Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Former Iraqi Prime Minister arranges with the Syrian president to transfer chemical weapons stocks to Baghdad for storage away from the eyes of international inspectors.

Arm- Damascus

A senior military official in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, revealed a request by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the President of the former Iraqi government, Nouri al-Maliki, in the month of November (November) last year, about the possibility of transferring part of its chemical weapons stocks to Baghdad for storage, removal from the eyes of international inspectors charged with destroying.

The official, who declined to be named, “the new Arab” newspaper, that “al-Maliki agreed to the Syrian demand, and in secret, through the head of military intelligence team Hatem Almksusi, who was sacked a few days ago by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

He said the Iraqi official “Almksusi tasked with members of Maliki’s personal office, including the latter’s son, Ahmed, to take over the job.” He explained the source that “al-Maliki agreed to Assad’s request to transfer amounts did not identify, from the arsenal of chemical Syrian weapons to Baghdad, and on a temporary basis, but it is Certainly, if something has already been transferred to Baghdad from these banned weapons. “

Officers to overthrow Maliki

The official predicted that “the repercussions of lead overthrow Abadi officers close to al-Maliki, to reveal more of the secrets of the Iraqi-Syrian relations over the years, the Syrian revolution and the rule of al-Maliki of Iraq.” He pointed out that “Al-Muthanna base (central Baghdad) and the rational base (south of Baghdad), were two female candidates to house the shipment of chemicals, due to severe Thchinhma and Khaddoahma to the direct supervision of Maliki’s office through his son, Ahmed.” He pointed out that “it was confirmed that the information was leaked from an Iraqi military leaders, after the overthrow of Maliki, and that no one would dare traded during the period of his rule.”

He added that “in the end of November (November 2013), al-Assad sent a colonel in the Syrian intelligence, Mohamed Fadel, along with three other officers to Baghdad. Summoned al-Maliki, then a number of those close to him military leaders, to participate in the meeting, in his personal, in the Green Zone , and discussed how to transfer the chemicals through the containers and not in the form of weapons ready, it was agreed to transport all the details of the process. “

However, saying: “We do not know yet if they are actually part of the chemical Syrian arms transfer to Iraq, and it is currently in Baghdad, away from the eyes of the team internationalist, or that the plan was not implemented because of the security implications witnessed Anbar border province with Syria in 28 December (December 2013), which led to cut the road between the two countries, in light of leaks suggest Assad and al-Maliki agreement on the transfer of cargo by road, away from the eyes of international observers at the Damascus International Airport at the time. “

The official adds: “Maliki gave great services to Assad, met with Iranian comfortable and Russia, the service may be one of them conceal chemical weapons, which may need to open an investigation into the matter.”

The Syrian regime had carried out a terrible massacre in the eastern Ghouta in Damascus on 21 August 2013, by rockets loaded with chemicals, killed about 1,400 civilians, according to UN reports.

The US move in like a military operation against the regime, Russia put forward a proposal to dismantle the Syrian chemical arsenal, by experts and inspectors of the United Nations.

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US Chief of Staff: War in Iraq “different” this time

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Baghdad: Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey announced that the chances of success of the military operations carried out by his country in Iraq now are much larger than those that followed the invasion of that country in 2003 because the American role this time is the role of supportive national forces.
Dempsey said at a conference in Washington organized by the site “Defense and” electronic “we adopt a different approach,” this time in Iraq.
He added: “Instead of grabbing (the country) and to control it and then transfer power gradually, say (the Iraqis) since the beginning, listen, it’s in your hand, this campaign must be your campaign.”
US General and cited an example of what he says of the incident took place during his recent visit to Iraq at the end of last week, suggesting that the Iraqi army asked the US forces transport equipment by a military cargo plane and dropped by parachute 1,300 military Kurd stationed on Mount Sinjar in the north of the country, but for the commander The US military in Baghdad realized that the Iraqis have the aircraft “C-130 Jay” pilots and instructors are able to perform this task on their own.
“What he did is a field commander, he said (to the Iraqis) clearly + will offer you the experience that Fkaron it, but you have what it takes to perform this task for yourself.”
Gen. Dempsey “he continued, and so on, the only thing that we have presented to them is experience in the operation of a launch system umbrellas”, thus stressing the significant difference between what was done by the US forces after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and is doing today.
He said Dempsey, who was the commander of US forces in Iraq during the previous conflict that Iraqis “are doing what they can do and we close the gaps as we continue to enhance their capabilities.”
US President Barack Obama approved in early November this to send 1,500 more US troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces, including Kurdish peshmerga forces, to fight state regulation of the radical Islamist, doubling the number of US troops in the country where the United States is leading also international coalition launched air strikes on the jihadists who control large parts of it.
According to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraqi forces are “she manages to keep a much better” than the former in the face of the organization of the Islamic state, but “continues to suffer from structural vulnerabilities we have, and it is primarily addressed.”
Gen. Dempsey said, adding with the help of the international coalition, “I think that will continue the achievements on the ground” in the coming months.

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Baghdad Kurdistan resume paying salaries for oil Font Size

BAGHDAD (Union, Agencies)

Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said yesterday, that the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq began implementing the agreement to resume Baghdad whereby public servants’ salaries Kurds financing, compared to a share of the Kurdish oil exports.

