Association of Private Banks: Banks are working on issuing four million bank cards


Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq

Economy News Baghdad:

The Iraqi Private Banks Association announced on Monday that Iraqi banks are currently working on issuing four million bank cards.

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq, in an interview with “Economy News”, “The banks operating in Iraq are currently working on the issuance of four million bank cards and put them on the market,” adding that “the world will see in the coming years, Using electronic cards in daily transactions. “

He stressed that “the issue of bank cards is of great importance after the opening in the society and the expansion of the banking culture of the citizen,” explaining that “the Association of private banks will establish several courses for bankers on the development of their capabilities in dealing with bank cards.”


One thought on “Association of Private Banks: Banks are working on issuing four million bank cards

  1. The largest US banks .. Praises the performance of Iraqi banks = this article is not trustworthy as this association of private banks includes a criminally owned bank that has defrauded and stolen millions of dollars from U.S. citizens and westerners for over a decade plus with absolutely no history of paying anyone back. My firm represents over 200 such Americans and provided the information and report to appropriate officials just prior to that weak, corrupt Governor of Iraq’s CBI ( Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alak ) arrived Washington D.C. The funny thing is that this puppet has known about this fraud and we are sure of much more and has done absolutely nothing to honorably resolve, or rectify the situation. Furthermore, he continues to put out false press statements like the one referenced in the beginning of this note like back in February/March time frame when the Iraqi CBI claimed no private banks that owe investors money can take part in the currency auction yet we have proof Warka Bank owes thousands of U.S. citizens & still participates in the currency trade.

    We, as former U.S. servicemen who have also served in Iraq, aim to inform each and every U.S. bank the fraud that is permitted via Iraqi private banks and the egregious lack of oversight and lack of any power the Iraqi CBI has with everyone there too we believe “on the take” by the owners and insurers of Iraq private banks assuredly the criminal Warka Bank who has even robbed the Iraqi people blind as their owner hides away in Amman, Jordan.


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