Prime Minister: the private sector should contribute to the management of the economy

11.11.2014 0:00

During the launch of the third generation communications ceremony
Baghdad morning Omar Abdel Latif Rashid Shaima
He stressed the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the need to raise the profile of telecommunications in Iraq, in the form, which can contribute to the development of all other sectors, economic, social and security especially, stressing the importance to meet public and private sectors, real partnerships reflected positively on the level of service delivery to citizens .
Assurances Abadi came, through his media and communications ceremony on Monday attended by “morning” for signing the right to use third-generation mobile phone frequencies contract extension, and concluded by the Commission with the companies “Atheer and Asiacell and Korek Telecom”. He said al-Abadi, during his speech on the sidelines of the ceremony: the “The launch of the third generation telecom services in Iraq is an important addition,” calling at the same time to “speed up the launch of the fourth generation and the expansion of various telecommunications services.”
He praised the Prime Minister on the real winning partnership between the public and private sectors, which he considered a cornerstone of the government program, which fostered the contracting process between telecommunications companies and mobile phone body in Iraq to launch a generation Aii.ofatt Abadi to the importance, but the state is a competitor to the private sector that are of allowing widespread to conclude bilateral partnership agreements manner that reflected positively on the provision of services to citizens, noting saying that “a true partnership between the public and private sectors means to provide more services to citizens and should work together to develop the country in various fields should be considered in all projects submitted for government institutions to see where the interest lies citizen. “ He reiterated that there is no intention to determine public freedoms in the field of communications, explaining that the opening up of Iraq in this area will make it in the face of serious some of the challenges, despite the importance of the third generation on the economic, social and educational aspects of security services, noting that the service was launched in Iraq delayed for four or five years.
Abadi added, that this service is important to provide communication cheaper and safer, but the enemies of Iraq are seeking to use this technology in the fight against the country, and therefore should work in earnest to protect the users of these new technologies.
He said that the world of organized crime and the means of communication used to influence in many segments of society, but that it can not be regarded as an excuse to determine public freedoms, noting that the state is based on the interest of the citizen priority.
He called on the Prime Minister to expedite the release of the fourth-generation services, and called for “reducing” communications and improve the prices of services, noting that the role of the state is the attribution of the private sector and not a rival.
Means of communication

For his part, Head of Media and Communications Authority Safa al-Din spring, stressed that the third-generation technology, work will start on the first of January of the next year, indicating that this technique will create a wide labor market.
Spring said in his speech for the “morning” that the contract legally signed with telecommunications companies to use the third generation, but the actual service will start on 01.01.2015 in one hour in one minute in order to ensure fair competition between companies. “
He added that this service would develop the use of the Internet in mobile devices and the speed of data transfer and load, and therefore these major uses of the Internet would create a labor market for a generation Alchaabab.oaza spring, delayed the work of those technical, to the routine used in government departments, stressing the determination of the Commission to launch a fourth generation through coming months after the completion of a number of technical aspects of this subject.

An important step

Turn senior agent of the Ministry of Communications Engineer Amir Bayati described step by signing a third-generation mobile phone “contract task and large” viewing it as an input real structure to develop Albuld.oadhav Bayati said in a statement singled out the “morning” that despite the delay in the use of this service, but it is considered important step in Iraq to be in refineries developed countries, pointing out that this generation will develop educational and financial level in the country, as well as it is the foundation to launch generation service Alraba.aly, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the media and communications, Dr. Ali Nasser Khuwaylidi said in statement singled out the “morning” on the sidelines of the signing: “The ceremony of the body and feet after the use of this advanced technology generation, have contributed to double the country’s financial revenue, amounts estimated at one billion dollars, in addition to future revenue for this Alkhaddma.oadhav that this generation is characterized by high speed in online up to 3000 kbps allowing citizen browse sites quickly and the use of video programs in communication, as well as used by Ath.utaba institutions that this generation will provide job opportunities for companies and engineers being needs of many workers in these services and technologies.

