Biden in Ankara to persuade the Turks to play a bigger role in the international coalition against “Daash”

Biden in Ankara to persuade the Turks to play a bigger role in the international coalition against “Daash”
8:11: 11/22/2014


Khandan – Zia Caliph

Being US Vice President Joe Biden talks will last for three days with Turkish leaders in Ankara to persuade them to play a bigger role in the coalition against al “Daash.”

According to a report released by the agency AFP and a number of US news sites, it is “expected to Biden seeks to calm tensions that have arisen between NATO members and the unwillingness of Turkey to play a major role in the fight Daash in Iraq and Syria.”

It is likely that “Biden meet both Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu in Istanbul on Saturday night, then meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday.”

Iraq inflation rates for October 0.90%

The inflation rate in Iraq was recorded at 0.90 percent in October of 2014. Inflation Rate in Iraq averaged 14.35 Percent from 2005 until 2014, reaching an all time high of 76.55 Percent in August of 2006 and a record low of -6.37 Percent in October of 2009. Inflation Rate in Iraq is reported by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The government sends the budget “2015” to the House of Representatives

15:56 11/19/2014

Decision of the House of Representatives said Imad Youkhana Yako, Wednesday, that the government has promised us to send the budget in 2015 or the beginning of next month mid-December.

And between Yako that “according to the Constitution and the law is supposed to be the next House session is the last session in the legislative term, noting that” there is a paragraph in the event of non-arrival of the budget 2015 to the Parliament can not be for the House of Representatives to begin the legislative Batlth.”

He explained that “the House of Representatives waiting to send balancing the beginning or middle of next month because they promised us, send them and therefore, the parliament will be binding on the continuation of the advantage until the completion of the budget.”

The religious authority called on to San representative, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai on 14 of this month to speed up Bagherarmoisna 2015 as oil prices fell and the face of the deficit to be leaders to speed up and show the necessary flexibility in the estimation of the things the country condoning some of the demands that can be delayed for the last time, noting that the insistence on disrupting this budget means that the harm would befall everyone and lead to the disruption of the country.”

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that the expected oil price calculated in building the financial budget for 2015 will appreciate to $ 80 per barrel.

“He guessed Abdul-Mahdi during hosted in the House of Representatives hearing yesterday,” the lack of a rapid rise in oil prices during the current period, although and that attempts are being made ​​to ensure the stability of the oil market or to achieve relatively high prices.…586%25D8%25A9-

Shammari calls for the adoption of the state departments of the local currency rather than in US


Shammari calls for the adoption of the state departments of the local currency rather than in US

BAGHDAD .. According to a member bloc independent MP d. Mohammed al-Shammari, Wednesday, that the global economic situation makes it imperative for everyone and the advancement of national vigor and the Iraqi economy, and keep it from schemes aimed at wrecking.

Al-Shammari said, in a statement for “eye Iraq News,” The establishment of some countries to increase oil exports to the market in order to reduce oil prices, aims to impact on the economies of countries that rely on oil Coward head of her, in order to pass a number of special projects “major countries “.
He Shammari he unfortunately some state departments and institutions to contribute in that attack, which seeks to weaken our national economy and destroyed, several methods, including, dealing the American process, rather than the local currency, noting that, for example, Iraqi Airways does not accept cut airlinetickets for a sum Iraqi dinar, but requires that the amount in US dollars.

Shammari stressed the need to instruct government departments and institutions that deal in Iraqi dinars, to contribute to raise its value against the US dollar, which assigns the Iraqi national economy.
taken from Going Global. link is in Arabic

Mladenov: resolving differences with Erbil and absorb the year are important steps to reform Iraq

Mladenov: resolving differences with Erbil and absorb the year are important steps to reform Iraq

Follow-up – Iraq Press – November 21: Representative of the Secretary-General said the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, on Friday, to resolve differences with the Kurdistan region and the involvement of Sunni Arabs in the political process, an important step in the reform process in Iraq.
He said in a televised statement: “The United Nations is following the march of reforms in the new Iraqi government, which began by resolving disputes with the Kurdistan region, and the absorption of Sunni Arabs in the political process, and there are reforms in the armed forces file to fight corruption.”
Mladenov and added: “The United Nations monitors the Iraqi government’s attempts to connect with the Arabs / year /, and involvement in government and provide guarantees for them to participate in the future to protect themselves and their areas of National Guard troops.”
The Iraqi government has begun the process of steps to resolve the differences with the Kurdistan region through more than $ 500 million conversion of a private salaries provincial officials, in exchange for delivery of the region 150 000 barrels of oil a day to the center, in addition to other steps involving tribes in the western region with the security forces to fight al Daash. Q ended. P.
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Iraqi delegation in The Hague to discuss ways to combat terrorism

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Parliament delegation arrived on Friday, the Dutch city of The Hague, in order to participate in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Conference of the sixty-NATO “NATO”.

