British intelligence: American technology companies to facilitate the work of terrorism

BAGHDAD / Bri Center for Media Network (IMN) – Chairman of the British Intelligence said (GCHQ) Robert Hannigan, the spread of technology on a large scale and to increase social networking sites, contributed to facilitate the work of terrorist organizations and made ​​to work much harder. Blaming the US technology companies, according to the British male Alvaenicaal Times site.

Haengan said in an article written in the newspaper that “terrorists Daash communicate with each other and with the public through the use of technology and August Alwats network Twitter.” Critic, the emergence of encryption services and made ​​available to the general public by US companies, such as Apple and Google mobile apps.

The other criticism of social networking “Facebook” that enabled users from browsing unobtrusively or through the use of network “Toatrr” a browser makes persons of unknown source or place, which means that all user data is encrypted and impossible to trace the history of surfing the site, a feature allows users to browse these sites in countries that put a ban on some of those sites.

Referred to encrypt and secure communications method, revealed by WikiLeaks leaks, where Edward Snowden official website referred to it as one of the CIA’s methods, and that these suspicious activities were much bigger than people expect.

Translation: Ammar al-Kazim, the Open: Ali Al-Shammari, n: m l


Parliamentary economy warns central bank manipulation of reserve


enslaved committee of economy and investment parliamentary Central Bank reserves to invest in hard currency and gold investment projects in the country, warned against tampering with cash reserves being considered to cover the current Iraqi currency.

A member of the committee MP Ali Mohamed told / JD /: “It can not be the central bank to take even the direction of investment reserves of money and gold assets, the fact that the cash reserves of hard currency is considered a safe haven for the Iraqi currency,

and as a cover them,” he said, adding that “the committee will oppose this suggested that he was found to affect the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. ”

He added: “The CBI has a select group of financial professionals and experts in monetary affairs can not take even him that this was an important step,”

pointing out that “the central reserves will invest those funds to the loss from operations and increases corruption.”

The parliamentary Finance Committee has announced that the size of the central bank’s reserves of hard currency has reached more than 74 billion dollars.

Maliki calls for Iraqi court to appear before it in the case of the attempted murder of a judge

Baghdad « Quds Al-Arabi »of Mustafa al-Obeidi: Iraqis followed with interest the first legal case against former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, as it summoned the second Karkh court in Baghdad with a number of his aides to appear before it in a case brought against them, Judge Munir Haddad, accusing him of threatening to kill.
And issued a second Karkh court, a request to bring the Vice President of the Republic, the former Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and former secretary, Kata stapes (Abu Mujahid), and Maj. Gen. Jawad, commander of the protection of al-Maliki, to look into the complaint filed against them by Judge Munir Haddad, Vice President of the Court own criminal trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, on charges of attempted murder and obstruction of justice.
Haddad said in the text of the lawsuit, said that ‘stirrup prevented me from entering the court for the exercise of my business, but I refused threat stapes and Maliki and went to my work, accompanied by a detachment of special protection me, and when we got to the gate of the court, stopped the officer rank of Major continued Brigade protect the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Office , and asked me not to enter otherwise would shoot Ali and me on the detachment of protection, according to the orders which he has received from the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, which is headed by al-Maliki’s office. »
He asked Judge Haddad of an investigative judge Karkh court, recording his testimony, also called for the issuance of a warrant of arrest and investigation in the right of each of Nuri al-Maliki and Kata stapes and General Javad leading up arms in their faces, as well as the referral of the case to the competent court after proceedings completeness Althakiqih.okan judge Smith survived an assassination attempt after lifting case.
Judges, lawyers and citizens for «stressed Jerusalem Arab »this is the first case is brought against al-Maliki in Iraqi courts, after assuming the post of Vice President of the Republic, and will start to raise the number of against criminal cases which intends enemies opened in the competent courts, especially since the position of Vice President Republic, which is now occupied by al-Maliki does not give him immunity from legal accountability to the courts.
Several parties have demanded refer Nuri al-Maliki to the courts for a number of issues, including the case of the followers of Shiite cleric Hassan Sarkhi who killed and arrested al-Maliki dozens of his followers, and the issue of the killing of demonstrators in Hawija, and the issue of the victims of the massacre Speicher base in which more than one thousand soldiers were killed, and the issue of issuing commands to Army to withdraw from Mosul in front of Daash, and several other issues related to financial corruption and waste of public money, most recently about three billion dollars from the budget in the disappearance of the late reign of al-Maliki, without the knowledge of aspects of exchange and other issues.
It is noteworthy that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran opposition already filed a case against Nouri al-Maliki in 2011 before a Spanish court for his responsibility in the target and the bombing of the organization’s Camp Ashraf in Iraq which killed 36 Iranian.
He says lawyers are Iraqis that inventory Maliki, a lot of positions and responsibilities in his hand during the period of the wisdom and deliberately created a lot of enemies will increase the load of responsibility for a lot of crimes and offenses committed during his rule, though hundreds of owners of issues, individuals, organizations and groups, preparing to prosecute al-Maliki for crimes and violations and operations administrative corruption, and they are waiting for the opportunity to provide Athbatadthm Dlaúlhm and condemning the former prime minister.

