Iraqi markets will not be affected by rising global value of the dollar

Default Iraqi markets will not be affected by rising global value of the dollar

Iraqi markets will not be affected by rising global value of the dollar
11/30/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD – the joy of pumice
in the light facing the euro zone from deflationary risks and slowing economic growth in China and some countries of the world, and the fluctuation of crude oil prices, led to a rise in the US dollar value of what a slight change may occur in the exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar below market affected by it.

In this particular noted Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya Dr. Qusay al-Jabri said that “the exchange rate as possible being influenced, but calculated changes and the central bank can intervene in the auction currency through available from the reserve and adjust the exchange rate.”

and “morning” The main goals set by the central bank is to maintain the stability of the dinar against the dollar by currency auction, likely the lack of effects on market prices despite the rise in the dollar, but it could lead to inflation, but it does not affect the standard of living of citizens.

witnessing the eurozone deflationary risks During this period, which has led to high rates of inflation as a result of the events of the rapid crude drop in global markets and slowing economic growth in many countries of the world,

especially China, as well as the launch warnings yesterday the first Thursday of the downside risks for reform measures for the euro zone, in light of no new outlook on growth.

As for Iraq’s imports and its dependence on foreign trade in the provision of services and goods, and saw Al Jabri that the decline in prices of goods and commodities in the world due to lower oil prices

may affect the balance of payments are affected exports negatively and imports positively, especially that Iraq is linked to states abroad in terms of export of crude oil thus affected by decline and height.

He Jabri that Iraq imports all its goods and its goods and requirements, the impact on the trade balance depends on the amount of changes between exports and imports, especially as it may not be affected in a very large,

as the two sides Satatran of exports hand to the country’s dependence on crude oil only and there is no diversification of export as the prices are governed by market Alaalmih.wabguet Organization “OPEC” last Thursday oil production rates

as they are (30 million barrels per day) without reduced in order to control the US shale oil production, which led to a decline The price of oil to settle at $ 69 a barrel.


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