Political welcome

In the meantime, MP welcomed the Kurdistan Alliance Vian Dakhil this step which was considered necessary to revive the practical, technological and security reality in Albulad.oukalt Intruder “morning”: that the move came too late for four years despite attempts Communications Commission representative at the time, which sought to proceed in this matter, especially that each technique-lived default Ma’ayan can not override it “.wakdt MP said the media and communications comprising of competencies Maimknha to provide more of the country, expressing the hope that the government is interested in investing and the private sector and encourage these sectors In turn, explained Director of Communications Department of the Commission, Engineer Haitham Hadi said the third-generation technology is a natural evolution of telecommunications services for the second generation, which will contribute to the launch of new services for citizens and make a breakthrough in the world of communications in Albuldoukal Hadi’s “morning”: that this service allows citizens to use mobile phone their private databases and wider world of the Internet, “stressing that global reports show that the country that launches a third-generation services will be the transmission, on the economic and living standards and cultural level of the citizen.


Politicians and media representatives: Workshop {} morning the first specialized after 2003

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Bmkhrjatha praised after extensive discussions and dialogues
Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo Wafaa Amer
Political and media figures confirmed that the national and impartial media plays a prominent role in supporting and consolidating the government program which political blocs recently agreed upon by revealing cases of corruption, pointing to flaws in the state, stressing that the workshop was organized by the “morning” is the first to discuss the government program.

Construction and development

President of the National Center for Strategic Studies and confident Hashemi said “morning”, during the last hosted a seminar about the government program: he can not overlook the role of the national free media in the construction and development process, which aspires its new government within its government, as the media national calls in Nowadays the integrity and transparency, in addition to it reveal cases of corruption and embezzlement in transactions also indicate weak points.
He also added that these principles confirmed by the government program, pointing out that the media fair working to motivate and develop the government program in line with the implementation and the situation being experienced by the country, which represents a reflective mirror to people’s concerns mechanism.
With regard to the times that have been developed for the implementation of the government program, the head of the National Center for Strategic Studies, called for political blocs to reconsider them and extended so as to the existence of the problems facing the government is the security situation confused experienced by some provinces, in addition to the existence of a state of austerity due to declining oil exports from the country and the low price of a barrel Worldwide oil, praising the workshop “morning” that promise of important workshops.


For his part, Vice-President of the Union of businessmen in Diwaniya Obaid Azzouz Ziadi seminar as the first specialized seminar after 2003, organized by a media organization in the field of economic reforms, as it brought together all parties to discuss the crisis experienced by the country.
He expressed the hope that is to continue to hold such seminars on a regular basis to monitor developments and to discuss the problems and put transparently by various media with the possibility of the center to hold seminars with economists prior to the seminar, stressing that the Businessmen Union fully prepared to participate in all this discussion seminars and seminars held by the morning newspaper.
He pointed out that the government program comprises vertebrae was Union has put founded years ago and includes the transfer of the country’s state employees to state business to create a strong and effective economy, however, that the delay in the budget led to the obstruction of a lot of issues that achieve economic reform as well as security challenges experienced by the country recently, which he described Palmagueth fact the government program lays the foundations for strong economy if achieved, it will expel all projects that aim to delay in the country and the most important to get rid of “Daash” gangs and start building the country through a quick programs and projects carried out simultaneously.

Political system

For his part, said political science professor Aziz Jabr Vest in his “morning”, said the building is capable political system on the achievement should be the basis of depends on what posed by the media as a longer-kind critical of the failures that occur in the political process on the one hand and hand in the adoption of hand again, if became a source of strength and community tool is able to mobilize public opinion starved government elements of power needed by the program, noting that he is a general lines expanding and narrowing according to the destination concerned.

Real institutions

In turn, the international media professor Kazem Mikdadi pointed out that there is a need to be real media organizations characterized journalistic professionalism and credibility, similar to what exists in some countries in the developed world, the condition to stay away from the qualitative separation of employees and external funding.
For his part, the editor of the statement, secretary Ibrahim Luxury “morning” that interest sector media in the government program that does not exist despite the fact that most of the media policy media live with the present unstable state through the adoption of various partisan and external communications that do not serve the interests of the Iraqi citizen has also affect the course of events Alssayash.ama economist at the Central Bank, Dr. Muhammad Akram Hussein has stressed the “morning” the importance of the workshop held by the “morning” Saturday Almadi.oukal: “the possibility of the Center for Strategic Studies of the” morning “to push for the formation of a committee to keep on the government program as comprehensive and ambitious program and can accommodate the latest developments that have taken place in the country, which led to the fall in oil prices, as well as what is included in the change of the political as well as economic concepts. “

