Governor of Kirkuk reveals a single legal condition allows to postpone the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan


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Baghdad today – follow-up

“The Kurdistan state is inevitable and there is a determination to hold a referendum on independence within the Kurdistan region, including Kirkuk,” the governor of Kirkuk said in an interview with a Kurdish station, adding that the future Kurdish state would be the best neighbor for Iran and Turkey.

In an interview with RODAO, Karim stressed the completion of preparations for the referendum in Kirkuk, expressing his confidence in voting “yes” in the process.

“The referendum can not be held for Kurds only. Kirkuk also includes the Arabs, the Turkmans and the Chaldeans. There are various components, so the process will take place in all of Kirkuk. It does not appear that Hawija will be liberated on September 25, but 85% of the judiciary is now in Kirkuk. In Kirkuk voters lists the right to participate in the referendum. “

“The United States is not against the referendum, but it is better to postpone the referendum until after the Iraqi elections,” Karim said. “The Kurdish state is coming and will be the best neighbor for Iran and Turkey.

The governor of Kirkuk spoke of the existence of a single condition that allows the postponement of the independence referendum, saying: “The official letter must be directed to the government, whether to head the Kurdistan region or the presidency of the Council of Ministers by the superpowers, and read an official statement to persuade the Kurdish leaders to postpone the process. One of the roads, but it was not done without payment. “

Democratic Kurdistan: We will not give movement “no referendum” larger than its size and the Iraq of today is different

Kurdistan Democratic: We will not give the movement "no referendum" larger than its size and Iraq today is different
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A member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Fadhil Mirani on Friday the impact of anti-referendum movement on the street in the Kurdistan Region, while describing the current Iraq as completely different from what it was before 2003, he stressed that the formation of an independent state of Kurdistan will solve its economic and political problems .

Mirani said in a televised interview with the channel “Kurdistan TV”, that “we should not give the movement that calls for a vote” no referendum “larger than its size, and there is no need for the Kurdistan Regional Government to intervene in this issue.

He added that “Iraq created an environment that forced us to gold to the referendum and independence,” calling on countries that call on Kurdistan to postpone the referendum to grant guarantees in exchange for that.

Mirani said that “we can not declare independence immediately after the referendum, even if we argued that Iraq agreed to independence, how many years required to divide the borders between us and them in addition to determine the financial loans that will be borne by the debt of Iraq,” saying that “the issue of independence is not It’s so easy and it takes time. “

“The international community is not against the referendum and will not allow the situation in the region to worsen if Kurdistan is exposed to danger because the situation in the region does not bear more problems than it currently has,” he said.

Mirani noted that “there are no obstacles to the delegation of Kurdistan in its ongoing meetings in Baghdad and this is positive,” noting that “Iraq is a new Iraq, the fact that what is going on in dialogues not with guns and aircraft as it was in the past, and if we feel positive dialogues, we will continue and disagreement That’s not it. “

On the independence of Kurdistan, Mirani said that “if we form the state of Kurdistan will solve our economic problems and countries will go to Kurdistan to set up projects and grant us the necessary loans that Iraq prevents us, and our economic and political situation will be better in a democratic regime that respects rights and freedoms.”



What are the issues of the National Alliance of the Kurdish delegation?

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Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Kurdish official in the National Alliance Abdullah al-Zaidi revealed the coalition’s demand Kurdish delegation to put a paper bearing all the problems called the “mothers of the issues.”
Zaidi told the {Euphrates News} “was agreed between the National Alliance and the Kurdish delegation to hand over the last paper in which all the issues and what they believe and what are the mothers of issues and problems and what are the solutions,” adding: “We as a national coalition will open a paper to diagnose the problems and solutions, and then meet these papers to come out With a single and comprehensive will, “referring to” the meeting of the two sides on Sunday to submit the papers. ”
He pointed out that “the Kurdish delegation came to Baghdad to meet the delegation of the National Alliance, which represents eight political parties so that there will be a single university will be a view of crossing the alliance with the Kurdish delegation, and was a lot of talk on the principle of partnership and consensus and federalism.
He pointed out that ”
Zaidi said that “the National Alliance from the beginning agreed that the talk about the referendum, and that the dialogue is open according to two principles, are we ready to return in the principle of partnership, and the second we have to diagnose the administrative and financial problems and technical solutions within the Constitution and the law.
He pointed out that “the Kurds have a perception that the referendum was set a date for him, the 25 September next; but the internal and external ground is not encouraging for this referendum and the regional environment accepted, so we asked to postpone the referendum issue for a certain period until they convinced the mechanisms agreed upon in the papers” .
He pointed out that “the National Alliance was positive and flexible and expressed readiness to negotiate on resolving outstanding differences and problems, and adherence to the region and its people.”

