The Ministry of Finance creates a new logo for it

  •  Time: 01/27/2022 14:36:21 
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The Ministry of Finance creates a new logo for it

{Local: Al Furat News} Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Ministry of Finance introduced a new visual identity for the ministry. 

A statement of the ministry, a copy of which was received by Al-Furat News Agency, said: “The new logo that inspired the design of the new visual identity of the Ministry of Finance from the ministry’s vision, which stems from its core values ​​of solidity, stability, and sustainability, and draws the features of its work through visual elements inspired by its civilization depth. cultural and national.

“The new logo bears a set of connotations that reflect the ministry’s vision and strategies in work and communication,” he added.

The statement pointed out that “of these indications, {palm fronds}, which represents an Iraqi symbol of sustainability and goodness rooted in Iraq, and (ornament and lock), which are considered a visual symbolism inspired by Baghdadi motifs, and bear an indication of the strength and solidity of the ministry’s work, financial strategies, and its cultural and civilizational depth.

He pointed out, “Writing the name of the Ministry of Finance using one of the most important and oldest Arabic fonts, which is the ‘Third’ font, which is consistent with the importance of the role played by the ministry in all its formations.”

The Finance noted that “the green color expresses the distinctive feature of the visual identity in terms of the land of Iraq, which was called the land of blackness due to the abundance of green in it, and it is an indication of the continuity of goodness,” explaining that “this slogan will be adopted in official correspondence and the symbolism of the Ministry of Identification.”


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