Minister: Zebari Commission will report on the budget during today’s cabinet meeting

Minister: Zebari Commission will report on the budget during today's cabinet meeting

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

While Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance said that the Parliament of the region wants to host the Federal Minister of Finance to discuss financial problems with Baghdad, said Minister in the government of Haider al-Abadi said in charge of the development budget, which is headed by Hoshyar Zebari Committee, will present its final report during the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where the most prominent tasks related calculates the actual expenditures and identify deficits and austerity proposals.

The total revenue and expenditure for the first seven months of this year, At another era Nuri al-Maliki shows that Iraq has spent all the amounts derived from the export of oil, even though he did not pay the Kurdistan dues nor the amounts allocated to Basra petrodollars, nor most of the financial obligations of the provinces which fell to Daash.
He says Environment Minister Qutaiba al-Jubouri, in an interview with the “long” that the State Committee headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to prepare a draft budget for 2014, did not end its work in trying to address the large deficit by reducing the size of the expenditure. “
Jubouri He continues that “the Ministry of Finance in the process of submitting the draft federal budget law for 2014 to the Cabinet for a vote and then send it to the Parliament as soon as possible.” Indicating that the government is supposed to submit its final report the Commission to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, to discuss and take a final decision by referring to the House of Representatives. “
The Minister of Finance of the Federal Hoshyar Zebari had said earlier that the ministry will speed up the completion of 2014 budget and send it to the Cabinet for approval soon, “adding that he would work to complete the preparation of the 2015 budget, after the adoption of the budget for the current year, in order to prevent delays in the budget next year.” .
And on the preparation of the draft general budget law in 2015, the minister explains that “all ministries currently embarked on the preparation of their budgets own, which includes projects and expenditures conjecture for next year,” adding that these budgets will be sent to the Ministries of Finance and Planning for the preparation of the general budget for 2015. “
He points out that “the ministries have not finished drafting their budgets and therefore there are currently no discussions about next year’s budget, but all our focus is on how to address the deficit and spending 2014 budget year.” It is noteworthy that “the problems between the KRG and the federal government, which relate to the export of oil issues yet to be resolved in the budget year 2014 because of the large deficit, which reached 21 trillion dinars,” noting that “the deficit ratio prompted the Cabinet to reduce expenses and projects included in the draft budget.” . And asserts that “the big deficit problem did not give the opportunity to the Council of Ministers to discuss the Kurdistan oil problems with the federal government and resolve” probable deportation differences Erbil and Baghdad to 2015 budget year. “Turn revealed the Finance Committee member Ahmed Hama Rasheed that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will be hosted in the Kurdistan Region Parliament to discuss the draft federal budget for 2015 Act. “
Rashid says in an interview with the “long” that the Iraqi economy will see a big drop in the budget year 2015 due to the large deficit in the budget year 2014, “expected delay in adoption of the next budget because of the deficit problem.”
Global oil prices are facing a significant decrease of between 80 to 85 dollars for a barrel of oil after it was up to nearly US $ 120 per barrel during the past few months.
He continues Kurdish MP said: “If there is compatibility with the KRG on oil exports will contribute to reducing the large deficit gap in the 2014 budget year.”
He adds that “the budget year 2014 will be a special condition, but what count in the 2015 budget is to resolve differences and integrated drastically because there are good intentions by both parties to resolve the outstanding problems.”
It is expected that the Council of Ministers to discuss the 2015 budget year, the end of this month, hoping to submit it to the House of Representatives upon the completion of them. “
The chairman of the government, “Haider al-Abadi,” recently, that his government had discussed the issue of the federal budget for 2014 three times, and will provide a cash budget to the House of Representatives, representing the amounts disbursed by the government since the beginning of this year, with military spending, “pointing out that” 2015 budget will be based on the current year’s budget, because the current problems will continue in the coming year, the province of Kirkuk, where oil wells stopped, as well as lower prices for a barrel of oil dramatically to below $ 90 per barrel. “
Abadi added that “the Council of Ministers decided to follow the policy of austerity in unnecessary expenses, and we will continue with this policy, because we can not confine the military effort and salaries and basic services to citizens.

