Abadi reveals plan to lift checkpoints

2014/11/4 07:17:21 AM

Declared Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, announced the arrival of devices to detect explosives into Iraq, with unveiled a plan to raise the checkpoints from Baghdad.

Ebadi said in a press statement during his visit to the city of Karbala, where he arrived this evening to find out the special Ashura security plan “has reached new devices to detect explosives to Baghdad, will be published soon in the streets of the capital and want to replace all the checkpoints deployed in Baghdad and other provinces and remove some of the barriers and we use the effort intelligence in order to facilitate the movement of citizens. ”

He stressed “the need to rely on the human and technological effort in the process of maintaining security,” noting that “the recent victories achieved by the security forces in the cliff victory, Salahuddin and Peggy came after various state institutions cooperate.”

Abadi and stressed that “the Iraqi side and the US is not a purge of the cities decide what is published is that rumors,” adding that “the victories that came true thanks to the higher coordination between the security forces in various different forms of intelligence and military aviation and the popular crowd.”

He revealed the Prime Minister about “the existence of a plan to liberate the city of Mosul from control Daash” pointing out that “the number of volunteers to fight the organization Daash terrorist arrived more than a million volunteers,” noting that “he has been absorbing a few of these because it can not all absorbed, especially that what There are still some young people from Iqbal to volunteer. ”

The Prime Minister announced on “allocation of $ 25 million to the province of Karbala for religious visits during the months of Muharram and Safar,” noting that “the city of Karbala is one of the most holy scenes that frequented visitor so you need to financial allocations.”

Abadi pointed out that “other amounts will be released to the province,” noting at the same time that “the pressure on the public budget for it.”



Deputy for the National Alliance: Parliament will pass important laws, including the general amnesty and the Federal Service

Tuesday, November 2/04 November 2014 07:30

[Baghdad – where]
MP for the National Alliance Hussein Sharifi, today, that the House will pass important legislation awaits the Iraqi street, indicating that the time is still in front of the House of Representatives.

Said Sharifi told all of Iraq [where] “Despite the short life of this parliamentary session, but the House of Representatives seeks to pass important laws ahead Mjmtaah ​​different segments, including the general amnesty law and the law of the Federal Service, and the law of parties.” End


Nیچیrڤan Barzani receives a delegation from the European Union

[7:06] 14 / Nov / 04

Erbil, November 4 / Noڤmbr (PNA) – received Nیچیrڤan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, on Monday, November 3, 2014 afternoon in the capital city of Erbil, a delegation from the European Union, headed “Hughes Menkarle” the head unit’s external action to file the Middle East and North Africa in the Union European, and his accompanying delegation included a number of different departments and representatives of the European Union Ambassador to Baghdad.

During the meeting, the delegation announced that the objectives of his visit to the Kurdistan Region, which comes in the context of access and follow-up of military, security and humanitarian situation in the region, and the desire to cooperate and coordinate better in these areas, as well as the areas of infrastructure and energy between the Kurdistan Region and the European Union. The delegation also highlighted the fact that the Kurdistan region is facing serious challenges and is in the front lines of the war against terrorism, and embrace hundreds of thousands of refugees, so the European Union ahead utmost respect and appreciation and sympathy to the role of the Kurdistan Region.

This also occurs delegation on his visit to Baghdad, noting that he urged the Iraqi government to the need for the participation of all parties and the components of the Iraqi in the new government and the political process, and giving authorities more areas and different regions in Iraq, and to address the problems and obstacles between Erbil and Baghdad, the delegation announced that he had spoken with Turkey also for cooperation and coordination between Ankara and Erbil, to allow Alپeshmrگh forces to pass through its territory to support the Kobanî.

For his part, expressed Nیچیrڤan Barzani expressed his pleasure to visit and the delegation and the value of his remarks, pointing out that the European Union play an active role in countering terrorism, and reiterated the need to Alپeshmrگh including heavy weapons, training and private. With regard to refugees and displaced persons in the Kurdistan Region file, the Prime Minister pointed out that the Kurdistan Region in spite of the lack of limited potential, received the refugees, and will continue to receive them, but should the European Union and the international community in general, in addition to Iraq to better respond to the relief of refugees and displaced people and help them.

