchihat by the Prime Minister, and retain those who represent the concept oftechnocrats, and applicable upon specifications, and nominations entrusted to him, and will be adopted by the political forces that have a relationship with the site candidate for him.
the initiative also included in the track first adoption Minister who introduced them in the recently proposed ministerial his booth, and the prime minister to open thenomination of sites independent bodies door, and senior diplomats, military leaders, without exception, and the closure of appointments by proxy and vacancies in all government websites file, to have freedom of choice away from the political quota system interoperability, and by constitutional policies in all government sites, andspecial grades with keeping the national balance. it is
noteworthy that the political blocs expressed support for the initiative, stressing the need to take to achieve reform, and the country out of crisis. is over

Urgent Abadi: What happened in parliament , political chaos lead Iraq for the unknown

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, warned of the developments in Iraq and their reflection on the parliamentary situation.

Ebadi said in a televised speech to the Iraqi people on Thursday night, “It’s a political mess that could lead to instability God forbid, Iraq and leads into the unknown, and can not accept the chaos that displays the interests of our people at risk,” followed ..

The political body of the Sadrist movement: Maliki is one of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence

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 Baghdad balances News

He accused the political body of the Sadrist movement, a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki Baltbjeh desalinate patriotism and his attempt to ride the reform wave, saying that al-Maliki is one of the foundations of the basis of corruption, support and presence in Iraq, in a strongly worded statement posted on Saleh Mohammed of the Iraqi page which expresses identical views with visions the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

The authority said in its statement “after that the right to quotas and that the morning for all to see and demonstrated the Iraqi people patient who was a spoiler, and who was a reformer. After realizing Alkhaibon that the cycle time has sucked and that the people of Iraq had expelled them after Agamthm, kick-Maliki Botaver and the usual deception that does not fool only Albhm dupes to the illusion that the people calling for reform and the right of students. ”

“The right to be more than the basis of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence,” adding that “that caused the occupation of one-third of the land of Iraq and the creation of Tgam Marda hypocrisy and deceit Doaash crime and bloodshed is Sacred”.

The statement continued, accusing al-Maliki as a “who in Overnmtah Iraq has lost his children and wealth is even Pat occupies in all development rankings lowest and in all orders of the countries least”, past to say “have resulted in policies blundering improvised to problems with Iraq perimeter of the regional and with partners in the homeland and its people are still suffering them to this day. ”

He added that “al-Maliki appeared to brag desalinate patriotism and wisdom, and to ascend the wave of reform and Allah and His Messenger, and Iraqis know it is far from it all after Almcherqin.”

He said “at this critical juncture in Iraq’s history warn the people of this generous people that steal a political party or any political abused fraud and lying and fraud efforts and sacrifices that culminated in today’s achievements of reform.”

“All politicians from the rape of the people’s revolution triumphant also warned that opportunistic style of speech, which suggests that al-Maliki was and is still calling for reform while the Iraqis knew all that he was and still is the enemy of reform.”

Abadi discuss with the US general a great battle to liberate Fallujah and Mosul

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Search Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in his office Thursday with Central Command , the US military commander General Joseph Vutl victories achieved on terror Daash and preparations for the Liberation of the rest areas and the battle of Fallujah and Mosul gangs.

A statement by the prime minister’s office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “General Vutl reiterated his country’s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and the continued support of the United States military and security forces of Iraq in the areas of training and arming for the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory’s position.”

Deutsche Bank gives the holy city of Karbala {540} million dollars to create projects

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{Karbala: Euphrates News} Council revealed the holy city of Karbala member Jassim al-Maliki on Thursday for the release of the final approvals for the receipt of a grant from the German Bank of $ 540 million to set up a number of infrastructure projects in the province.

He said al – Maliki said in a statement issued by the council in Karbala received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that ” the German bank issued final approvals for the grant , estimated B540 million for the establishment of a number of infrastructure projects in the province.” 