Iraq receives a draft Memorandum of Understanding with the UNDP United Nations

Iraq receives a draft Memorandum of Understanding with the UNDP United Nations

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Iraq received a draft Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Development Program.

A statement by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that “the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Hamid Khalaf Ahmed receipt of checks on the delegation of the draft Memorandum of Understanding with the UNDP United Nations in order to access them and discuss the legal notice before the signing of the memorandum.”

The statement pointed out that the memo “identifies the areas of their cooperation with the Iraqi government administrative and financial reform, and regulation – federal and local relationships, and a secure and stable Iraq, and upgrading the service and the standard of living of the citizen.”

The two parties agreed, according to the statement on “hold a subsequent meeting precedes the signature for the purpose of discussing and discuss observations with the prime minister’s office and the board of advisers.”

It should be noted that the Memorandum of Understanding mentioned reflects the commitment of the United Nations Development Programme to provide enhance development activities including the promotion of participatory governance and Almsaelh.anthy Services

Informative site Daash continued to announce the death of al-Baghdadi

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Announced informative site continued to Daash terrorist gangs and death of its leader named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

She said the sit-in of the Daash Foundation in his tweet on the social networking site Twitter, “We will release details of the death of Caliph al-Baghdadi, and swear allegiance to the new caliph successively” .hsp saying.

There were conflicting reports about the fate of al-Baghdadi, during the past three days between the injury and death, said the National Alliance MP Hussein al-Maliki today that “the intelligence and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense Directorate assured us Baghdadi wounded in a raid in the Iraqi air force in the city of Qaim in Anbar province, carried out last Saturday.”

The MP said al-Maliki told all of Iraq [where] that “the Defense Intelligence assured us this information and showed that he was in the existing hospital after targeting Rtlh there, suffers severe head injuries and that the surgeon at the hospital refused to conduct surgery his fear of death arose terrorists Daash transfer Baghdadi from existing to tenderness in Syria for treatment there. “

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed on Sunday the injury.

A US military official said Saturday that “the international coalition raid targeted a convoy of the leaders in Daash in the city of Mosul.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Central Command, the US Army Patrick Ryder said, “We can not confirm whether al-Baghdadi, a participant in the gathering of the leaders of Daash which targeted near Mosul.”

Washington presented a reward of ten million dollars to those who contribute to the arrest of al-Baghdadi, who appeared for the first time in a video in a mosque in Mosul last July, declaring himself “Caliph of Islam” after terrorists took control of the city on 10 June Almadi.anthy.

Baghdad: There are currently studying the idea about the launch of some months’ salaries to the staff of the Kurdistan

9:21: 11/10/2014

Khandan – A spokesman for the Federal government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi, that “the government is continuing its discussions with representatives of the Kurdistan region to reach an agreement and solutions to problems rooted between Baghdad and Erbil,” and expressed “hope to dissolve soon in the presence of positive and visions signs may lead to resolving the issue of delay in payment of salaries to the staff of the province that one of the main are the problems facing the region. ” said Hadithi told the newspaper “morning” that there is an idea currently considering revolves around the launch in conjunction with a plan to export oil and coordinating the joint between the central government and the provincial government and the introduction of imports to the federal share of some months’ salaries to the staff of the province and deducted from the region’s share in the general budget. He newborn to the presence of Problems faced by the government because of the deficit and economic pressures that result from the budget next year, which requires the adoption of retrenchment policy and the postponement of some paragraphs and laws, pointing out that they will be based on the major projects the strategy for the provision of employment opportunities as well as treatment mechanism retreat export of oil prices, which have left the difficulty in guessing coincide with the stop oil exports in some areas. With regard to reaching a final with the provincial agreement, confirmed newborn that “ongoing discussions and disagreements are deep and the solutions need to meetings and numerous discussions to resolve the differences and the implementation of some close political agreement the terms of which which has been the formation of the government. ”

Iraq raises oil prices to buyers from Asia and the United States reduced

Iraq raises oil prices to buyers from Asia and the United States reduced

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The Oil Ministry announced the adjournment of the federal Iraqi crude oil sale to buyers from Asia price.