Strengthening bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and the European Union and neighboring countries and the region, and efforts to address the problems between Erbil and Baghdad, and Alپeshmrگh send troops to support the Kobanî, was another aspect of the discussions of this meeting.

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Abadi confirms in front of visitors Hussein is determined to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq, a handful of terrorist Daash


Abadi confirms in front of visitors Hussein is determined to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq, a handful of terrorist Daash
Tuesday, November 2/04 November 2014 06:54


The prime minister Haider al-Abadi in a speech in the central Hadra Hosseinieh visitors in Karbala last night determined to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq, a handful of terrorist Daash targeting all Iraqis.

The Abadi had visited the holy city of Karbala on Monday evening, and the crowd participated millions commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and his family and his friends valued.

A statement from the prime minister’s office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it after returning last night to Baghdad that al-Abadi briefed on the stomach to protect visitors security measures, directed at officials in the province to exert utmost efforts and take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of visitors and plans, also briefed the crowd Requirements PDF cutter Karbala and cutouts and other associated kindergarten Hosseinieh noble and met with a representative of religious authority and general secretary of the threshold Hosseinieh Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai.

According to the statement called Abadi in a speech in the central Hadra Hosseinieh visitors, Iraqis of different sects to unite and defend Iraq and terrorism generally inspired by the lessons of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him sacrifice and victory of the revolution and a symbol against injustice and defend the principles.

He is not in the curriculum and the revolution of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him injustice or exceeded and abused so we do not want any aggression or exceeded or injustice, and work on the truth and defend the oppressed against the oppressor, stressing determined to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq from a handful of terrorist Daash targeting all Iraqis.

The face of the Abadi thanks to the position of religious authority to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the position that keeping Iraq through a fatwa of jihad Ulkipaúa, and Matbah of great response to volunteer within the popular crowd in defense of Iraq, stressing that a million young applied to volunteer a position raises pride.

The prime minister ended his visit to the province of Karbala back to Baghdad before midnight. End


Iraqi Defense Minister highly appreciated the role Alپeshmrگh in response to terrorists

[7:02] 14 / Nov / 04

Erbil, November 4 / Noڤmbr (PNA) – received Nیچیrڤan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, on the evening of Monday, November 3, 2014 in the capital city of Erbil, Khalid al-Obeidi, the Iraqi Minister of Defense and his accompanying delegation, which included Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army and an official US security coordination in Iraq The governor of Mosul and a number of military advisers and Iraqi and US officials.

During the meeting, which was attended by Minister of Public Alپeshmrگh in the Kurdistan Region, the two sides stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between Alپeshmrگh the Iraqi army, and the price of the Iraqi defense minister aloft role Alپeshmrگh in responding to the terrorists, and highlighted in particular the liberalization of Zammar and Rabia operations by Alپeshmrگh forces described the liberation of these two regions from the control of terrorists Daash step is very important and appreciated.

How it announced Alپeshmrگh seen as part of the Iraqi defense system will make its utmost efforts to address the problems Alپeshmrگh file with Baghdad, and in this context expressed the hope that the yield expected visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad to find ways to address the problems. He also stressed at the same time the need to strengthen the capacity of the Iraqi army, and announced that the Iraqi army is moved from the defensive to the offensive.

In another aspect of this meeting, was trading conditions and military developments and the importance of the participation of Iraqi tribes in confronting the terrorists and build a stronger national defense of the young people in different areas of Iraq. The meeting stressed the need to build local defense forces of the sons of the tribes of this phase of the war against terrorism, and that will have a positive impact on changing the balance of power on the ground.

The role of the international coalition in the war against Daash, has been the focus least from this meeting, where it was to pay tribute to the role of US air strikes and coalition Daash sites, which have had a significant impact on the creation of paralysis in their movements and their movements and impeding military support to the terrorists significantly system.

