dinars active trade in Kirkuk and the employee is the victim

Saturday 01 November 2014
| 17:19

Qurtas News /
Kirkuk , bankers and owners of shops Banking said in Kirkuk city province experiencing vogue small cash currency trading, as a result of delivery to maintain staff a large part of their monthly salaries monetary currencies category “250” dinars.

speaks citizens in Kirkuk that small currency trading is not new but has been active recently in Kirkuk, where he witnessed banking offices turnout remarkable to buy the dollar.

employee first victim always said one oil company staff north in Kirkuk for “Qurtas News”, “you bought the paper from the category of $ 100 compared to 130 000 dinars, of the 250 class . ”

and added, “I was forced, can not exchange this amount of salary in local markets.” Observers say Financial that banks Kirkuk are almost empty cupboards, and two months after former salaries delivery staff.

Currency traders speculate the problem is now in the currency traders, monopolize the big currencies, They buy small coins category 250 dinars to increase the normal price for the disbursement of the dollar, for every $ 100, there are 130 000 dinars from category 250, this is speculative current according to observers.

The currency traders also, deposit or switch these amounts in government banks, after selling the dollar at higher prices than specified, investigators highly profitable.

n. C, a banker in the state-owned bank said for “Qurtas News”, that “the bank has seen in the past two months, a high turnout for the deposit or switch large amounts of a class of 250 dinars.”

He said the bank “we collect big money and replaced during the sixty days past, we could not know reasons, but after our inquiry from a number of government officials who told us We have received amounts to a sum of 250 dinars category and we replace the dollar.

” fictitious profits from the pockets of citizens and said Ercan known owner banking office in Kirkuk for “Qurtas News”, he has regardless quantities big of a dollar coin, and most of the buys him are those who have the Iraqi currency of large groups, which have become rare trading.

“There is a huge demand in this period, I was surprised that most of the purchased currency has a huge Iraqi currency categories.”

The dollar in Kirkuk against the dollar. “$ 100 is equal to 121 000 dinars.”
Eyewitnesses and staff for “Qurtas News”, that “there are people who switched dollar versus a profit of at least 10 000 dinars due to the small currency switch for each $ 100 of the staff”, and from there talked about the profit exceeded the 50 million dinars in one month.

There are no accurate statistics for the number of employees in Kirkuk, but they appreciate the thousands, Fsharkp NOC alone owns 16 000 employees and come Kirkuk Police Directorate secondly about 12 000 member, while come Educational Kirkuk Thirdly, circles Other estimates dozens.



2014 budget will be presented in the form of documents showing the previous government expenditures

01/11/2014 20:52:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, said on Saturday that the budget of the current year 2014 will be presented in the form of documents showing the previous government expenditures, explaining that the delay was not due to the new cabinet.

He said in a statement that the Council of Ministers is working to end the draft budget law of 2015 and according to the financial possibilities of the state at the present time, to submit it to the House of Representatives no later than the first of next December.

He added that the Cabinet formed a committee of ministers and some specialist advisers in order to reduce the deficit ratio, after the abolition of luxury spending and social benefits and some financial privileges that were in previous governments. / End


The launch of an electronic trading system in the stock market

2/11/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD thank Fatlawi

Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities in Iraq said that the market for the first time in the Iraqi Stock Exchange Date launched a new electronic trading system X-stream being more electronic trading systems advanced in the world as well as being a high flexibility and performance of advanced and meet the growing needs of the market.

And the Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, in an exclusive interview with “morning” that the Iraqi Stock Exchange from the first five stock exchanges in the Middle East that have been used this new system through the development of study design and implementation plan by the market experts in collaboration with the company “NASDAQ or or X, “as well as work on the development of the market Hardware – software with global companies,” NASDAQ OMX and IBM “and according to the tests, which ended with success, he said.

