Mr. Hakim stresses the importance of e-government to eliminate bureaucracy and

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Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the importance of moving forward with a project of e-government, being the most effective for the elimination of administrative and bureaucratic corruption, administrative and financial way.

According to a statement of the Supreme Council that “This came during a meeting with al-Hakim in his private office in Baghdad, the first Tuesday and Science and Technology Minister Fares Jajo. Mr. Hakim called for approval of the National Commission for Information Technology and Law Research Service Act, noting support mass citizen in the House of Representatives and the ministers to approve important laws that will enhance the work of the Ministry of Science and Technology, urging the ministry Mlakatha to open up to the scientists abroad and communicate with them and benefit from their expertise. “

He added that “al-Hakim said during the meeting the need to take advantage of modern technology in the field of agriculture and reduce salinity and increase arable areas, reiterated his support for the brothers of Christians in the country, expressing solidarity with them in their plight and what they have suffered by the terrorist Daash gangs because they are quality added to the community “.

He said the “minister Jajo praised his part Botrohat and visions of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, adding compatibility with the visions of the ministry, informed Mr. Hakim on the most important the aspirations of the ministry in the next phase, indicating that the meeting touched on the situation of Christians in the country, and they suffer from gangs Daash terrorist.”


Deputy Iraqi forces: the three presidencies meeting discussed the issue of al-Alwani

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[Baghdad – where]
MP for the Union of Iraqi strongman Mohamed Karbouli, on Wednesday, said one of the meeting of the three presidencies of the axes on Tuesday to discuss the case of former MP Ahmad al-Alwani.

He Karbouli told all of Iraq [where] that “the process of investigation in the case of former MP Ahmad al-Alwani, dealt with certain political views and is marred by a lot of uncertainty,” noting that “the timing of the issuance of the ruling was misplaced, especially as the clan Alwani joined the clan Almentvdh in Anbar province on Daash terrorist organization. “

He Karbouli “We Anckk Iraqi elimination as far as to question the investigation process, which marred a lot of uncertainty,” he said, adding that “the issue of al-Alwani is a sensitive issue and we demand the trial and fair investigation.”

It is noteworthy that the Central Criminal Court issued Sunday, sentenced to death former MP Ahmad al-Alwani, as pointed out that a distinguishable rule.

Commented parliament speaker Salim al about the judgment of the execution of al-Alwani, said that the reasons for the verdict on al-Alwani, due to follow the legal and judicial foundations. It’s over

Kurdistan Parliament issued recommendations for the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad

Twilight News / According to a statement of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, that the members of parliament ratified on Wednesday the proposed project from the committees of industry, energy and natural resources, financial and economic affairs of the Kurdish delegation who intends to go to Baghdad in the coming days.


According to the statement which was received for “Twilight News”, the recommendations provided to try to implement all the proposals contained in the report of the share of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq within the general problems going forward which was prepared by the relevant committees in Parliament, and if not implemented must resort to other points.

And Release Parliament these points that scrape the claim of the Kurdistan Region by 17% of the general Iraqi budget before any out expenses and sovereign ruling, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq to sell all the oil extracted from wells in the region through the pipeline exception of the user to local needs, and be under the control of the Government the region and with the knowledge of the Iraqi government any sense (that the central government will be on the lookout percentage extracted and sold and the price of oil, which sold by the Kurdistan Region oil).

The recommendations also states: that the provincial government within two weeks to submit a bill Kurdistan oil company to the Kurdistan Parliament.

He stressed a statement to Parliament that if these recommendations have not been implemented by the Iraqi government, the province of the right of access to financial rights according to law No. 5 of 2013 and the sale of oil extracted from wells region directly and disbursement of funds as a budget for the province.

Abadi plans to come to Parliament before the end of the legislative term

2014/11/27 06:56:32 AM


The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri said the Prime Minister plans to come to the House of Representatives before the end of the legislative term to review the overall conditions in the country, including the subject of the federal fiscal budget.

A statement of the Council on Jubouri as telling during the Presidency of the Parliament meeting with heads of blocs and members of the parliamentary committees to discuss a number of issues related to the work of the Council for the next period “the need to speed up the resolution of the presidencies of the remaining parliamentary committees in order to complement and enhance the legislative work and supervisory work to form a committee to follow up the application and document the political agreement “.

