MP Dakhil: Kurdish state dream and expect to join the change to the negotiating delegation {expanded}

Release date: 2017/8/12 21:14 

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The deputy of the Kurdistan Alliance Vian Dakhil, that the dream of the Kurdish state is everyone in Kurdistan, and now it is imperative to us to achieve.

“I am part of the negotiating delegation going to Baghdad, and we formed the delegation to negotiate with the government of Baghdad and there are important points that will be presented during the meeting,” Dakhil told the Al-Furat News news agency. “I do not back down from the referendum that will be held on September 25, Pointing out that “we do not want to go to the referendum without the consent of the Government of Baghdad and it is best for all parties to have dialogues and negotiations between the parties.” 

“We have been partners since 2003, but we found that this partnership has reached an extent that can not be continued more so we went to the option of the referendum of the Kurdish people is to remain or separate from the one map of Iraq.” 

She explained that “the Kurdish delegation is coming to Baghdad either tomorrow or the day after,” asserting that “Massoud Barzani explained to the US Secretary of State the importance of this subject to the Kurdish people, and we can not retreat from the referendum only with stronger guarantees than the declaration of the Kurdish state.” 

“We are going to Baghdad to negotiate on the question of the referendum first, and all things are on the table and we will tell our owners and why we got to this matter and what are the means to achieve this means. The dream of achieving the state is a dream that everyone wants and now we have to achieve.” 

“The subject of the referendum is not an issue of flight, it is a step that will come on its day. The subject of the dream of the Kurdish state is a dream for everyone. There is no bloc or party in the region that does not want to disagree with the proposals from one person to another or from one party to another, Pointing out that “all these differences can be overcome under the line to initiate the referendum.” 

“The head of this delegation is Rush Nuri Shaways will lead the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad, and it is hoped that the delegation to join the personalities of the Change Bloc.” 

The Kurdish parties agreed on June 7 to hold the referendum on September 25 and the elections on November 6, except for opposition to change and the Kurdistan Islamic Group. 

The countries of Iran, Turkey, the United States, Russia, the United Nations and Germany, as well as Baghdad, have opposed holding a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan to threaten the unity of Iraq. 

The President of the region Massoud Barzani earlier, the referendum resolution “irreversible” and “will prevent the occurrence of disasters in the region,” noting “we seek to achieve this through dialogue with Baghdad and regional powers to avoid conflict.”

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