For his part, Nیچیrڤan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region welcomed the delegation and expressed his happiness to visit the Iraqi Minister of Defense and his accompanying delegation. Stressing that although the impact of US air strikes and coalition forces against Daash sites, but these raids alone are not sufficient, and that the war on terror need to strategic change, and should be strengthened ground forces and military units with military artillery and provide the necessary weapons and ammunition.

Prime Minister also described the participation of Arab countries and its role in the international coalition against terrorism as significant and influential, and stressed the need for the presence of the Arab countries in this alliance. Regarding the relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government of Iraq, declared: We look forward with optimism to the future of relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and we want to address all the problems with Baghdad.

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Vietnamese banks to apply Basel II governance standards

Last update 07:50 | 03/11/2014 0

VietNamNet Bridge – Ten Vietnamese commercial banks, chosen by the State Bank of Vietnam, will be applying international bank management standards in accordance with Basel II governance standards.

Analysts have said that it was a big challenge for Vietnamese banks because this would reveal the bank’s weak points to the public, and therefore, put banks under pressure.

However, the State Bank decided that this was a must. Applying Basel II’s standards is a key task listed in the program on credit institution restructuring for 2011-2015, because this is believed to be the best solution to make Vietnamese banks healthier.

Ten banks have been asked to do this under the support and supervision of the State Bank.

Basel II, initially published in June 2004, is the second version of the Basel Accords, which are recommendations on banking laws and regulations issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, intended to create international standards for banking regulators.

The banks selected for Basel II application are the biggest and most prestigious ones in Vietnam, including state-owned Vietcombank, VietinBank, BIDV, and joint stock Military Bank, Sacombank, Techcombank and VP Bank.

Nguyen Huu Nghia, chief inspector of the State Bank of Vietnam, said that Basel II’s standards would be applied to all credit institutions in the banking system. However, the implementation will be made in accordance with different roadmaps and at different times, depending on the banks’ conditions.

Banks with similar development and readiness levels will be put into the same group. The classification would be made by the watchdog agency, based on the banks’ business index and the banks’ presentations about their capability.

Nghia denied that the 10 selected banks chosen for the first group were the most favored by the State Bank.

“The State Bank encourages all commercial banks to apply international standards on risk management, supervisory process and market discipline, as suggested by Basel II,” Nghia said.

He noted that banks need to prepare well in the areas of financial resources, labor force and information technology for Basel II implementation, because it will be a costly process.

In developed economies, Basel II has been superseded by Basel III which was put forward during the global financial crisis from 2007 to 2010. Basel III has been recommended for the 2015-2018 period.

The State Bank’s decision on Basel II application has been supported by economists.

Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, deputy head of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), said that it is the right time for commercial banks to apply Basel II and step by step apply Basel III.

“I believe that this is a timely and reasonable step now, when we are undergoing economic restructuring and banking reform,” Thanh said.

Truc Linh


“Entrepreneurs,” .. a civil campaign for the relief of displaced Baghdad

"Entrepreneurs," .. a civil campaign for the relief of displaced Baghdad
“Entrepreneurs,” .. a civil campaign for the relief of displaced Baghdad

BAGHDAD / Rahim al-Shammari

Fired more than 500 young people in the capital Baghdad, “entrepreneurs,” campaign in conjunction with the start of the cold winter rainy season, the campaign aims to provide the possible needs of displaced people from fuel and food supplies.

