The announcement of the Kurdistan Regional staff salaries distribution schedule



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توزيع رواتب موظفين إقليم كوردستان
Staff Kurdistan Regional distribution of salaries


Roudao – Erbil

Announced financial and garment in the Kurdistan Region, on Saturday, for the Kurdistan Regional distribution ofsalaries for the month of March agenda.

The agenda consists of the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Region of the following:

On Sunday, 04/24/2016:

1. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
2. The Ministry of Electricity
3. The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
4. The Ministry of Construction and Housing

On Monday and Tuesday 25-2016 / 4/26, the Ministry of Interior distribution of salaries.

On Wednesday, 04/27/2016:

1. The Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism
2. The Ministry of Awqaf

On Thursday, 28/4/2016:

1. The Ministry of Culture and Youth
2. The Ministry of Justice
3. The Ministry of Transport
4. The Ministry of Labor and Social Business
5. The Ministry of Industry
6-presidency of the region
7. presidency of the parliament
8. Cabinet

And retirees are the distribution of salaries of the Peshmerga forces and defense after the end of the distribution of salaries agenda.


Kurdistan: Kurds to attend the next session of Parliament is subject to chair a session of the al-Jubouri

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MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Arafat Karam, Saturday, that the Kurds share a hearing related to the upcoming House of Representatives Salim al-chair of the session.

Said Karam’s / balances News /, “The Kurds will attend the next session of parliament if the meeting announced by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri,” stressing at the same time that “the rest of the sessions illegitimate and do not share it.”

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP, he was “declaring al-Jubouri, the hearing will take part and everyone is discussing any topic arises, even if a change of the three presidencies,” stressing that “holding more than one session of Parliament difficult reform process.” It ended 29

Alloizi: Protesters agreed to attend Tuesday’s session and not allowing Jabouri Petrosha




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MP for the Iraqi coalition forces Abdul Rahman Alloizi, Saturday, that the sitters of Representatives agreed to attend Tuesday’s session and not allowing Parliament Speaker Salim al-story boarding-proclaimed president.

He Alloizi L / balance News /, “The sitters House of Representatives agreed to attend a parliament session on Tuesday and not ascend al-Jubouri, head of the Council”, stressing at the same time that “a quorum will not be achieved due to the freezing of the Liberal bloc and the non-participation of the Kurdistan Alliance without agreement on ministerial cabin.”

The MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces, the “sitters House of Representatives under the provision of the chest to the terms of the Liberal bloc’s withdrawal from the sit-in that will be voted on cabin technocrats became position is stronger than is the protesters deputies in parliament sitters House of Representatives,” noting that “all the political blocs do not agree on the formation of a technocratic cabins. ” It ended 29

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OPEC’s price settle at $ 40.11 a barrel


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{International: Euphrates News} The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} that the price of its basket of crudes 13 rose 1.65 dollars to settle at $ 40.11 a barrel.
The bulletin {OPEC} on her official website on Saturday that ” the annual rate for thebasket price last year was 49.64 dollars a barrel and settled the day at $ 40.11 a barrel.”
Comprises a basket {OPEC} , which is a reference in the level of production 13 policy of some sort are ores .. Iranian heavy and the deserts of Algeria and Basra , the Iraqi and Kuwaiti export and Libyan Seder and Bonnie Nigerian maritime Qatari light and Arab Saudi and Murban UAE and raw Venezuelan Girassol Angolan and Orient Ecuadorean Minas Indonesia.
the oil ministers {OPEC} had recommended at the conclusion of the ministerial meeting in Vienna in the fourth month of December last , member states need tofollow developments in the oil market carefully in the coming months while retaining the current production ceiling of the member states of the organization selected thirty million barrels Aumia.anthy


Fact: Sitters House of Representatives have agreed to attend the meeting Jubouri evening as a deputy



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MP Mutassim Badr parliamentary bloc Mohammed universe, Saturday, that the House of Representatives of the protesters insist that the House Speaker Salim al-story presence in the evening meeting of the deputies sitters as Vice President of the Council is not.

He said the fact that L / balance News /, “The head of the House of Representatives article Salim al-article ban to Parliament in order to broadcast cars ordered her out and tried to talk with the protesters who are deputies,” noting that “the House of Representatives of the protesters have refused to talk to him without the presence of the rest of the House of Representatives.”

He said the fact that “the House of Representatives and the protesters Afqu for attending to their meeting held today evening Alaorteur provided to attend as a deputy and not the president.” It ended 29

From: Haidar Almitm

Allawi visited Najaf and stresses, including an end to the quota system

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

visited the President of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi , the head of a delegation from the coalition holy city of Najaf.

A statement by the National Coalition received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Allawi “has led a delegation of members of the National Coalition and the National Accord Movement, on Saturday, visited the holy city of Najaf Ashraf and met a number of political events and the clergy in it .” 

The statement pointed out ” the conduct serious conversations during the meetings the delegation associated with inter national conditions and political movement was emphasized in the importance of maintaining national unity and integrity of the country and stability in and out of the suffocating crises experienced by Iraq through the rallying efforts to fight terrorism and corruption and to achieve national reconciliation.” 

Allawi stressed from the holy city of Najaf “the need to seize the historic opportunity through which Iraq and investing public the positive atmosphere to end the quota system abominable political and partisan, regional and sectarian marginalization, and pay attention to building a state of civil institutions and based on equality, justice and respect for the law values.”

Democratic Kurdistan: Kurds are united and they will send a delegation to Baghdad to address theproblems with the center


Saturday April 23, 2016 16:13

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Alsumaria News / Erbil
I consider the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party consultant Arif Rushdi, Saturday, that the common position of the blocks of Kurdistan in Baghdad, “a strong message” for all that they are united despite their differences, while pointing out that a joint delegation of all Kurdish parties will visit Baghdad in the coming period to hold serious talks and address the problems with the Center.
Said Rushdie, in an interview with Alsumaria’s News, said that “the common position of the blocks of Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament a strong message to all parties that the Kurds are united despite the presence of some of the political differences between them,” stressing “the need for the unity of the Kurdish speech in Baghdad in order to defend the rights of the Kurdish people as a second national and essential partner in Iraq. “

Rushdie said, “This is an opportunity for the position of Kurdish political parties to assume their responsibilities nationalism and patriotism”, expressed the readiness of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s “hold a meeting with the MDC to normalize relations between the two parties.”

He said Rushdie, that “a joint delegation of all Kurdish parties participating in the government and parliament of Kurdistan will visit Baghdad in the coming period,” noting that “the delegation will discuss seriously the nature of the relations between the province and Baghdad and to address existing problems between the two sides.”

The two Kurdish Democratic Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have decided in the (April 16, 2016), send a political delegation to Baghdad, noting that the delegation will carry the project includes the demands of the Kurds for a final solution to the problems.