Jubouri said that “the legislative term first according to the Constitution was supposed to end on the 31st of last October but was extended based on the powers of the presidency of the Council for a month out of two months,” noting that “the legislative term ends next Sunday and can not be extended at all, and in If the arrival of the budget from the government to the House of Representatives will be annulled and the legislative recess. “

For his part, called Hamoudi, first deputy chairman of the Council of parliamentary blocs to speed up the resolution of the presidencies of the remaining committees.

The meeting agreed to “consider next Monday, the first day of the legislative recess or canceled in the event of the arrival of the federal financial budget of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives as well as the agreement to hold a meeting on Thursday to the Presidency of the Council with heads of parliamentary blocs to resolve obstacles to agreement on the presidencies of committees remaining in accordance with prior agreements between the parliamentary blocs. “

The meeting agreed on the formation of a parliamentary committee comprising representatives of all parties to follow the implementation of the political agreement on the names of the members is offered on Thursday to vote on the committee and determine its tasks.

Maliki’s visit to Lebanon Saturday

Maliki's visit to Lebanon Saturday

Al-Manar Hezbollah’s remember that the first deputy of the Republic of Iraq will meet with Lebanese officials to discuss the current situation in the region.

BAGHDAD Ahmed al-Saadi

According to Al-Manar channel of the Lebanese Hezbollah, the first deputy head of the Republic of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, will pay an official visit to Lebanon to meet with Lebanese officials.

She explained the channel, quoting sources described Palmtalaap that “Maliki will arrive in Beirut on Saturday, is scheduled to meet with a number of Lebanese official and party figures, where he will address the current developments in the region.

It did not give «Al-Manar» channel other details about the objectives and program of the visit of the former Iraqi prime minister of Lebanon.

Infallible and Jaafari discuss the political and security situation

6:37: 11/27/2014

Khandan – Search President Fuad Masum, and Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the political and security situation in the country.

According release from Jaafari’s office statement, that the Iraqi Foreign Minister, met with President of the Republic Fuad Masum During the meeting, they discussed the political and security situation in the country.

The statement said that the two sides also discussed during the meeting, the Foreign Relations file at the regional and international level, and ways to enhance cooperation at the political level, and security, and economic.

Abadi received an official invitation to visit the Emirates

11/27/2014 0:00

Pledged support for the city of Ramadi
BAGHDAD – morning
Ladder UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs official invitation to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi United Arab Emirates to visit. With Abadi said that the threat of terrorism faced by Iraq and the region requires the cooperation of our sister states and synergy of all political and security efforts.
Ebadi said, during a meeting of Foreign Affairs of United Arab Emirates Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan: The “you came to Baghdad in this circumstance sensitive good sign and visit the subject of welcome and pride, especially that Iraq is facing an existential and dangerous challenge is not threatened and alone, but threatens all countries in the region What causes us to cooperate in all political, security and social fields in order to defeat terrorism of gangs “Daash” terrorist. “
He pointed out that “the Iraqi government that includes all the components and the political blocs and tribal fighting with the armed forces and we are working hard to give a signal of hope to the people of the Iraqi presence of a normal life and reconstruction as well as edit the cities and sought hard to re-displaced people to their homes, honor and dignity.”
For his part, UAE Foreign Minister: “We look forward to rooting and development of relations between our two countries, and that your success is our success and that the difficult challenges facing the region requires us to cooperate on various levels.”
“We can not but be with Iraq and support your government, which gave great hope for Iraqis push the international community to stand with you against the terrorist organization Daash.”
He told Al Nahyan, Prime Minister greetings from President of the United Arab Emirates, and handed him an official invitation to visit the United Arab Emirates and promised Abadi meeting them as soon as possible.
Support the city of Ramadi

On the other hand, the chairman of the Anbar province Alkrhot morning revealed yesterday that the commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi pledged to send more support to the city of Ramadi, to repel the elements “Daash” attacks Alarhabiyh.oukal Alkrhot, said in a statement: “I’ve made contact with the President Minister Haider al-Abadi last and expressed his willingness to show more security cooperation with the province. “
He Alkrhot, that “the province now need to assign the land by regiment or two regiments on an urgent basis to promote the pieces stationed in Ramadi and repel any major attacks against the elements Daash city center.”