The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in a statement, Roudao network seen by the media: that “our participation in the NATO conference came after a request received from the organizers of the conference, who stressed on the necessity of the participation of Iraq.”

He said MP Mohammed “previously participated in the preparatory conference in Italy, which already this conference, which was our word about the security situation in Iraq and the region and of the sacrifices made by Iraq in its war against terrorism.”

Mohammed explained, would have been able to access the terrorism of the conclusion reached by the day, but after that dominated several Iraqi regions.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary Hamid al-Mutlaq said that the conference will discuss ways to combat terrorism, according to scientific methods.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi parliament delegation, comprising both the Vice President of the House of Representatives, Aram Sheikh Mohammed, and organic to the security and defense committee in Parliament, Alexander and berries, and Hamid al-Mutlaq, has arrived today to participate in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Conference of the sixty-NATO (NATO), which is held in the center World Forum in The Hague on Saturday and runs until next Sunday.

Cabinet Cancel billions of dollars in expenses and consultant Abadi speaks of “a new financial thought” to 2015 budget

Cancel billions of dollars in expenses and consultant Abadi speaks of “a new financial thought” to 2015 budget


21/11/2014 20:13
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Range / Baghdad

Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to detect the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the government would begin discussing the draft budget law of 2015 the beginning of the month of December next to its numbers are commensurate with the circumstances and the economic and security challenges.
He said the government will go towards reducing its current expenditures, which was costing the federal budget each year, including nearly 45 billion dollars. He noted that the 2014 budget data will be submitted to Parliament with the budget next year.
To the Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed that the government has decided to calculate the price of a barrel of oil of $ 80 in the next budget, warning of talk about higher prices amid oil market crisis.
He says the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic advisor to the Prime Minister, during a meeting with the “long”, “The Ministry of Finance engaged for some time to prepare a draft budget law of 2015 in accordance with rules prescribed by the Financial Management Act of public debt No. 95 of 2004, which defines the concepts of the preparation of any budget. ”
Article (6) First of the Public Debt Law, the Ministry of Finance to prepare the federal budget on economic development plans and the pursuit of macroeconomic stability and economic policy and applicable laws and regulations, taking into account the desire required to ensure the strengthening of the financial situation of Iraq, and to reduce volatility in government spending, and the completion of the accumulation of gross income taking into account in particular the wise and moderate price forecasts for petroleum and petroleum products, tax and customs revenues.
He adds that in favor of “next year’s budget is heading towards limbering and reduce current expenditures and some of the projects by a large financial burden with the lifting of some other exports outside the oil sector and to address the projected shortfall.”
And explain the expert economic adviser reasons for delay in approving the budget year 2015 in the Council of Ministers to “the existence and security conditions problems experienced by Iraq,” stressing “the existence of emergency conditions faced approve the federal budget for next year and the latter end of them falling world oil prices and determine the amount of oil produced and exported as well as the challenges Alerharb. ”
Saleh believes that “the preparation of the budget next year will serve as a financial re-thought in Iraq under difficult circumstances and face the challenges of terrorism and the decline in oil prices.”
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister and draws out that “the Ministry of Finance did not specify to which oil now will depend on next year’s budget as well as the quantities of exported oil prices,” likely “conversion of grades for the current year to the next budget.”
The oil minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, most likely, while hosted in the House of Representatives, is expected to be calculated in the price of oil in the construction budget for 2015 by about $ 80 per barrel. Mahdi and linking improved performance of the Iraqi economy in the correct orientation of financial resources through pressure unnecessary expenses.
It notes that in favor of “wages and salaries cost the state budget about $ 45 billion a year as well as the ongoing consumer spending, such as furniture, cars and deputations, and other services, and that up to 45 billion dollars.”
And expresses regret economist fiscal policy followed during the last years of the ongoing expenses acted obscene and large, believe that “the expansion of the financial budgets during the financial period was unreasonable expansion, which included consumer ongoing expenses that strained budgets, large sums of money.”
Notes in favor of that, “the recent agreement with the Kurdistan region will address many of the budget problems that are related to the lifting of the production, export and marketing of oil to world markets,” expected to “be discussing the general budget in the next month within the Council of Ministers and then sent to the House of Representatives.”
The Federal Government and the Government of Iraq’s Kurdistan region and reached an agreement provides for the conversion of the federal government $ 500 million in exchange for a commitment to Arbil, 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the federal government.
But economic adviser to Prime Minister al-Abadi believes that “Drawing the federal budget is dependent on the completion of the agreements with the Kurdistan Regional Government and oil processing differences fully.”
He suggested that “the investment budget will focus on the task of investment projects and re-projects lagging,” expected to “be the budget year 2014 data with the next year’s budget submission to the House of Representatives.”
In the same vein, Secretary Baker, MP for the Kurdistan block change, for “there is no intention at the federal government calculates the price of oil in the budget next year B80dolar” revealed.
Baker shows the “long” that “the Council of Ministers will send the budget year 2015 to the Parliament before the end of the current year for the legislation on time”, adding that “the trend is to reduce the consumption expenditure in order to control the projected budget deficit ratio”.
Explains the legal committee member, said “the reasons for the adoption of the calculation or the price of oil to $ 80 in order to cover the deficit and filled through the equation between expenditure and income,” but he acknowledges that “the adoption of this price is risky because of the decline in world oil prices.”