Abdel-Salam said that the market has to conduct technical tests on the beta versions of the system as well as its training and testing of a group of staff and coaches as intermediaries for the purpose of training and authorized intermediaries stressing make amendments to the filing system to comply with the “X-Stream” system

Abdel-Salam said that the market was operating in accordance with the electronic trading system of the Horizon very end of October 2014, pointing out that the user and the system in place by most Arab and European bourses returned him a success according to electronic trading rules.

He said the stock market managed according to this system of building a data center Data Center as the first information and the data center in Iraq, which became the basis for the deployment of circulating information and stock prices and increase stock turnover and attract Iraqi, Arab and international investments for trading on the Iraq Stock Exchange, he said.


Kurdish leader: Kobanî will be the end of the Assad regime and Daash

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Bahia Mardini

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Bahia Mardini: Take Zara Saleh, a member of the Political Committee of the Party Yeketi Kurds in Syria in an interview with “Culture” that “any common link between the military opposition factions in Syria, is a welcome step, as long as the targeted branches of the system from the likes of Daash and the forces of obscurantism, and Kobanî specifically There are factions of the army free Daash fighting alongside the Kurdish security forces. “
Saleh said he was “perhaps the confusion that took place around the figure (the leader of the FSA) Abdul-Jabbar Aqidi and previous statements, as well as the positions of Kurdish forces is questionable with the Kurds, and his meetings with Daashah elements in more than a previous site.”
He explained that: all reason to doubt him, and about his insistence on entering Kobanî, and in this particular period through consistency and harmony with the Turkish position, too, after allowing the Peshmerga crossed into Kobanî. Especially interesting in that it is that there are sites and cities in Syria are in urgent need of support Aqidi But this urgency to enter Turkish agendas box. “
But in general, Saleh said that “the Kurds are fighting Daash fiercely, and they have declared more than once that number does not lack, only need weapons and gear. The same thing applies to the entry of the Peshmerga, where informed military leaders in the Kurdish security forces, President of the Kurdistan region, they welcomed the entry of brothers Peshmerga, but they need more arms “..
“The entry of the Peshmerga reflects the state of the tragedy of Sinjar Cordillera and need not be repeated in Kobanî as well as the Kurdistan dimension to the issue of fragmented people between several countries need to remedy the day after the oppression of the Kurds throughout history and has the right to dream of national rights in all of Kurdistan complete and also his dream of an independent state When the conditions are ripe. “
He believed Saleh “What is happening is not a coincidence, and there is a political coordination of an international consensus on this, despite Turkish declarations, and this project as we have seen will be the entrance to overthrow the regime after the defeat branch obscurantist Daash, especially if he got the coordination with the goodwill between the factions of the free army and protect the people Kurdish Peshmerga and with international support will be circled Daash defeat. “
Kurdish leader stressed that “the Kurds and steadfastness demonstrated that they can crush a sophisticated weapon Daash Hence, we will be in front of the nucleus of a joint army of all moderate factions to be ready to face the next stage of fighting the Assad regime.”
Saleh said, “This project is also seeking him Turkey via the open safe areas and this is the fear of Kurdish forces by virtue of the existence of the issue of more than twenty million Kurd have peace and an agreement with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party for this they are seeking through the factions of the army free to be affiliated to carry out the task it is now determined to enter the largest number of them, but little of the Peshmerga. “
He stressed, “It is a node-Turk about the Kurdish issue,” and expressed the hope “that the Syrian opposition to be clear in their positions, especially since many of them writing and notification is seen to international support, into jealousy and suspicion, as if Kobanî not Syria city though it came out Ptazahradtha since the beginning of the revolution “.
He concluded that “Kobanî station will also be Syrian stake on the future of Syria and the relationship between the components and will be a test of the identity of the homeland sunset, on behalf of the Baath Asadi not hope to repeat factions of the political and military Syrian opposition and be the other side of the dictatorship, and Kobanî will be a gate flag for the Liberation of Syria and defeat Daash and the Baath regime Asadi. “