The private sector contributes to increase the value of the dinar

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi, many wonder about the reasons for not rising purchasing power of the dinar years ago and so far, despite having a good cover of gold and foreign currency as well as high-oil exports as well as improve its exchange rate against the dollar, when the continued improvement in the exchange rate with the salary increase Fsnsal to the stage does not commensurate with the productivity of the economy calls for the support of the private sector and grant privileges equivalent to the public sector privileges in terms of the wage rate. In this context, sees economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani importance of finding a balance between this equation by increasing the productivity of the individual to achieve the increase in incomes, explaining that the productivity of the individual factor comes through the activation and projects of the private sector in productive sectors such as agriculture and Alsnaah.oadav told (morning): It is necessary to achieve financial revenues through the creation of jobs and employment opportunities in the private sector and make it a par with government employees privileges that contribute significantly to the revival of the booming economy , having to rely on the oil industry to activate those opportunities. He stressed that the central bank was able through the implementation of a successful fiscal policies in recent years have contributed a lot in the stability of the market and this has resulted in its role regarding the improvement of the exchange rate, and went on to say: Here comes the role of government and the competent authorities to complete drawing this picture by providing focused support to the private sector and the implementation of the government program, which stressed the importance in advancing the country’s economy forward. Stressing that the most successful monetary policy is to maintain the stability of the exchange rate provided increased Alantegeh.oasmah IMF to countries with economies in transition to implement currency controls in order to stabilize the economy during the reconstruction phase and this is what served as the local economy over the past years. He Baidhani that Iraq now has the expertise and economic efficiencies in homes experienced enough for taking the lead and initiate self-reliance for the development of the economy through the reform development programs and policies that fit this stage the application. He pointed to the possibility of Iraq to see a decline in items imported country other goods and services that can be provided locally When oil exports rise, indicating that it is an urgent necessity, especially that the country is entering a high volume of exports of V.odaa Baidhani at the conclusion of his speech to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and increase their purchasing power because of its profound impact on the development of economic reality and the granting of currency extra strength enhance confidence between Currency markets in the world, especially that covered the dinar reserve cash for sizeable enough.

Zebari: Maliki squandered billions in the last months of the war with Daash

Baghdad / term

Finance Minister revealed that there is a lack of planning and wasteful in government spending on the military and arms contracts, during the government of Nouri al-Maliki, and that there is “wasteful” in some cases, to support the security services in the fight against terrorism forces, which is cause of wasting more than a billion dollars, as he said, stressing that this spending undermines the preservation of the country’s budget efforts. He also talked about the federal government and the government of the province are trying to reach a compromise to end their differences begin whereby the government to pay the salaries of the staff of the region and the start of negotiations on the establishment of the Kurds send oil export revenues to the state budget.

