Sources for the morning: the escape of tens of {Al-Da’ash} from Tal Afar

13/8/2017 1:54 AM

BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah /
Mosul / Shorouq Maher
Tikrit / Samir Adel The
data on the field of the field prove one day after the last emptiness and the end of the organization «Daqash» terrorist, as our troops yesterday seized the warehouse strategic storage of weapons and thousands of tons of ballistics and mines left after fleeing panic from Mosul .
The besieged Tal Afar district, according to the sources of «morning», witnessed the outbreak of the escape between the members and leaders of this enemy against the background of the approaching date of the battle to liberate.
Quantities of confiscated weapons
The Ministry of Defense announced that, based on accurate information, great efforts and pre-emptive operations, a military intelligence force carried out a duty in the Musheirfa area north-west of the right-hand Mosul coast.
It was able to seize a very large depot representing the strategic stockpile of weapons and battered gangsticks, which contains hundreds of light and medium weapons and various types of gear.
The head of the federal police forces, Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat, revealed that the gangs left thousands of tons of shells, improvised explosive devices, booby traps, mines, mortars and heavy weapons in the city of Mosul, adding that the engineering teams are making extraordinary efforts to cleanse the right side and completely clean the neighborhood.
He said a federal police force had found a training center in the old clock in Mosul and killed a terrorist wearing an explosive belt who tried to attack a checkpoint in the Yarmouk district and seized 10 explosive belts, 15 bazurkas, 30 miscellaneous metal containers and 4
The correspondent of the «morning» quoted the police chief of Nineveh, Brigadier General Wathiq al-Hamdani, confirmed the discovery of 32 belts explosive and 600 lightning and mobile devices ready to link and detonation and dozens of barrels containing explosive materials used in the manufacture of IEDs and the booby-traps of the wheels and houses, were hidden in the areas of revolution and Wadi Akkab Western Mosul, and was transferred to the headquarters of the operations of Nineveh, as local security forces continue to search for the remnants of «dashing» of weapons and explosive belts and explosives in the general public of the
right coast .
Gangs execute elements
and boycotted district of Tal Afar (60 km west of Mosul) which is surrounded by pieces ofbody popular crowd several months ago, a colonel in command of joint operations Khalid Al- Jawary said in a statement to us, that « the popular crowd forces killed about six Doaash by trying to escape at dawn yesterday Elimination towards the Syrian-Iraqi border ».
He noted that these forces are deployed extensively on the outskirts and perimeter of the judiciary to monitor and kill those fleeing from these terrorists.
Inside Tal Afar, there has been a widespread outbreak of desertion between terrorist leaders and leaders, making bandits resort to mass executions of those who tried to flee.
The captain of Nineveh police Ahmed al-Obeidi said that these gangs carried out yesterday a mass execution involving 20 of its members after their arrest while trying to get out of Tal Afar escape from facing the types of military units expected to announce the zero hour of the launch of the battle to storm and liberate Tal Afar.
Al-Obeidi said that the so-called “Qadi Qadash” carried out the execution by firing squad in the head and feet area for those evangelists, both locals and Arabs.
Revealing that the (Qadi preacher, called, Abu Safwan al-Mutawti) told elements urging the existing judiciary that this is the fate of anyone who tries to escape from another (bastion of the successor to an advocate),
he said. Fleeing attempts to flee the desert not only to Tal Afar, but thwarted parts of the Iraqi army stationed in the northern Salahaddin province trying to escape a group of these terrorists from the mountain range of Makhoul towards the desert of the province open to the Syrian border, as explained the commander of the 66th Brigade Brigadier General Kazem Jaafar said in a statement to the correspondent «morning» that our forces were able to kill 15 terrorists and the destruction of four wheels of four-wheel drive carrying heavy weapons in the area of ​​the Abiter near the Talul Balag north of Salah al-Din was trying to escape from the mountains of Makhoul towards the desert north of the province, He pointed out that the terrorist gangs in the mountain range of Makhoul and the left coast of the district of Sharqat live in a state of refraction and defeat because of the tight security cordon imposed by the security forces and the popular crowd, which runs along the Hamrin and Makhoul ranges, Noting that the Iraqi army flight managed to paralyze the movements of terrorists in the desert north of Salah al-Din by addressing any wheel of the enemy trying to move between the region and the other. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) forces also control the border with Syria and prevent the opening of any gap through which the terrorists infiltrate, according to the information of the body, which confirmed in a statement that the thirteenth brigade mobilized the people managed during the early hours of Saturday morning to thwart the In addition to the destruction of two wheels, one carrying a 23mm weapon and the other a mortar. Nine of them were killed and four others were injured. He said that the popular crowd was thwarted from time to time by similar attempts to open the border. A loophole may allow them to escape Syrian territories. Anbar province is also ready to take part in the operations of the far west of Anbar, which is also on the border with Syria. The so-called “former Wali of the Euphrates” was killed by the terrorist (Stir Kamel al-Dulaimi), who is responsible for the explosive belts, Baghdadi, the leader of a sympathetic). In addition, the security officer of the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar, Brigadier Nabil Hassan Nasser, announced the start of the training of two factions of the tribesmen of the province to participate in the liberation of cities from him and Rawa and al-Qaim adjacent to the Syrian border, stressing the introduction of intensive courses in preparation for the upcoming operation.  In turn, the officer stressed the mobilization of the Anbar clans, Col. Khalaf Matar Ali, that the sons of the tribes have the willingness and willingness to sacrifice precious and generous in order to liberate any inch of the soil of the homeland, and the regiments of him and Rawa and Baghdadi and Almomhal tribal mobilization will also participate in the liberation and holding of Western areas Editing. The Anbar tribesmen are taking part in large-scale military operations against Da’ash in the province and are helping to hold liberated areas alongside the police andthe army.

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