He added that “among these projects is the construction of schools, hospitals , and 1,200 housing units, “pointing out that” it was lifting the requirement to provide a guarantee by the local government to the donor of the amount the company executing the project and will provide all the guarantees , subject to the Iraqi budget law and will be receiving the funds in the form of payments after the completion of the completion rates in these projects. ” 

the governor of Karbala has signed a contract worth $ 540 million, with the Foundation {BPAPC} German to implement service projects in the province, after unremitting efforts lasted three Snoat.anthy

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Joined Commander GEN Votel in as Iraqi forces today complete liberation of in province

Defense Minister receives US Central Central Command

Mr. Defense Minister, Dr. Khalid al-Obeidi, received, on Thursday, April 14, 2016, Gen. Joseph Votal US Central Command commander occasion of assuming his duties, replacing Gen. Lloyd Austin.

During the meeting, which was attended by all the Iraqi side, Army Chief of Staff and a number of senior officers and officials in the ministry and HE the US ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Stuart Jones, reviewed aspects of bilateral relations and the nature of future cooperation in various fields, particularly the military field, where he assured the guest that the United States of America It will step up its support for Iraq during the next stage you see the US administration and President Obama that it will be articulated in the defeat of the terrorist organization Daash in the region in general and Iraq in particular.

For his part, Defense Minister stressed the importance of continued cooperation between Iraq and the United States in various fields, praising the great role of the international coalition air support, advice and training on the military side, looking sovereignty to be supporting the coalition in the next stage, more broadly in order to eliminate terrorist groups.

The Minister also stressed the need to intensify the humanitarian support for the displaced, particularly with the entry of the decisive battles for liberation Mnattvadtha for the benefit of the Iraqi armed forces.

Hakim congratulating editing Hit .. Hit liberated today and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
congratulated the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim, the Iraqi people and thesecurity forces, liberation of Heath spend the entire western Anbar.
He said in congratulating him on his location social Altoas [Facebook], “we congratulate our people and we salute the heroes of our security forces who are re – Hit to the bosom of the nation after the liberation of theConception terrorism Aldaasha, we sought their hands to liberate the rest of the dust of the dear homeland.”
He said al – Hakim “today liberated Hit and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul, and we will continue to cleanse our cities of Conception Daash criminal, and will return our sun shines again after the break thesuccession diabolical and the state of misguidance and deviation.”
He announced anti – terrorism commander, on Thursday, for editing spend Hit fully Daash terrorist gangs.
, said Lt. Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi’s [where] that “anti – terrorism forces carried out fully eliminate the Heat from the gangs Daash terrorist edit and fumigated Conception Daash terrorist gangs.”
He said al – Asadi said ” the editing process resulted in the deaths of tens of Aldoaash and the destruction of their wheels and their hideouts. ”
the military operation was launched for clearing eliminate the Heat in late March, where the military operation lasted 14 days, it suffered a terrorist gangs which Daash great human and material losses.

Chairman of the parliament will meet with the heads and representatives of the blocs to discuss recent developments


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} held the presidency of the House of Representatives Thursday afternoon an expanded meeting with a number of heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs; to discuss the latest developments.
According to a statement to the House of Representatives and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, ” The meeting stressed their keenness on the political process, and the safety procedures of the legal and constitutional point of view , we announce Despite the lack of adherence to any site in the country ‘s leadership, but we find imperative that we not abandon the task Holy entrusted to us by the people, and his deputies in the Protection of theConstitution and the law, and to continue the process of reform and access to Iraq to safety, and not to return to the strife, and the use of violence and intimidation in theimposition of wills. ”
the statement added that” the presidency of the parliament and the heads of blocs said in order to continue the constitutional approach trodden parliament in anexpression of Representatives for the demands of their people, decided to board thepresidency of the Council of Representatives to continue Bjta normal scheduled. ”
and the statement that” the meeting will be held next Saturday 16/4/2016 at ten in the morning to listen to views on the presidency of the Council, and resolved inaccordance with legal and constitutional contexts to continue listen to the objectors House and demanding the resignation of chairman of the parliament, or the three presidencies. ” Ended h

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