In an interview with “Reuters” accused Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance, Iraqi leaders, former and current mismanagement and poor planning and failure to communicate with the only people who can defeat al (Daash) They are Sunni tribes. When fighters overran (Daash) in northern Iraq last June had not encountered little resistance from the army, which trained by the United States. The government resorted to the (militias) and volunteers, after the army suffered insult at the hands of a few hundred extremists fighters.
Zebari said, who was speaking in his office, which enumerates the challenges faced by Iraq that “part of the economic and financial problem we face is that spending on the People’s Committees and the militias, the army and the contracts.” He added: “the main areas in which the budget was spent Ptbazir among these military efforts without proper planning in addition to spending on volunteers.”
Iraqis who have joined the fight against (Daash) called them (volunteers) They include “Shiite militias” and the popular crowd, which seemed to move with impunity in the name of addressing (Daash). When asked about the money that was transferred to the militias, Zebari said: “I think that more than a billion dollars paid in the form of food, clothing, weapons and other volunteers salaries since June on the militias.”
Zebari indictment shows that the government is part of the differences of opinion among the officials that made the decisions on how to deal with (Daash) more difficult, and efforts are being made recently to narrow political differences.
Relations between the Shi’ite-led government and management of the Kurdish region in the north tense. Kurds and the Baghdad government to criticize the non-payment of staff salaries in the Kurdish regional government, while the federal government remains angry Kurdish oil exports. Zebari said the two sides are trying to prepare a compromise under which the government begins to pay salaries and to start negotiations on the establishment of the Kurds send oil export revenues to the state budget. He Zebari said spending on Iraq militias deprived of the opportunity of reconstruction after many years of war. Iraqi leader who has dealt closely with the militias is a former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, one of the more controversial figures that emerged after the US occupation. And forced the pressure from the United States and Iran, which represents a regional power, and Mr. Ali al-Sistani, the highest Shia cleric in Iraq, al-Maliki to abandon his battle to stay in power, and hung their hopes on Haider al-Abadi, who is seen as a personal conciliatory has a chance to win the support of the tribes in Anbar province , the Sunni stronghold that helped at one time the US Marine Corps to defeat al-Qaida and can convince them to attack Daash.
The Zebari has doubts, especially after the bloodshed last week when “Daash” organizing more than 300 members of the clan Albonmr executed because she resisted regional offer.
Zebari said “he is trying to communicate with the Sunni tribes but what people expect of it is deeds and not words, Fbalamkan move faster pace.” “This is the opinion because we have seen what has happened in recent times with the clan Albonmr, for example, there is an urgent need to move faster in this regard.” He was arrested “Daash” large numbers of tribesmen and executed and delivered them in mass graves, while there was no sense of salt to the situation by the government in Baghdad.
Zebari said “the government can not send supplies suitable or accessible to members of the tribe Albunmr way because the government, in fact, facing great difficulties, and the government tried to provide some air support but was limited was no biggie,” stressing that “the lines of communication lost.” He added that “many Daash blow up bridges.”
Zebari said that was formerly a foreign minister to find a way to form an alliance between the government and the Sunni tribes must be a major priority in the fight against “Daash,” noting that US air support was not enough. Zebari said “air strikes alone can not solve the problem, there is a need for the presence of local forces on the ground, and that the Sunni tribes are the only that can do the job with the support of the government.”
Zebari was more optimistic appeared on Baghdad, which would be the biggest prize fighters “Daash” who threatened the progress towards the capital.
He said that “Daash” no longer represents a threat to the capital, but acknowledged that the organization has many sleeper cells and supporters and there is a constant and the supply of suicide bombers, most of them foreigners.
And is expected to continue the fight against “Daash” for a long time and that the budget is exhausted in the long term despite the fact that Iraq’s oil-producing countries are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Government to provide 2014 budget to parliament but has not been able promised details of expenditure at a later date.
Zebari said “promise that for 2015, we must offer an appropriate budget for the country.”
Zebari said the bottom line is that Iraq can not move forward until the defeat “Daash.” He said that “Daash have a clear plan of action, and it wants to establish and strengthen the rule of succession,” adding that “no country can not develop in the presence of light (Daash) in several provinces.”

Infallible and Barzani discuss Baghdad and Erbil problems and emphasize the respect for the Constitution

Twilight News / Search Fuad Masum, President of the Republic and President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani Wednesday problems between Baghdad and Erbil, and ways to address them.

altThe Presidency of the Kurdistan Region in a statement reported for “The Twilight News Barzani discussed with infallible in a meeting held in Arbil,” the political and security situation in Iraq and the threat of terrorists and how to address them. “

The statement added that the infallible and Barzani discussed relations between the region and Baghdad, and the problems between the two sides and ways to address them.

The statement noted that the two sides also discussed the field conditions and the war on Daash victories and the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces, as well as the internal situation of the province.

And infallible and Barzani stressed the need to abide by the constitution and the agreements between the political parties and unity.

Infallible and arrived two days before Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan province for a visit of several days during which he is to meet with officials of the region.

Iraqi Interior Minister holds talks with Qatari Prime Minister in Doha

Twilight News / met Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban Wednesday Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, in Doha, Qatar.

altAccording to country reports seen by “Twilight News” that Al-Thani discussed with Ghaban and a number of heads of delegations participating in the International Conference on “Security Challenges and human rights in the Arab region” in Doha.

During the interviews, they reviewed bilateral relations as well as to discuss a number of topics on the agenda of the conference.

Participants in the conference of more than 300 personalities from Arab and international organizations and the General Secretariat of the Arab League General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights anda number of Arab and international institutions and civil society organizations and national human rights institutions.

