Macgork confirms to Barzani the importance of the role of the region in political stability in Iraq


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emphasized the special envoy of US President international alliance against al [Daash] Brett Macgork Monday the importance of the role of the Kurdistan region in the restoration of political stability in Iraq.
The presidency of the Kurdistan region , said in a statement Macgork exchange with the region ‘s president ,Massoud Barzani in Arbil views on the political crisis in Iraq and ways to solve them.
It pointed out that the two sides stressed the importance of continuing consultations to find a viable solution to the crisis in Iraq and get out.
The statement pointed out that the meeting which was attended by US Consul in Erbil Mtios Mettmann threw light on the preparations for the liberalization of Mosul and the stage after liberation.
it was Macgork arrived in Arbil on Monday from Baghdad after participating in a conference on Fallujah controlled Daash.

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