The government clarifies the date of the tripartite Baghdad summit

political| 12:56 – 17/06/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture Hassan Nazim confirmed, on Thursday, that the tripartite summit between Iraq, Jordan and Egypt is still in place, and the date has not been set.
Nazim told the Iraqi News Agency, “So far, the date of the tripartite summit has not been set, but this does not mean that business has stopped between the three countries (Iraq, Jordan and Egypt),” noting that “the previous summit that was held in Amman set paths for economic and cultural work.”
He added, “There are ongoing works on the ground in the border area between Iraq and Jordan, and there are also important negotiations on the issue of electrical interconnection between the three countries,” stressing that “works are underway and the summit is still in progress, but the date has not been set.” Ended 29/A43

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