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=2&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&u=http://www.elaph.com/Web/News/2014/11/954443.html%3Futm_source%3Dfeedburner%26utm_medium%3Dfeed%26utm_campaign%3DFeed%253A%2BElaph%252FNews%2B(News%2B%257C%2B%25D8%25A3%25D8%25AE%25D8%25A8%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B1)&usg=ALkJrhgCNDePN-BI3Ws-IRwRcDEZaPvmeA#sthash.rQrEPGYO.dpuf

Najafi and his brother, the governor of Nineveh Showcase with the ministers of defense and interior ways to edit Mosul

Saturday, October 2 / November 01, 2014 23:57


Vice President Osama Najafi received the Ministers of Defense and Interior, Khaled al-Obeidi, Mohammed Ghaban and discussed with them the political and security situation.

A statement by the Office of Najafi received by all of Iraq [where] that “Defense Minister reviewed during the meeting, which was attended by the province of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi and a number of deputies of military operations carried out by the armed forces against Daash gangs, terrorist, and stressed the army’s determination, eliminating Daash in Anbar and other Iraq’s provinces, pointing to support liberalization of Nineveh camp and the need to provide all the editing requirements. “

For his part, “The Minister of the Interior standards adopted by the ministry in its work in order to debug and development, and stressed the need to restore confidence to the citizen through a clear methodology, and work to make the security man a symbol of justice and the law, not to blackmail citizens, and must achieve the police logo in the service of the people.”

Ghaban according to the statement also pointed out that “works to correct the wrong track, and to fight corruption wherever it is.”

The statement noted that “the governor of Nineveh province of Nineveh camp liberation display kits, and the steps and ways should be adopted in order to alleviate the suffering of the displaced to the Kurdistan region, and received support for his proposals and approval by the ministers of interior and defense,” according to the statement.

The statement continued that “the vice president show his vision of the security situation, and stressed that the security be returned to the right path if citizens felt that participants in the security process, and citizen support checks after feeling for justice and the rule of law, and the fight against corruption,” noting that “the corrupt does not want to achieve security and able to do so, and Iraq will not be built. If corruption continues, the corrupt and the system is synonymous terrorist system “

And cross-Najafi confident ministers security, and pointed out that “required now is to restore security, and the elimination of terrorism, law enforcement, and this is the way to build a modern state, which promotes community security services confidence, and should be on the political forces not to defend the corrupt never.”

Najafi also show the suffering of the displaced, and touched on his meetings in Erbil and Dohuk officials for relief committees and members of the Board of Nineveh province, and officials of departments, “calling” the Minister of Interior attention to open service departments sexual Kmaderiaat and civil cases, and the granting of passports without having to come to the capital, Baghdad. “

Nujaifi said that “the task now is to reduce the suffering of our people displaced, either our people in the city of Mosul has turned Daash gangs terrorist into a big prison, they are prisoners in this prison, and this is what drives us all to cooperation and cohesion in order to eliminate Daash and cleanse the homeland of their filth.” .anthy


Speaker receives official invitation to visit Saudi Arabia

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker, Saleem al-Jobouri, received an official invitation to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A statement by his office received by AIN cited “Jobouri received the invitation from al-Shura Council of the KSA to visit the Kingdom heading a parliamentary delegation.”

“The invitation came to consolidate bilateral relations and cooperation,” the statement concluded. /End/


Iraqi TV comics make fun of Islamic State at huge risk

30/10/2014 11:49:00


By David Zucchino
So Satan marries a Jewish woman in Iraq. She lays an egg, which hatches and pops out a wild-eyed, bearded madman the proud couple names the “ISIS-ling.”

Their son becomes known as “Beheader.” He lops off heads with a bloody sword, shoots people dead and blows up everything in his path with homemade bombs. For exercise, he lifts barbells made of human skulls.

