Standard & Poor’s confirms Iraq’s credit rating at B- / B … with a stable outlook



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Standard & Poor’s on Friday confirmed Iraq’s credit rating at B- / B with a stable outlook, but predicted a cut in oil production would affect economic growth in 2017.

The credit rating agency attributed a stable outlook to expectations of continued budget control efforts in the next few years.

Standard & Poor’s said the rating received support from Iraqi oil production being concentrated in areas under the firm control of the federal government.


Urgent coming, Tal Afar: edit 16 alive and 12 survival

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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} announced the leadership of operations are coming Tal Afar liberation of 16 districts of Tal Afar gangs and called the terrorist and the survival of 12 alive.
A statement of the cell of the military information received by the {Euphrates News} a copy of it to the position of neighborhoods liberated and unedited and areas of operations are coming, Tal Afar, according to each axis from the beginning of the operation last Sunday to Friday ”
He added that” the Southwest Cutter, “The districts of
the federal police center, the rapid response and the popular crowd in the northwestern sector are six neighborhoods that are free of it,” he said. Three are the fight North of unity, Saad, and the neighborhoods remaining , three – namely spring and Qadisiyah the first second and Qadisiyah. ”
The statement continued that” the eastern axis band ninth Armored Division Abbas {G} combat forces and the band Imam Ali {G} combat brigade on the bigger the 16 alive liberation , including eight which is the island The North, the North Island, the Green, the Tanakh, the First Light, the Second Light, the Victory and the First Arabism. The remaining neighborhoods are Hassan Qawi, Arabism II, Muthanna, Muthana II, Salam,
He explained that “the number of areas liberated for all axes is 16 or the number of areas remaining for all axes are 12,” noting that “the area of ​​the district of Tal Afar 26 thousand and 600 km 2, and the area of ​​the liberated from 10 thousand and 100 km 2.”

The results of the sixth day of those coming, Tal Afar, and the killing of 81 righteous

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The Popular Forces and the rest of the security forces were supported by the army on the sixth day of operations coming Tal Afar quickly progressed where important areas of the judiciary were liberated, the most important area of ​​Al-Halabiya east Tal Afar, which is the most important stronghold for the judiciary, Contact in the center of Tal Afar.

“The popular mobilization of the 17th Brigade and the 15th Division of the Iraqi Army succeeded in liberating the Al-Mahalibya area east of Tal Afar in full after the provisions of the encirclement by 350 degrees and the liberation of surrounding villages, and the enemy suffered heavy losses due to the clashes,” the statement said. Which took place during the liberation. ” 

“The sites and neighborhoods controlled by the villages are Musheirefah, Marisha, Aqabat, Talib on the outskirts of Al-Halabiya, and the liberation of Silo Tal Afar, Al-Sa’ad, Al-Tala ‘, Forests and Unity 2, as well as the liberation of four schools and three mosques.

On the state of the enemy in Tal Afar, the statement said that “the popular crowd and the security forces fought clashes today in the districts of the center of Tal Afar, and after the enemy lost the ability to confrontation resorted to rely on the detachments of sniper and disabled with the wheels mined, and taken from the tunnels and headquarters of the passage of movement and closure The streets leading to the center of Tal Afar with earthmounds and concrete blocks in order to block the advanced forces, but our blocks have passed the obstacles and achieved the points of contact met from several axes. 

The statement pointed to “the escape of several elements from the north-western neighborhoods of Tal Afar towards the center of the judiciary.” 

On the losses of the enemy, the statement said that “the popular crowd artillery were able to destroy the headquarters and additions to the enemy in the axis of Al-Halabi and other axes and control the largest laboratory for the mining and plating of the wheels and control of the military information center for the addition of control of the largest storage of equipment and aviation path for the head in Tal Afar.” 

According to the 

statement, “the engineering teams of the popular crowd and other sectors kept pace with the progress of the units by opening roads and dismantling the mined houses, as the enemy adopted the method of mining in all districts of Tal Afar , As well as the dismantling of the packagings in the neighborhoods that were liberated from the start of operations and until now, while the engineering of the security units completed the disinfection of Saylou Tal Afar.

The official map .. Iraqi forces reach the heart of Tal Afar and “big” retreat of the areas of control is encouraging

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The Joint Operations Command on Friday published a map showing the arrival of Iraqi forces in the center of Tal Afar, west of the city of Mosul.
The map also showed a decline in the control areas of the organization is called “large”.
For his part, the commander of the operations “coming to Yatlafar” special forces team, the corner of the armored brigade, the 35th Armored Division and the 2nd Brigade of the popular crowd was able to liberate the first neighborhood of Oroba, Iraqi flag over buildings.

The joint forces reach the fortress of Tal Afar

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The security forces participating in the operations are coming, Tal Afar, on Friday, to the ancient fortress of Tal Afar to meet the masses of the popular crowd and tighten the screws on the gangs of the terrorist.

“The security units arrived at the ancient Tal Afar fortress south of Tal Afar district to meet with the 11th Brigade / the crowd,” said a statement issued by the Iraqi Popular News Agency. 

He added that the groups of the popular crowd and the security forces tightened the grip on a supporter. 

The popular crowd and the federal police released the electric power stores in Tal Afar and engaged in violent clashes with a terrorist in the al-Nida neighborhood of the district.

Barzani ahead of the referendum by two serious decisions on the budget of 2018 and the next Iraqi government


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Baghdad today – follow up

“The report told the ambassadors of foreign ambassadors in Iraq visited Erbil, said that the province will not discuss again with Baghdad on the ministries and the budget.

“President Barzani clearly announced in three separate meetings held today with the ambassadors of Britain, Germany and the European Union that the referendum will not be postponed,” said Horman Hawrami said on his Facebook site that “he told them that the region will not discuss with Baghdad on the ministries and the budget.”

“We are not going to hold talks with Baghdad on ministerial posts and the budget again, and any person or state or party that demands postponement of the referendum should offer the people of Kurdistan a better and more secure alternative to achieving independence,” Barzani was quoted as saying.