She said the oil marketing company SOMO] today she was “raised the official selling price of crude oil to the price of the main [Bozrah Light] to Asian customers but lowered the price to the United States,” along the lines of what I’ve done Arabia.

It showed that “raising the price will be next December to an average of Oman and Dubai crude prices minus US $ 2.50 per barrel less the average of $ 3.15 in November shipments.”

Sumo and lowered the official selling price of Basra light crude to US customers in December / December to Argos minus 10 cents after the index was the price for November shipments Argus index plus 40 cents.

The price changes made ​​by the Iraqi oil marketing company similar to those carried out by Saudi Arabia as it raised prices and lowered them to Asia to the United States last week to try to limit the drop in oil prices Alaalmih.anthy

Prime Minister’s Office: Abadi past its actions to combat the financial and administrative corruption

Haider al-Abadi J

(Independent) .. to the prime minister’s media office said, “said Haider al-Abadi past reform its procedures to combat financial and administrative corruption in state institutions.”

He added in a statement received (Almstvlh) there are measures taken to reduce this phenomenon, which has become a major threat to the country and its wealth is not less dangerous than the terrorism that seek to eliminate it for the lives of the country’s security and safety, and moving to the ranks of developed countries in all fields.

The Information Office said that the legacy of corruption of the heavy inheritance and we will strive to reduce them and then eliminate them where we will not relent in exposing the corrupt and dismissed after investigation and bring them to the courts because the wealth of the country belongs to the people and we Trustees it is necessary to maintain them.

He said Abadi highly appreciates the Supreme religious reference calls in the fight against financial and administrative corruption and that we will be striking for the financial and administrative corruption and terrorism hand and wished that everyone contributes to the fight against this scourge, which eat away at the body of the Iraqi state and the wealth of his sons. (End)

Jubouri looking with the Ministerial Alliance bloc powers document and implementation of the political agreement

4 Show November 10, 2014 22:51

President al-Jubouri, during a meeting of the ministerial block to the Union of Forces 10/11/2014

(Independent) .. Search House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in his home, Monday evening, with ministerial bloc coalition Iraqi forces review claims and entitlements to block Forces Union, which included political reform document under which formed the government and the importance of activating and follow-up with the relevant authorities.

Was also discussed during the meeting of the National Guard and law causes delay sent by the government to parliament for legislation, in addition to the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers.

Jubouri said at the meeting the need to get out a unified vision for the commitment and political benefits that have been agreed upon.

UPDATE 1-US to deliver Iraqi F-16s to Arizona, where pilots training -Pentagon

Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:42 pm EST

Nov 10 (Reuters) – Iraqi F-16 fighters delivery has delayed by security will be sent to Arizona in December so Iraqi pilots training there can use them to keep up skills after initial course, the Pentagon said on Monday.

The first three F-16 jet fighters will be delivered in December, with an additional plane being sent there each month thereafter through May, for a total delivery of eight aircraft, the Pentagon said.

Baghdad has ordered 36 of the $ 65 million Lockheed Martin Corp planes, but initial deliveries to Balad air base in Iraq earlier this year were delayed because of security concerns after militants from the Islamic State group overran much of the northwestern part of the country.

Contractors preparing the base for arrival of the F-16s had to be pulled because of the security concerns before their work was complete.

“Iraqi pilots will begin flying Iraqi aircraft in Tucson in January,” said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

Twenty-four Iraqi pilots are in the F-16 training pipeline in the United States, the Air Force said. Of those, 14 were training on US F-16s with the 162nd Wing Arizona Air National Guard at Tucson International Airport. Four were awaiting F-16 training and another six were attending language training.

Since the security situation in Iraq prevents the planes from being delivered to Balad, US officials decided to make the aircraft ordered by Baghdad available to Iraqi pilots in Tucson, in part to help them retain their skills after training, an Air Force spokeswoman said.

The Arizona Air Guard had space for eight more aircraft, she said.

The move is meant to be a “temporary solution until the security situation in Iraq is stabilized and the Iraqi aircraft can be delivered,” she said. (Reporting by David Alexander ; Editing by Doina Chiacu )