Sources for the «Journal News»: Kurdish delegation loses the reference paper on the referendum


The Kurdish delegation negotiating for a referendum in Kurdistan may return without a meeting expected by the religious authority in Najaf province, according to identical sources.

The sources told the «Journal News», that “the Kurdish delegation did not enjoy the support of the Iraqi government to hold a referendum and he seeks to meet the reference as an influential center in the correction of the management of the federal government, but the reference does not welcome the visit of any delegation of Iraqi political or regional to discuss the Iraqi political affairs “He said.

A source close to the reference in an earlier statement to «Journal News» that the reference will not meet with the Kurdish delegation to discuss any political thing.

The Kurdish delegation negotiating the referendum arrived in the capital Baghdad on Monday, and held meetings with a number of officials in the federal government to discuss the referendum of Kurdistan.

Legal expert talks about the dangerous difference between the independence and separation of the Kurdistan region


Political issues

Friday 18 August 2017 06:46 PM

Baghdad / … A legal expert, on Friday, there is a difference between the terms of independence and separation from the legal point of view.

“The great and dangerous consideration of independence means expelling the part to all,” said Tariq Harb in a statement read by Iraq News. “Separation means leaving the part to all, and independence under international law is legitimate. Separation is illegal.”

“The independence of the province means that the region is a colony of another state and that this colony will be liberated and get independence and that the territory is subject to the Iraqi occupation and the end of colonialism and the Iraqi occupation of the region.”

“The separation is when a part of the state leaves that country with which it has many ties and equal rights and duties. There is no colonization or occupation and a new state, as happened in Sudan, when the southern part of the state of Sudan and the establishment of the state were cut off, The name of the state of southern Sudan, “adding,” The colonial example great independence of multiple States in Asia and Africa, including the independence of Iraq from British colonialism last century. “

“Independence does not require constitutional and legal procedures to be achieved by the constitution and laws of the occupied and colonized State. The matter is therefore transferred from an internal matter to an international question concerning the right to self-determination of colonized and occupied peoples.

“Although the official statements from Baghdad or Erbil were ignored, the Erbil statement mentioned the hint and independence signal, and other issues have faded,” Harb said.

It is noteworthy that a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan region arrived in Baghdad on Monday to discuss the issue of holding the Kurdish referendum with officials of the federal government. The delegation held a series of meetings, in Baghdad. Finished


London newspaper: Abadi is heading to turn the scales of the Green Zone with a decisive victory in three provinces


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Baghdad today – follow-up

Al-Arab newspaper in London said that there is an Iraqi trend to eliminate the organization calling for a single strike in the launch of the liberation of Tal Afar and Hawija and cities in western Anbar at the same time indicating that this will turn the scales within the Green Zone election for the benefit of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Before the end of the year.

The newspaper quoted senior military sources in Baghdad as saying that “Iraqi forces may launch simultaneous operations to restore these areas all.”

Currently, the organization controls six districts in four Iraqi provinces, Tal Afar in Nineveh, Hawija in Kirkuk, the left coast of Sharqat in Salah al-Din, and the districts of Anata, Rawa and al-Qa’im in the far west of Anbar province.

Tal Afar, the last stronghold in Nineveh, after the expulsion of the organization from most of the areas under his control in the province.

On the Tal Afar battle, the newspaper quoted an unnamed Iraqi official as saying: “The Abadi prime minister and his American and Turkish allies want to a certain extent a clean operation in Tal Afar,” adding that “the intelligence assessments confirm that the da’id defenses in Tal Afar are shaky and need to be eliminated. Civilians and maintain infrastructure. “

“Nobody wants to destroy a new Iraqi area and face another wave of displacement.”

The Arabs say that Iraqi military units redeployed in locations in the far west of Anbar, in reference to the imminent launch of a military operation, while military sources talk about the issuance of orders to move Iraqi forces from the coast of Mosul right newly restored to Hawija.

