Baghdad: There are currently studying the idea about the launch of some months’ salaries to the staff of the Kurdistan

9:21: 11/10/2014

Khandan – A spokesman for the Federal government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi, that “the government is continuing its discussions with representatives of the Kurdistan region to reach an agreement and solutions to problems rooted between Baghdad and Erbil,” and expressed “hope to dissolve soon in the presence of positive and visions signs may lead to resolving the issue of delay in payment of salaries to the staff of the province that one of the main are the problems facing the region. ” said Hadithi told the newspaper “morning” that there is an idea currently considering revolves around the launch in conjunction with a plan to export oil and coordinating the joint between the central government and the provincial government and the introduction of imports to the federal share of some months’ salaries to the staff of the province and deducted from the region’s share in the general budget. He newborn to the presence of Problems faced by the government because of the deficit and economic pressures that result from the budget next year, which requires the adoption of retrenchment policy and the postponement of some paragraphs and laws, pointing out that they will be based on the major projects the strategy for the provision of employment opportunities as well as treatment mechanism retreat export of oil prices, which have left the difficulty in guessing coincide with the stop oil exports in some areas. With regard to reaching a final with the provincial agreement, confirmed newborn that “ongoing discussions and disagreements are deep and the solutions need to meetings and numerous discussions to resolve the differences and the implementation of some close political agreement the terms of which which has been the formation of the government. ”


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