Zebari said at a news conference in Baghdad that the region began pumping oil in tankers to the North Oil Company in the port of Ceyhan yesterday, and he was transferred $ 500 million yesterday.
He said that there will be further payments of up to 17% of the state budget size, subject versus 150 thousand barrels of oil extracted from Kurdistan to the disposal of the Government of the center.
.. And undertake the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery

Baghdad (dpa)

Said Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said yesterday that the oil ministry will begin rehabilitating the refinery installations in Baiji in Salahuddin province and running, after the completion of Baiji liberation from the control of the organization «Daash». He said that «the engineering and technical staff in the ministry will begin after the completion of the security measures, the rehabilitation and operation of the refinery to supplement the Iraqi oil industry.»


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Union of Forces: the bombing of Erbil failed attempt to stop the victories against the Peshmerga “Daash”

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Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: Prime condemn the movement of the solution and a member of the leadership of the Union of Iraqi forces, Jamal Karbouli, Wednesday, a suicide bombing in Arbil, stressing that he is a failed attempt to stop the victories against the Peshmerga “Daash.”

Karbouli said in a statement received “tomorrow’s Press,” that “these terrorist acts failed attempts to stop the momentum of victories and progress of the Peshmerga forces in all fronts of fighting and confrontation with the terrorist organization Daash and in retaliation for the losses incurred by its elements are considered.”

Karbouli confirmed “the solidarity of all alliance formations of Iraqi forces with the brothers in Erbil Kurdish leadership in the region to face the common enemy.”

He called the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense to “increase military and information and intelligence coordination with the brothers in the region to prevent the occurrence of new security breaches and miss an opportunity to the terrorist organization to change the compass of confrontation and target depth is relatively stable in northern and southern Iraq in order to break up the power of the resistance efforts and to address the remnants Daash terrorist “.

A suicide car bomber blew himself up, on Wednesday, in the city of Arbil, the capital Christan province, killing five people and wounding 20 others.

France condemns the terrorist bombing of Erbil

The terrorist bombing of Arbil

France condemned the terrorist bombing that occurred in front of Arbil governorate building Wednesday, and resulted in the occurrence of the martyrs and the wounded.
The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement PUKmedia got a copy of it: that France condemns car bombing that occurred in Erbil center this morning the process, adding that Erbil is the crossing is important for the delivery of international humanitarian assistance point, pointing to the existence of an existing French delegation in Erbil Currently, The delivery of a shipment of emergency aid to the displaced population.
The statement stressed France’s support of the population and the government in Iraq in their war against terrorism.

Jobouri: Parliament Speakership authorizes PM to set date for summoning Deputy Premier Mutleg


Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Masha’an al-Jobouri, stated that the parliament Speakership authorized the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to set the date for summoning the Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg over the corruption accompanied compensating the displaced citizens. /End/

The region requires the government to tighten security procedures for the entry of Iraqi Kurdistan

Twilight News / Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Security Council called on the Government of the region Wednesday to tighten security measures for the entry of citizens from other areas of Iraq to avoid the infiltration of terrorists to launch attacks Kurdistan.

altThis claim comes just hours after a car bomb near Erbil governorate building downtown explosion, which killed four people and injured 29 others.

The council said in a statement reported for “Twilight News” Those who carried out the bombing today benefited from the facilities provided for the population of Iraq and other areas of the province who are going to these facilities and significant violations occur, pointing out that there are concerns on the security of the region.

He added that he believes “it is necessary to take the provincial government and the citizens into consideration the security situation of the region in order to eliminate these violations, which are located in front of the security measures.”

The Council noted in its statement that “this malicious operation was expected from the enemy suffered defeat after it achieved brothers Peshmerga on the battlefield victories and directing big blows to terrorists, after failing to reach the Kurdistan but this lost hope sought refuge to these acts.”

The Council also called on citizens to cooperate with security institutions, saying, “The brothers in the brave (security), police and Zervani (guards government institutions) in spite of their duty to protect internal security, mostly fighting alongside the Peshmerga in the battlefront and the wait from all segments of society to do their duty and reporting for any dubious movement. “

The rare occurrence of explosions in the Kurdistan region, which has distanced himself on a large scale for the violence in the rest of Iraq since the overthrow of the former regime in 2003.

But Iraq and the region are facing at the moment is the most serious challenge in years where militants overran Daash north and west of the country and threaten to expand their influence.

Babylon threatening demonstrations if the reduction in budget

Babylon threatening demonstrations if the reduction in budget

Meeting of the Council of the province of Babylon
Meeting of the Council of the province of Babylon

The local government official in Babil province threatened to organize demonstrations on the popular and official level and suspension of membership in the absence of the federal government’s response to its demand not to be covered to reduce its budget, according to the book, published by the Ministry of Planning.

The head of the Council of the province of Babylon Raad al-Jubouri, in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that it comes because the province suffered heavy losses during the military operations in the rock cliff.

It is worth mentioning the Finance Committee in the provincial council member Asad Abdul bayonets that if implementation of this resolution will pass maintain significant economic crisis and stopped for staff salaries, noting that failure to approve the budget negatively impacted by this decision through the work of some departments stopped in the province because of the force of its budget, as he put it .

According to the head of the planning committee in the provincial council Fawzia Aljcami that reduce the budget will affect the province, which lacks the petro-dollar, pointing out that the 2014 budget will be transferred to the general 0.2015 decision is usually a continuation of the injustice suffered by the province, according to its expression.

Envoy Ki-moon was “deeply angry” because of the bombing of Arbil

Twilight News / The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Iraq Nikolay Mladenov today infuriated after the news received on the suicide attack in front of the governorate building in Arbil.

altSaid Mladenov, who currently resides in New York to attend UN Security Council meeting on Iraq, “I strongly condemn this cowardly terrorist act and extend my sincere condolences to the families of the victims.”

“I am sure that the determination of all peace-loving Iraqis are stronger than any terrorist act and that peace and tranquility in the country Saeman eventually.”