It is located near Hawija, Kurdish military units belonging to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani, and other Turkoman Shiite Badr Organization led by Hadi Amiri.

These units want to participate in the Sunni Arab Hawija process. And face this desire, an objection from the Arab tribes allied with the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq Massoud Barzani in the region.

“Arbil, the capital of the Kurdish region,” fears that Shiite and Kurdish units close to Iran will carry out reprisals in Hawija, leading to the creation of a spirit of revenge against the neighboring Kurds among Sunni Arab communities in the region, “Barzani told the newspaper.

Hawija is described as the stronghold of the most ferocious and extremist leaderships in Dahesh, located between the oil-rich south-west of Kirkuk and disputed by Arabs and Kurds, and related to the Kurdish majority areas, which the Kurdistan region is trying to annex.

Near al-Qaim, in the far west of Anbar, a strategic point between Iraq and Syria, the popular crowd is trying to strengthen its military presence after its troops arrive at the border. But that threatens the presence of US troops, which are being stationed at the nearby al-Tanf base, according to US officials.

Al-Qaim is located near the border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, so it is of great strategic importance to the three countries. US troops in the region are encouraging Sunni Arab residents of western Anbar to join forces with regular Iraqi forces in the process of restoring al-Qa’im to fill the vacuum.

Arabs say the emergence of Iran’s Qods Force commander Qasim Soleimani in the border areas between Iraq and Syria is alarming signals to the Americans about Iran’s desire to strengthen its influence there by supporting the deployment of popular mobilization forces in the region in an effort to control the border and ensure the implementation of Tehran’s plan to secure A land route between Iran and Syria across Iraqi territory and into Lebanon where the important ally, Hezbollah.

Abadi is looking to reap the political fruits of the series of military successes in his reign that led to the reestablishment of a preacher and led to the restoration of about 90 percent of the land that was out of state power under his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, according to observers.

They say that “victory in Tal Afar may not be enough now, and the fragmentation of the remaining battles may be lost, the content of the victory that awaits the slaves.”

“The Iraqi prime minister is trying to close a” dossier “before the end of this year so that he can benefit from his propaganda in the April 2018 election, which is expected to be difficult, given the desire of the Shiite parties loyal to Iran led by al-Maliki, The restoration of power, from the “moderate Shiite wing,” represented by Abbadi.


MP close to Abadi: Saudi delegation, led by CP, to visit Baghdad soon


August 18 2017 05:19 PM
MP close to Abadi: Saudi delegation, led by CP, to visit Baghdad soon
MP close to Abadi: Saudi delegation, led by CP, to visit Baghdad soon

Member of Parliament for the coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar al-Bayati expected that Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman will lead a Saudi delegation visiting Baghdad soon.

In statements on Friday, the MP close to Prime Minister Haider al Abadi added that Saudi Arabia is keen on opening a new page that aims at fostering bilateral relations between the two countries. This comes after a number of visits that were held by Abadi, Interior Minister Qasim Al Araji and Sadrist Movement Leader Muqtada al-Sadr to Saudi Arabia in the past period.


He added that the date of the visit of the Saudi delegation was not set yet.


Earlier, various sources and officials said that a high-profile Saudi delegation, led by the Crown Prince, is expected to visit Baghdad to discuss means of boosting mutual ties.


Meanwhile, member of parliament’s foreign affairs committee Khaled al-Assadi said the Saudi visit is not confirmed yet, adding that the committee was not notified with the visit.


Urgent : Kurdish delegation cancels visit to Najaf scheduled tomorrow


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A source familiar with the delegation of Kurdistan, which is visiting the capital Baghdad since Monday, has canceled his visit to the province of Najaf, which was scheduled on Saturday.
The source told the agency of all Iraq [where] that “it is not yet known why the cancellation of the visit, which was visited by the Kurdish delegation, references religion in Najaf and the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr.”
He added that “the delegation will conclude his visit to Baghdad, meet with Vice President of the President of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, and then return to the province of Kurdistan.”
It is noteworthy that a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan region arrived in Baghdad on Monday to discuss the issue of holding the Kurdish referendum with officials of the federal government. The delegation held a series of meetings, in Baghdad.