This is Iraq under a future Islamic state, as imagined in “State of Superstition,” a hit comedy on state-run Al Iraqiya TV. The half-hour show turns a deadly serious subject — the reign of terror imposed by the extremist group Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria — into fodder for spoof and satire.
The Beheader character is a comic takedown of Abu Bakr Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph and Islamic State leader. An actor in a preposterously long and tangled fake beard — one of a couple of dozen fake beards glued on to characters each episode by an overworked makeup artist — plays him as a slogan-spewing buffoon.

The show takes enormous risks in the name of satire in a country where Islamic State has tortured and killed Iraqis and set off car bombs that have killed hundreds of people.

“Making a comedy about Islamic State is like trying to defuse a bomb,” said Thair Chiad, the show’s urbane writer and creator. “One mistake and you die.”

“Somehow,” Chiad said, letting out a rueful laugh in his office next to the soundstage where the show is filmed, “we’ve managed to avoid blowing ourselves up, thanks to God.”

Chiad said he and several cast members had been threatened with death by Islamic State. Some actors have refused to have their names listed in the credits for fear of retaliation from the militant group’s “sleeper cells,” which set off car bombs almost every day in Baghdad.
Wissam Abd Wahad, an actor who plays Islamic State’s hapless minister of security, said he shut down his Facebook page and changed his email address after receiving death threats.

Because he insisted that his name be listed in the credits, Wahad said, his family rarely lets him leave home after returning from work. He takes a different route to and from the station every day. Neither the show nor the police provide any special protection.

Wahad, 31, said he was eager to join the show after reading the script because he wanted to do his part to expose Islamic State as a destructive force that has perverted Islam.

“As actors, we can be soldiers in the country’s fight against Daesh,” Wahad said, using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State. “It’s a small thing I can do for my country.”

Wahad played a handsome Lothario on TV before joining “State of Superstition.” “I went from heaven to hell,” he joked.
His character on the show is a drunk passed out in a gutter when Islamic State takes over Iraq. He is appointed, naturally, as minister of security, in charge of executing people and blowing things up.

Wahad wears a fake black beard that hangs halfway down his chest . It’s designed to appear so ridiculous that viewers lose their fear of the bearded militants and view them instead as pompous fools.

Chiad said he writes the episodes as a way of defusing what he called Iraqis’ “phobia” of Islamic State radicals by exposing them as hypocrites. Hence the sex and alcohol. Many Iraqis contend that the militants, who have boasted about selling captured women and girls as sex slaves, also secretly guzzle alcohol.

“We had two options — tragedy or comedy,” Chiad said. “We went with comedy. You get a more positive reaction from comedy.”
The show’s title is a play on the word khilafa, or “caliphate.” By changing one letter, it becomes khirafa, loosely translated as “superstition” or illogical belief.

“Bomb to your heart’s content,” the cast sings, “and you will lunch with the prophet Muhammad.”

The show not only lampoons Islamic State, but also tackles radical Islam and gratuitous violence.

And, yes, there’s the promiscuous Jewish woman wearing an oversized Star of David necklace who couples with the Satan character dressed in a red suit, complete with pitchfork. The Jewish character could be interpreted as satirizing widespread anti-Semitism in the Arab world. But her portrayal may also reflect widely held prejudices in a country where people spread conspiracy theories that Israel, with U.S. help, secretly created and funded Islamic State in a plot to destroy Iraq.
At a cast party on the show’s set last week, actors and producers celebrated wrapping the final episode. The show’s 30 installments have aired every night at 9 since late September. It is appointment TV, beamed around the country — including western and northern regions seized by Islamic State this year.

The episodes are also available on seven satellite TV networks and are translated into English on YouTube, drawing a worldwide audience. The goal, Chiad said, is to educate the world about the nature of Islamic State. A special target is young Muslim men tempted by slick Islamic State recruitment videos.

Thousands of viewers have called or emailed to praise the show, Chiad said. State security officials have told him that Islamic State has taken notice.

“They tell me Daesh is very upset. They hate this,” Chiad said.

The show is hardly subtle. For instance, Islamic State forms a soccer team of bearded, incompetent non-athletes. They challenge an all-star team of the world’s best soccer players to a World Cup “death match.”