Abadi talking about the “climate of trust” with the tribes greeted by Britain’s defense minister

Baghdad / term

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday with British Defense Minister combat “Daash” organization, which controls large swathes of Iraq, stressing the promotion of “a climate of trust” with the tribes that are fighting the militant group.

And calls upon the international coalition against Daash, the Government of Iraq to speed up the Sunni tribal support pillar in the task of helping to military progress, and stipulated that Washington increase assigned to Iraq to build greater confidence between the Government of Abadi and communities in the provinces hot.
The press office announced that the last Ebadi stressed to Michael Fallon, the British defense minister, during a meeting in Baghdad, the Iraqi government’s determination “to liberate all areas” controlled by the extremist organization since last June.
Britain is involved in the air strikes carried out by an international coalition led by the United States against al “Daash sites.”
He Abadi, according to a statement his office, his government has worked “to create a climate of confidence boosted participation clans and cooperation with the armed forces”, stressing that these forces “are making big victories on the organization (Daash) terrorist in various fronts and freed a lot of areas.”
And executed the organization “Daash” During the past few days, hundreds of members of the Sunni clan Albonmr which took up arms against him in the Anbar province in western Iraq. The numbers of dead varied Albonmr according to various Iraqi sources, but it ranges from a minimum of 250, and more than 400 maximum.
Sunni tribes and are an essential part of the fight against the organization “Daash” has some arms against the organization in the areas controlled by, or Qatlth alongside government forces in other areas in order to prevent his or her control.
Fallon met, on Wednesday, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, according to the Ministry of Defence announced in a statement received by the agency (long-Presse) a copy of it.
The Defence Ministry said in a statement that “the Defense Minister Khalid tired Obeidi met in his office, his British counterpart Michael Fallon was discussed during the meeting in the bilateral relations between the two countries.”
The statement quoted Obeidi as saying that “the visit of the British Minister of Defence is the first visit by a defense minister, and the minister gave away our congratulations on the occasion of Tsenmana Mansibna.”
He said al-Obeidi, “During the meeting, found on some of the work and plans to fight terrorism in Iraq and the provision of aid available to the British forces and the Iraqi security forces for the advancement of these forces in order to be able to fight terrorism in Iraq and eliminate them.”
For his part, pointed out the British defense minister said in the statement to “discuss security and military matters, and the activation of joint cooperation between the two countries.”

Turkish Foreign Minister: Government Maliki cause tension relationship with Iraq

10:55: 11/05/2014

Khandan – Refer Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Ihsanoglu, the problems that have occurred in the past between Turkey and Iraq and the strained relations between them, to the former Iraqi government led by Nouri al-Maliki, adding: “But we can say that there is a new page in relations began with the visit (in reference to Official visit of the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, being conducted by Turkey). “

The Turkish minister said, in a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart, in the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital Ankara: “There is a comprehensive management at the helm in Iraq now.”

The Turkish minister welcomed the visit Jaafari to Turkey, pointing to the existence of an agreement between the two officials on the need to raise their relations to better levels than it is now, pointing out they were addressed during the meeting, many of the regional issues, particularly the current developments in both Iraq and Syria.

He Jawish Davutoglu: “Turkey supports all the political unity of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial force, and there is a common desire of the two countries in addressing common threats facing them.”

Revealed Jawish Ihsanoglu, for an expected visit conducted by the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu to Iraq, pointing out that there is an agreement in opinion between the two countries on the need to strengthen bilateral relations, saying: “the near future will hold the second edition of the Cooperation Council high-level strategist between the two countries.” .

Said Turkish Foreign Minister, that “Turkey attaches great hopes on the new government, to embrace all spectra in the country of different backgrounds, and beliefs, and Turkey’s support for this government to confront terrorism, including against al Daash.”

Regarding the face of terrorism strategies Jawish Ihsanoglu said: “We have to adopt a comprehensive strategy in the fight against terrorism, and this is what is missing in the face of Daash operations and we we can contribute to this form a & Strategic, because it is not possible to stop Daash through all air operations.”

For his part, praised the Iraqi Foreign Minister, relations between his country, Turkey, pointing out that the relations between the two countries immemorial, and it reached significant levels in all fields, especially the political and economic spheres.

With regard to the risk of “Daash,” Jaafari said: “The Iraqi army carrying Iraqi responsibility in the face of this organization, and in this context, I want to thank our soldiers who have demonstrated the durability of heroic in confronting the elements of this organization, I also thank countries that stood beside Iraq in this confrontation.” .

The two sides signed prior to the press conference, a memorandum of understanding on the abolition of visas for citizens of both countries who hold diplomatic passports, and important, and special

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