Said Wissam al-Badri, one of the coordinators of the campaign for the “long”, that “volunteers young people from civil society and students of universities and institutes, organizations have begun a campaign to register the needs of displaced people in Baghdad, and during the past two days recorded needs present in Nabi Sheet for the displaced compound in Husseiniya and complex Nabi Yunis in NAHRAWAN established the efforts of the province of Baghdad, where we found the tragic situation of social and physical and difficult conditions experienced by the families, although the complexes supplied Pkrfanat and other services, but the distance from home and the homes are not offset by anything his place, expressing regret for the work of the Commission displaced ministerial, which began the reach Arrows corruption and weaknesses. ” .
And between al-Badri said, “needs to be provided from donations and funds that offer the affluent and philanthropists and civil society organizations and humanitarian aid collected from several quarters, as well as the governor of Baghdad contributed to provide what he can to provide the most basic needs, and the campaign (entrepreneurs,) humanitarian purely aimed to provide humanitarian assistance and there is coordination with the Department of Immigration and local government and international organizations in this regard, and this week will visit some schools and abandoned buildings and tents inhabited by IDPs.
Displaced people suffer in Baghdad from a difficult humanitarian situation, as it lives, mostly in schools and buildings abandoned, and with the onset of winter and the rainy season in Iraq, their situation may be threatened by a humanitarian disaster, the government has distributed one million dinars grant most of the displaced people, a timid amount does not live up to fill the needs of Only food, according to civil organizations.

Describes Fatima al-Alusi vice president of edifices Cultural Organization civic education the House vote on the recommendation to the government to abolish the Higher Ministerial Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced functions formed by the government in mid-June after the terrorist events that gripped the country “Balsaúb”, especially private that he relied on the light of the recommendations made by the Parliamentary Committee on the issue of the House of Representatives in mid-August under the chairmanship of Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed on the work of the Committee of Ministers and the increasing suffering of the displaced and the complaints that reached the parliament, especially the processing tents shoddy and delayed caravans and contracts for the processing of suspicious and reluctance to pay the physical grant.
She Alusi in an interview for the “long”, “The parliamentary committee’s recommendations in place, which include adding resolve ministerial committee to refer the corrupted files marred her work to investigate the Integrity Commission and the referral of the displaced file to the Department of Immigration and provincial councils and the allocation of monthly salaries for the displaced and claim all ministries and departments to facilitate transactions version of official documents that have lost them and accept their children to universities, colleges and schools, the issue of the transfer of staff and the cause of them. “
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed, in (28 October 2014) expressed “grave concern” of the difficult conditions faced by more than two million displaced people, and the resulting death of 1,500 children and abortion 138 lady yet, as called for the need to accelerate the establishment of Crvanah camps them, and convert the amounts allocated to the relief of the provinces that host them.
It is noteworthy that the organization (Daash) may impose its control over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), and extended its activities beyond, to the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala and others, which led to a wave of displacement large in Iraq.


Company “Siemens” Germany donates Bbnayatha to receive the Syrians and Iraqi refugees

Company "Siemens" Germany donates Bbnayatha to receive the Syrians and Iraqi refugees

04-11-2014 02:43 AM

The spokesman of the German industrial conglomerate Siemens Der Spiegel published a story about the status of the former offices in Munich authorities to serve, to accommodate refugees from Syria and Iraq, saying: ‘We offer our headquarters to put the former municipal offices in Munich at the disposal of the refugees’. This proposal issued by the Committee of Directors of the company, and was welcomed by the Group Director Joe Kaiser.

Investigation underway

Siemens owns about thirty thousand square meters of vacant office, where a kitchen and toilets, a real estate complex in the east of Munich, was yet to receive sub-commercial circle in southern Germany, and finally moved to other offices.

Representatives visited the city, local authorities place Friday, the spokesman also said the same, adding that an investigation is underway to determine whether the appropriate place for the reception of refugees. The spokesman said: ‘rely on the decision of the city in the coming days, will tell how people can embrace in this place, and when they can move him.’

German unremitting efforts

This project coincides with Germany’s efforts to play the role of the engine in the international community’s solidarity with the Syrian refugees. Germany is the country that made ​​the biggest efforts in Europe, as it reached seventy thousand Syrians in recent years, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But many municipalities can not receive refugees in appropriate circumstances, such as the old abandoned schools and offices turned into reception centers, and even containers in some areas.

In Europe and other parts of the world, the number of refugees remain very small despite the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations calls to receive them, has reached the number of Syrian refugees in the whole European Union 144 632 refugees since 2011, according to UNHCR figures.

