Said presidential spokesman Khaled Huani responded in an interview for Twilight News, the president calls on all members of the House of Representatives to the meeting, which falls on Tuesday 19/4/2016 at two pm in the Council Chamber in order to encircle the repercussions of the situation in the House of Representatives.

The head of the Republic of Iraq Fuad Masum , a new initiative to resolve the crisis in the House of Representatives is made up of seven points. An extraordinary session includes inaccordance with Article 58 of the Iraqi Constitution. He also called for the convening of acomprehensive session of Parliament in accordance with Article 11, and in accordance with the initiative sitting of the Presidency in the ranks of the members of parliament members, and allows Jabouri delivered a speech to indicate his opinion on the crisis, and asked thedismissal of the Presidium of the parliament and put to the vote.
In the case of the insistence of the Council on dismissal elect a new body, but if rejected itcontinues the Presidium of the parliament to work.

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