Parliamentary Finance: city government for banks to 12 trillion dinars


Published on Monday, November 2 / November 17, 2014 21:03
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) –
member of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh force, said the government has borrowed from banks 12 trillion Iraqi dinars in the current year and has not repaid until now.

The sari’s ( IMN ) “The government has to borrow a sum of government banks without paying for a long time, will make it unable to compete with the civil and foreign banks because of the deficit, which may cause those banks.”

The longer the delay Agheraralmoisnp, a major obstacle to the implementation of investment projects and services in all ministries and departments of service in Iraq.

Sarees and added that “the most important laws that are supposed to operate by the parliamentary Finance Committee is a project restructuring Rafidain and Rasheed freed from the domination of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the upgrading of the economic reality of the country.”

He recommended the religious authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (long live) House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the need to approve the budgets of 2014 and 2015, as well as the important laws that are in the first class in the interests of citizens and the country.

Najafi infallible and discuss arrangements for the meeting of the three presidencies

24 Show November 18, 2014 0:37

Infallible and Najafi

(Independent) .. Search President Fuad Masum, with his deputy, Osama Najafi, Monday afternoon, the main arrangements for the convening of a meeting of the three presidencies and the program, which will discuss it.

Said Najafi office in a statement received (Independent) said the two sides also discussed the political agreement that emerged the government of which required completion by the time the ceilings .. also search the armed forces and the battle fronts and follow the evolution of the confrontation with al Daash terrorist, and the need to support our troops, the brave, with the importance placed stages large to complete the construction of the army and the police, especially in the provinces, which are exposed to terrorism.

View and infallible (according to the statement) results of his visit to Saudi Arabia, a successful outcome would be the development of relations between the two brotherly countries. It was emphasized at the meeting the importance of continuing to visit countries in the region to establish stable relations beneficial to the peoples of the region, and supports the national effort in advancing in various fields .. (end)

Jubouri arrives in KSA


Monday, 17 November 2014 23:57 | | |

Follow- Up (AIN) –The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, arrived on Monday evening at the Saudi Capital, Riyadh, in response to an official invitation from the Saudi Government.

Speaker Jubouri and accompanying parliamentary delegation was received by the chairman of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Bin Mohammed al-Sheikh. /End/

1st Group of Kurdistan Oil reaches Turkish Jihan harpor to be exported by CG

Baghdad (AIN) –The Minister of Oil, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, announced the arrival of 150, 000 oil barrels from Kurdistan Region to Turkish Jihan harbor to be exported by the Central Government.” /End/

Al-Hakim stresses in contact by telephone with Barzani the importance of resolving the outstanding problems between the central government and the Kurdistan region

16/11/2014 23:05:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, stressed on Sunday the importance of resolving the outstanding problems between the central government and the Kurdistan region.

Al-Hakim confirmed during a telephone contact with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani today, according to a statement of the importance of finding comprehensive solutions between the two governments.

Al- Hakim and Barzani discussed, according to the statement, the overall political and security situation and the problems between the Government of the Region and the federal government,” referring to “the importance of coordination between the security forces and the popular crowd and Peshmerga, praising” the victories achieved by the people of Iraq against the IS./ End

Iraqi parliament will participate in the NATO Conference

جمهورية العراق - اقليم كوردستان
Republic of Iraq – Kurdistan Region

Roudao – Erbil

Kurdistan Regional Government has implemented, on Monday, one of the terms of the agreement reached with Baghdad, the export of 150 thousand barrels of oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, through SOMO.

The head of the Oil and Gas Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Aziz Abdullah, network Roudao media, “announced today that the Iraqi oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, that the Kurdistan Region has exported 150 thousand Briml of oil by SOMO, the Turkish port of Ceyhan.”

With regard to the information available about the fact that the Kurdistan region to export oil or not, Abdullah said: “I do not know if the KRG to export oil or not, but I learned so by the Iraqi oil minister told.”

It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi oil minister, has concluded a joint agreement on the issue of oil, in 13 of November, which stipulates that the Iraqi government, regardless of the amount of $ 500 million to the Kurdistan Region, while the latter exported 150 thousand barrels of oil per day from by SOMO.

Mladenov: The explosion this morning near Baghdad International Airport was on a convoy of the United Nations

BAGHDAD / NINA / Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov said on Sunday that the explosion of the car bomb driven by a suicide bomber today morning near the Baghdad International Airport targeted a convoy of the United Nations in Baghdad.

He said in a statement today that the convoy of the United Nations is composed of three vehicles was traveling from Baghdad International Airport to the Green Zone came under an explosion this morning and did not result in the killing or injury of any of the United Nations personnel who have all returned safely to the mission headquarters, as one of the vehicles suffered severe damage.

Mladenov said that this unfortunate incident will not deter the United Nations to continue its work in support of Iraq and its people who faces violence long ago, adding that he looks forward to working together with the Iraqi government to ensure that the perpetrators who carried out this attack are brought to justice.

A car bomb driven by a suicide bomber exploded this morning near the Abbas Ibn Firnas Square on the road to the international airport without losses.

A police source said the car exploded before reaching its target in the street near the Abbas Ibn Firnas square without casualties, adding that the explosion resulted in causing material damage to a number of nearby cars. / End