Japan and Australia announce their support for the dialogues between the referendum delegation of Kurdistan and Baghdad

Japan and Australia announce their support for the dialogues between the referendum delegation of Kurdistan and Baghdad
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 3 hours ago

The two embassies of Australia and Japan in Iraq on Friday expressed their support for the ongoing dialogues between the referendum delegation of the Kurdistan Region and the government and parties and political forces in Baghdad.

“There are important dialogues between the delegation and Baghdad that we hope will succeed,” Australian Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Langman told reporters after a meeting with the delegation of Kurdistan.

Ambassador Erbil and Baghdad called for more work to overcome differences and outstanding issues between them.

For his part, a member of the delegation of Kurdistan Saadi Bira told reporters that we thanked the Australian ambassador for the assistance provided by his country to the region, and its participation in the war against the organization is calling.

He added that the ambassador wished the success of the delegation of Kurdistan in its dialogues and negotiations with Baghdad, noting that the ambassador had told them that they will remain friends of the Kurds in various cases.

The delegation also met with Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai in Baghdad.

The ambassador told reporters after the meeting that his meeting with the delegation of Kurdistan was successful and discussed the issues being discussed between the delegation and Baghdad.

He added that his country is waiting for the results of the meetings between Arbil and Baghdad.

After requesting ISIS trial, Iran, Maliki shall not go unpunished


August 18 2017 03:28 PM
Maliki, Iran should be tried for supporting ISIS
Maliki, Iran should be tried for supporting ISIS

Iraq asked for international help on Wednesday to collect and preserve evidence of crimes by ISIS terrorists and said it is working with Britain to draft a United Nations Security Council resolution to establish the investigation.


Experts asked Minister Haider al-Abadi to present a request to the UN to try supporters of ISIS and countries harboring ISIS’ leaders such as Iran, which considered the godfather of the terrorist group.


They particularly demanded the trial of Mullah regime and former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki for the support they provided and still provide to ISIS in Iraq.


Mosul’s fall three years ago has to be addressed and investigated, they added.


In 2015, an Iraqi parliamentary panel called for former prime minister Maliki and dozens of other top officials to stand trial over the fall of the of Mosul.


In June 2017, the parliamentary legal committee requested the attorney general to reopen the issue of Mosul’s fall in ISIS’ grip, a move that will lead to the trial of Iraqi officials, including  Maliki.


The 15-member Security Council could have established an inquiry into ISIS crimes without Iraq’s consent, but Britain wanted Iraq’s approval in a letter formally making the request. Iraq sent the letter on Monday.


The Iraqi government said in the letter that it was important to bring ISIS terrorists to justice in Iraqi courts.


Crimes committed by ISIS against civilians and destruction of infrastructures and archeological sites are crimes against humanity, Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari wrote in the letter.


He noted that its perpetrators should be brought to justice.


“We request assistance of the international community to get benefited from international expertise to criminalize ISIS terrorist entity,” Jaafari added.


“I hope that the Iraqi government’s letter will mark the beginning of the end of impunity for genocide and other crimes that ISIS is committing in Iraq and around the world,” international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney said in a statement.


“Yazidis and other ISIS victims want justice in a court of law, and they deserve nothing less,” Clooney said.


Britain, Clooney and Nadia Murad, a woman from the Yazidi religious minority who wasenslaved and raped by ISIS terrorists in Mosul, have been pushing Iraq to allow a UN inquiry.


Britain’s mission to the United Nations said on Twitter that it was working with Iraq on a draft resolution. It was not immediately clear when it could be put to a vote in the council.


ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate effectively collapsed last month, when US-backed Iraqi forces completed the recapture of Mosul, the terrorists’ capital in northern Iraq, after a nine-month campaign.


Parts of Iraq and Syria remain under ISIS control, especially along the border.


UN experts said in June last year that ISIS was committing genocide against the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq to destroy them through killings, sexual slavery, and other crimes.


In addition to this, a monthly count released by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) revealed earlier this month that more than 500 Iraqis were killed and injured during July due to violence and armed conflicts.

However, observers said the investigation required is not enough because ISIS leaders vanished into thin air or fled via safe routes to Iran.

Trying non-influential ISIS terrorists while masterminds of the terrorist group are going unpunished is absurd, they added.