The biggest bloc dispute between the current and the framework… an expert ‘putting points on letters’

2022.01.10 – 17:44
The biggest bloc dispute between the current and the framework... an expert 'putting points on letters'

Baghdad – people   

On Monday, a legal expert revealed some constitutional details to resolve the controversy over what happened in the first parliament session, and the file of the major bloc.  

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Legal expert Mohsen Al-Moussawi said in a post on his Facebook platform, followed by “Nass”, (10 January 2022), that: “The provisions of Article (45) of the Iraqi Parliament Elections Law No. (9) of 2020 stipulated that ( No deputy, party, or bloc registered within an open list that won the elections has the right to move to a coalition, party, bloc or other list, except after the formation of the government immediately after the elections, without prejudice to the open or single lists registered before the elections were held from the coalition with other lists after the elections).   

He added, “For the first time in the election laws enacted by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, whether elections for parliament or provincial councils, such a text has been added, and that the Iraqi legislator, has put this text after the bad experience of some winners in the provincial elections, 2013 as well as The elections of the Iraqi Parliament 2014-2018, and the transfer of some winners from political blocs to another in the hope of some material or moral gains, and as mentioned in the Iraqi constitution many constitutional articles that stipulate (this is regulated by law) and this legal article is organizing a case Specific issues related to the winning blocs’ entitlements, whether in choosing the governors or forming the most numerous parliamentary bloc before choosing the prime minister.  

He continued, “The constitution and the law guarantee political parties and independent candidates the right to ally and integrate before the elections within legal periods issued by the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Political Parties and Organizations Law No. 36 of 2015”.  

He pointed out that “the submission of the request by the (coordinating framework) regarding the most numerous parliamentary bloc is illegal, because the framework bloc did not register a coalition before the elections or that it participated in the elections within a unified electoral list with a name, slogan, and a number for the coalition, similar to the Alliance of Progress, Al-Azm, or The Sadrist bloc, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, etc., and other parties that participated in the electoral process, but rather a group of blocs affiliated with the framework (the rule of law, wisdom, conquest, rights..etc).  

Al-Moussawi pointed out that “the Iraqi constitution stipulates in Article 54 that (the President of the Republic calls the Council of Representatives to convene by presidential decree within fifteen days from the date of ratification of the results of the general elections, and the session is held under the chairmanship of the oldest member to elect the Speaker and his two deputies, and it is not permissible to extend for more than the aforementioned period),” noting that “the tasks of the interim Speaker of the House of Representatives, the oldest member, are clear and specific to one task, which is to open the door for nomination to the Presidency of the House of Representatives.”  

He stressed that “other matters related to the House of Representatives, such as opening the door for nomination for the position of President of the Republic and receiving the request of the most numerous parliamentary bloc, are among the tasks of the permanent speaker of the House of Representatives elected by the people’s representatives in Parliament.”  

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On Sunday, the Sadrist bloc submitted the names and signatures of the most numerous parliamentary bloc in order to form a government.  

As soon as the elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, officially took office, the Sadrist bloc submitted the names and signatures of the most numerous parliamentary bloc.


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