When the all-stars score the first goal, the Islamic State team kidnaps the referee’s son until he reverses the score. Ultimately, the Islamic State players execute rival players and declare victory, raising a trophy with the top sheared off — a spoof on beheadings, in case you missed it.

At Islamic State checkpoints, the militants don’t bother to search for bombs. They own them all. Instead, they search people’s minds, using a high-tech brain scanner they clearly have no idea how to operate.

The show also takes barbed shots not only at Jews and Israel, but also at Saudi Arabia and Qatar, widely accused by Iraqis of funding and supporting Islamic State.

The show’s militants air a Saudi-backed TV channel whose logo drips with blood. The emir of Qatar is portrayed as a booze-swilling American cowboy wearing a huge cowboy hat and brandishing a six-shooter.

Taha Wam, a well-known Iraqi actor who plays an evil imam advising the militants, said it’s important to reveal the true powers behind Islamic State, at least as viewed by state-run TV.

“We want people to know all about the outside agents who created Daesh,” said Wam, a distinguished, mustachioed man in his 60s, dressed in a tailored suit as he attended the cast party.

“We know the message is getting through,” he said, smiling, “because I get a lot of death threats.”

Producers rushed to finish airing the show before the Islamic New Year, running two episodes each back-to-back on the last three nights. On the 10th day of the year, Shiites commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, the revered grandson of the prophet Muhammad.
“We don’t want people laughing during a period of mourning,” Chiad said.

He has no plans for a “State of Superstition II.”

“We’ve made our point,” he said.
Los Angeles Times


Araji confirms that the Council of Ministers is working to end the budget next year and is preparing to be sent to parliament

Baghdad – and babysitsaid Bahaa al-Araji, the deputy prime minister said the cabinet is working to end the draft federal fiscal budget bill for next year, and is preparing to be sent to Parliament no later than 01/12/2014.They said in a statement, and public opinion news agency received a copy of “The Council of Ministers is working to end the draft budget for 2015 in accordance with the law on the financial possibilities of the state at the present time, to submit to the House of Representatives no later than 01/12/2014.”

“The Cabinet formed a committee of ministers and experts from some advisers to reduce the deficit ratio, and that after the cancellation of luxury spending and social benefits and some financial concessions that were in previous governments.”

He continued, “either on the 2014 budget will be submitted in the form of documents showing the previous government exchange, and everyone knows that the new Council of Ministers is not the reason Btakherha.”



Araji: Council of Ministers approved the submission of the budget to parliament in 2015 after one month

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31/10/2014 15:27

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, on Friday, the Cabinet approved the submission of the 2015 budget to parliament after one month, among the most adjustments provinces that adopted in the previous parliamentary session councils law will take its way for implementation after adoption of the budget.

They said in a press statement received “obelisk”, a copy of it, that “all these data will not fall within the practice unless there is approval of the federal budget.”

“The Council of Ministers approved the submission of the budget for 2015 to the House of Representatives in the corresponding month Dasenber 1/12, and installed all the powers of the practice, as well as the allocation of large service projects within the general budget.”

He explained that “the government wants to end all crises, both with the Kurdistan region or other provinces,” he “give wider powers to the provinces to amend the background provincial law, being closer in providing the service, as well as the responsibility of local government to its citizens.”


2014 budget will be presented in the form of documents showing the previous government expenditures

01/11/2014 20:52:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, said on Saturday that the budget of the current year 2014 will be presented in the form of documents showing the previous government expenditures, explaining that the delay was not due to the new cabinet.

He said in a statement that the Council of Ministers is working to end the draft budget law of 2015 and according to the financial possibilities of the state at the present time, to submit it to the House of Representatives no later than the first of next December.

He added that the Cabinet formed a committee of ministers and some specialist advisers in order to reduce the deficit ratio, after the abolition of luxury spending and social benefits and some financial privileges that were in previous governments. / End