Interior and defense agree to arming tribes of Diyala


Roudao – Erbil

Met with ministers of interior and defense, Friday, tribal elders Diyala, Baghdad, and in the presence of the President of the Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, to discuss the possibility of arming the tribes and support security services in the face of the organization Daash.

The MP said in the House of Representatives for Diyala province, Abdul Aziz Hassan, network Roudao media: “There is clear visions by the Iraqi government, in arming and organizing the sons of the tribes, so that you can help the security agencies in the recovery Almnatqh from the control of the organization Daash.”

He said MP Hassan: “The security and defense parliamentary committee, is now studying the draft of the National Guard Law, for approval and ratification by the parliament, because the law is passed, will organize and facilitate the arming of those clans process, the security forces and be one of the people of the city exclusively and headed by the governor.” .

He explained Abdulaziz, the meetings take place there now, with officials in the Iraqi government, and there are assurances by the government in organizing and arming tribal members in the face of the organization Daash.

It is noteworthy that the militants of the Islamic State “Daash”, now in control of my part Jalawla and Saadia, while the Kurdish Peshmerga forces besieged from all directions, and there is a joint collaboration with the Iraqi army from the front Hamrin after securing the main road link between (Khanaqin – Baquba).

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region will meet with his Turkish counterpart

[20:05] 14 / Nov / 21

Erbil, November 21 / Noڤmbr (PNA) – held Nیچیrڤan Barzani Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, on Friday morning, November 21, 2014, a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation.
During the meeting, which was attended by Qubad Talabani, the deputy prime minister, interior minister, and the Peshmerga, finance and economics, planning, tourism, and Parliamentary Affairs, and the spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the two sides trading conditions in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the region, and the latest security and military developments and the face of terrorism and the war against Daash terrorist organization, as well as to discuss outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad problems and efforts to address them, and Turkey’s relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the interest of commercial, diplomatic and political relations.

And highlighted Davutoglu light on the results of his meetings and meetings in Baghdad described the results of the visit and the meetings positive, as pointed out during his speech that the new line to the Iraqi government is an opportunity to confront terrorism and to address the problems and obstacles, stressing that Turkey will continue to support and assist the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in all fields.

This Ahmet Davutoglu arrived on Thursday evening in an hour late to Erbil International Airport, and was received at the Erbil International Airport Nیچیrڤan Mr. Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region.

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Envoy Ki-moon: the reform process began in Iraq

Envoy Ki-moon: the reform process began in Iraq

Twilight News Nikolay Mladenov representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq / said that political reforms in Iraq have begun to resolve differences through with the Kurdistan Region and the absorption of Sunni Arabs in the political process.

altMladenov said in an interview with “Al-Jazeera” it continues the process of reforms in the new Iraqi government closely, pointing out that there are reforms in the armed forces file to the fight against corruption, as well as resolving differences between Baghdad and Erbil.

He continued, “on the ground monitor attempts to contact the Iraqi government with Sunni Arabs and their involvement in the government and provide guarantees for them to participate in the future to protect themselves and their areas of National Guard troops.”

He stressed that it is important in this whole process of reform that began in Iraq and waiting for a lot of work in this area in the future.

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