Record numbers

The number of refugees coming to Germany in 2013, a record, citing the number of refugees in the eighties of the twentieth century, when the Iraqis and the Iranians topped the list of fugitives from the war. Department of Immigration and German foreign and expected to end the year 2014 by scoring another record.

The total number of refugees to Germany in the first six months of this year, 77 109 refugees, and this means that in the current year will exceed the number of registered refugees in the year 1996, which amounted to 166 951 refugees, and would be equivalent to five times the number of refugees, which fell in 2003 to 36 thousand.

The number of Syrian refugees in the first half of this year, 12 888 refugees, followed by 9361 and then the Serbs Afghans Alaratarien 4528 and 3969 and 3913 dairy.

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D131526&usg=ALkJrhhycKnGmL14-3ndjef9BEczoV0NQQ#sthash.zHfwIvBv.dpuf

Iraq holds the largest national reconciliation conference this month


Conference called by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi opponents will include Baathists and prominent political figures and tribal and religious will be wider at the level of representation of all Iraqi groups.
Arm- Baghdad

Approved leaders and leaders of the Iraqi opposition to participate in the national reconciliation conference to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month.

Sources close to the presidency of the Iraqi government, that among those invited to participate, right to figures issued arrest warrants during the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

According to political sources, a number of leaders and Sunni leaders living outside Iraq agreed to attend the national reconciliation to be held in the capital Baghdad conference.

The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, has pledged to hold a reconciliation conference is a formality, to discuss all outstanding issues clearly and explicitly take place to reach a final solution to the problems left by al-Maliki’s policies during the previous two sessions of his presidency of the Iraqi government.

The sources pointed out that the conference, which is being prepared at a high level, is scheduled to include effective leadership in the Iraqi scene, including an important Sunni figures turned to the opposition during the governments of al-Maliki, the first and second.

The list of participants that carefully chosen to attend the conference, leaders and religious figures, tribal and politically influential, including prominent former opponents of the owners, and some of them were right judicial rulings and memorandums of catch and call, and most of them reside in Jordan, Turkey, Kurdistan and various Arab countries.

According to information, the conference will be held with the support of the United States, Jordan and the Gulf states, and international parties to put pressure on opposition figures to participate and respond with Abadi initiative they deem important to curtail the role of the “Islamic state” in Iraq.

Seeks international and regional parties, to support Abadi in his efforts to remove the political and security chaos left behind by his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki.

According to informed sources, that the United States considers reconciliation and national consensus in the current phase, is more important than addressing the security file in Iraq.

And learned “toss” that the themes of very sensitive and important, will be on the agenda of conferences agenda, including the problems of the Constitution and population statistics and profile arrests, human rights and the distribution of oil resources, which are the most contentious issues between the forces and the Iraqi components, as well as organizing “Daash” and militias linked to Iran file.

She spoke Iraqi parliamentary sources, for unremitting efforts made by Abadi for the success of the conference by introducing new initiatives and willingness to meet the demands of the protesters filed throughout the year, year and a half, before the outbreak of the security situation in Iraq.

According to the information, that international organizations and bodies, including the Arab League and the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Action, will attend the conference, along with representatives of Iraq’s neighboring countries.



Any exclusion will lead to disastrous results

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Prime Kalat- and the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim warned of the failure of the Iraqi project, «rejecting» any exclusion or marginalization being lead to disastrous results. Hakim said in his speech on the occasion of «Tasua» during a rally held on the Industry stadium in the capital Baghdad «Let Tasua of every year a day strengthen our commitment to the curriculum Mohammadi, and are reviewing our project as a nation and Nczbh of personalization and narrow partisan and regional interests Tableware».

But he stressed the «need for a radical review of the performance of the armed forces and the study of the causes of failure and rampant corruption and the appearance of the crowns of many, she say to do on the battlefield, objectively and professionally fully and to take strict measures to evaluate the deviation in the military establishment, and the selection of competent leaders and brave and reliable patriotism».