OPEC considers exemptions for 3 nations from any potential oil-production cuts


Baghdad (AIN) -OPEC is considering exemptions for three nations from any potential oil-production cuts, two people with knowledge of the proposal said. Saudi Arabia’s oil minister said he doesn’t anticipate a difficult meeting when the group meets on November 27 to decide its response to slumping crude.

Iraq, Iran and Libya would not have to reduce supplies should the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agree to cut output at its gathering in Vienna, according to the people, who asked not to be identified in line with their national policies. Ali Al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, told reporters in the Austrian capital on Monday that it’s not the first time the oil market has been oversupplied.

Crude prices plunged into a bear market this year amid the highest US oil production in more than three decades and speculation that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t cut output in response to a surplus.

Oil-market analysts are perfectly divided on whether OPEC will cut output when it meets, or leave it unchanged.

“It makes sense that these three countries shouldn’t have to make further cuts” because they are already pumping less than they’re able to, Abhishek Deshpande, oil markets analyst at London-based Natixis, said by phone on Monday. Saudi Arabia would probably want assurances from Iran, Iraq and Libya that they won’t increase output, he said.

Futures slump
Brent crude futures slumped to a four-year low of $76.76 a barrel on November 14. Futures fell nine cents, or 0.1 per cent, to $79.59 on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange at 11:47am Singapore time.

The Saudi minister told reporters that he didn’t know what OPEC should do at its next meeting. Still, he said that the event won’t be difficult, without elaborating.
“Is this the first time that the market is oversupplied?” he said. “It is not the first time that the market is oversupplied.”

Russian response
Russia’s energy minister said on Monday his country hasn’t decided to cut oil production as he prepares to meet with OPEC ministers to discuss the crude market. Russia is already helping to balance the oil market by keeping output steady, Alexander Novak said in an interview with state TV channel Rossiya 24.

There’s only a small chance that OPEC will agree to reduce output at this week’s meeting, he said.

Iraq plans to almost double oil production to six million barrels a day by 2017. It pumped 3.2 million barrels a day this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Abadi Office: Adoption of the budget in 2015 is subject to a final consensus between Baghdad and Erbil

Wednesday November 26, 2014 – 13:58

A spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al-Sabri said it was not possible to pass the 2015 budget without major political blocs agree to its terms as it can not be approved until after the access to detailed and integrated agreement between the Government Center and the Kurdistan Regional Government, attributing this in a statement to Radio tow that oil imports constitute 95% of the imports of the Iraqi budget and therefore determine the amount of oil produced requires an agreement with the provincial government to complete the quantity to be issued by Iraq’s oil imports in general because of the export process will determine the amount of the budget in 2015.

He expressed hope that the newborn be visiting delegation headed by the region Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad in the coming days as the indication to reach agreement in this regard until the completion of going forward before the end of next month and incorporated by Parliament within its terms for a vote as soon as.

With regard to the agreement signed between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Centre on the oil pump newborn revealed “the Kurdistan region to pump 150 000 barrels of oil per day for the federal government through Turkish territory in accordance with this Agreement.

He pointed out that “the mechanism of export are transnational company to export oil Sumo that contract deals to sell oil to countries and third parties through the new line established by the provincial government after his old line to the damage and that the amounts obtained from the sale of oil deposited in a special account of the Federal Government in certain banks. ”

Iraq Finance Committee intends to send the Banking Act and Investment to Parliament

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Parliamentary Finance intends to send the Banking Act and Alastosmarely Parliament

BAGHDAD – Announced the parliamentary finance committee member of Haitham al-Jubouri on Wednesday, the determination of the Commission sent the Banking Act and investment to the House of Representatives for a vote and approval.

He called on the financial and economic expert, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, earlier, to amend the Banking Act No. 94 of 2004, in order to encourage investment and the development of the country’s economy.

He said al-Jubouri’s (IMN), “The Commission has conducted a thorough study with bank managers to set up banks and investment law, large importance in the Iraqi economy.” Noting that “the law will be sent soon to the parliament for a vote.

He added that “the Commission will accelerate the completion of the study of the laws related to work their way toward the House agenda.

It is noteworthy that a number of important laws are still locked in drawers House of Representatives, after being postponed from last session for political disagreements.…11-26-19-27-22

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